Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Lan Feng's Strength

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Everybody seemed to have discovered the four titans’ unparticipative attitudes. They all could not refrain from criticizing Ye Yuan one after another.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about! The two worlds’ only passageway is guarded by the Fierce Gale World. With just the likes of your strength, you can escape from the Fierce Gale World?”

“Young man, don’t come out to posture just because you have some strength. Some bragging shouldn’t be done. It’s easy to unravel the truth!”

“Turns out that you’ve been to the Fierce Gale World. I wonder if you brought back some local specialties from the Fierce Gale World?Hahaha!”

The group of people chortled loudly, mocking Ye Yuan bragging too substandardly in succession.

When they saw Ye Yuan sitting in that position, they originally felt displeased already. At this time, they happened to catch one of Ye Yuan’s slip-ups and was naturally unwilling to let it go.

Right then, the Profound Sun Sect’s Sect Master, Wu Rong, opposite Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This Little Brother, one mustn’t joke around in this occasion today. You said that you’ve been to the Fierce Gale World. You got to prove it a little, right? Mere lip service, I can also say that I’ve been to the Fierce Gale World. Would you believe me?”

The Profound Sun Sect was a great sect second only to the Three Sects. Wu Rong’s strength was extremely daunting as well.

If Ye Yuan were not here today, it should be Wu Rong sitting in his position.

The one who previously found fault with Ye Yuan was actually the Profound Sun Sect’s subsidiary faction.

The Northern Domain’s sects stood in great numbers. There tend to be subsidiaries between factions.

To want to cast off the fate of being a subsidiary, there had to at least be a late-stage Divine Traversing Realm expert holding down the fort in the sect.

And this Wu Rong was a Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm experts. Compared to the Great Circle Divine Traversing Realm old ancestors from the Three Sects, he was also just marginally weaker.

But this difference of a margin was as far apart as heaven and earth.

In a small world like the Endless World, after cultivating to the Divine Traversing Realm, every step trod out was tremendously arduous. From the Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm to the Great Circle of Divine Traversing Realm did not seem to have a big gap, but this step was immensely hard to stride out.

This was the restrictions of heaven and earth regulations. Mortals had no way of transcending.

And from the Great Circle of Divine Traversing Realm to shattering the void and achieving Boundless, this step was even as hard as ascending to the heavens.

Hence, while the Endless World’s Divine Traversing Realm experts were many, those who could genuinely ascend to the Divine Traversing Realm was scanty few.

Even for the level of experts like the Three Sects’ old ancestors, wanting to stride out this step was extremely difficult too.

Wu Rong not daring to say much to the Three Sects’ old ancestors and Ren Xingchun did not mean that he did not dare to make things difficult for Ye Yuan.

Just a junior. Could it be that the Three Sects really dared to make a move on him?

Let alone, this junior simply had no idea what he was saying.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “You guys laugh at me for saying nonsense, but I laugh at you for being innocent and clueless! If they didn’t have confidence, how could the Fierce Gale World dare to take such actions? You people want proof, right? I’ll show you!”

Lan Feng’s figure suddenly appeared beside Ye Yuan. Everyone’s faces changed when they saw the situation.

“Spatial spirit artifact!”

Even Wu Rong, when seeing this action of Ye Yuan’s, his gaze revealed a burning heat.

However, his fervent heat subsided very quickly.

Since Ye Yuan dared to take this out in a flagrant manner, he was obviously not afraid of them snatching it away.

There was even the possibility that this spatial spirit artifact was given by one of those four beside him.

“This person is the slave I took in when I was in the Fierce Gale World. Everyone is a Divine Traversing Realm expert. You just have to slightly inspect his divine soul, and you’ll know,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

These people investigated Lan Feng’s divine soul and discovered that it was indeed slightly different from Endless World martial artists. They could not help becoming astonished.

Although these people knew that the Fierce Gale World already occupied the Southern Domain, they had yet to see Fierce Gale World martial artists before.

Seeing Lan Feng at this time, they all could not help sizing him up curiously.

“Is this a Fierce Gale World martial artist? Looks very normal what!”

“Yeah. What can a puny little Fourth Level Sea Transformation show?”

“Huhu,look at his manner of dressing up. Simply bumpkin to the max. If Fierce Gale World martial artists are all like this, then wouldn’t our Endless World win for sure?”

Another wave of loud laughter.

But Ye Yuan did not smile. He just said nonchalantly, “Everybody is a leader of a sect and naturally look down upon a puny little Fierce Gale World Sea Transformation. However . . . I released Lan Feng out to let you all witness the strength of a Fierce Gale World martial artist!”

Ye Yuan briefly swept a glance over these Divine Traversing Realm experts and asked, “I wonder which senior’s progeny just happens to be at the Fourth Level Sea Transformation Realm? You can come up to exchange moves with Lan Feng!

Ye Yuan’s momentum was pressuring. The intent of provocation was very clear.

Fourth Level Sea Transformation versus Fourth Level Sea Transformation. Nobody could find fault.

Wu Rong saw the situation and gave a look to a middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm subordinate influence.

That person understood and opened his mouth to say, “Fei-er, you go up to accompany him to play then. Remember, go easy.”

A young man behind him fell out of the ranks and said with a haughty look, “Yes, Martial Ancestor.”

Finishing talking, the young man came before Lan Feng with a bound.

This youth’s name was called Song Fei, similarly a Fourth Level Sea Transformation. His strength was also at the top of the list within his sect.

To be able to be brought by Old Ancestor by his side this time, his position could be imagined.

Lan Feng still had that attire from the Fierce Gale World; vastly different from the Endless World.

Furthermore, just as those people said: simply a bumpkin to the max. One look and it was like from an unorthodox background. How could he be comparable to a sect’s elite disciple like Song Fei.

“Hehe,I want to take a look if the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists are really as formidable as he says!” Song Fei said with a cold laugh.

Lan Feng had a blank look and completely did not take Song Fei’s provocation to heart. He said indifferently, “Just try, and you’ll know!”

Finished talking, Lan Feng’s figure suddenly vanished from where he stood.

Song Fei’s expression changed. He did not think that Lan Feng’s speed was actually so swift. He wanted to make a move, but it was already too late. He could only hastily put up a passive defense.


Song Fei was smashed flying out several hundred feet by Lan Feng’s one punch.

No long-winded words nor any complacency either.

Lan Feng was unforgiving when he gained the momentum, his fists pummeling towards Song Fei like a torrential storm.

The match between Sea Transformation Realm was totally not worth mentioning in the eyes of these big shots. But at this very moment, their brows involuntarily knitted together tightly.

Although Lan Feng had the suspicion of surprise attacking, those skills were not fake.

His speed was abnormal, and his fist art was exceedingly swift and fierce and bizarre! Absolutely proficient in combat!

The two people exchanged over a hundred moves in a twinkle. The more these big shots watched, the more alarmed they became, including those four people above.

This was also Ning Yixian’s and the others’ first time seeing Lan Feng. They didn’t think that a slave which Ye Yuan brought under control actually had such combat power.

These people’s horizons were usually high. Through these two person’s face-off, they could tell that Lan Feng’s concept comprehension was a little worse off compared to Song Fei. But, his combat experience was exceptionally abundant. Moreover, regarding the utilization of concepts, the concepts were integrated into his bones.

After a hundred moves, Lan Feng relied on that initial-most advantage and steadily took the upper-hand.

Lan Feng’s combat experience was exceedingly plentiful and totally did not give Song Fei any chance at all. Compared to Lan Feng, Song Fei was like a fledgling who was still lacking some level of attainment towards combat.


Another hundred over moves passed. Lan Feng finally caught one of Song Fei’s dead spots and blasted Song Fei flying with one punch.

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