Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Old Hai

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Hearing Ning Yixian’s emotional sigh, everyone’s mind quivered.

The Old Hai and Old Man Duan from his words were peak Divine Traversing Realm experts.

With them around, the Endless World’s confidence would be much greater.

Although bottom-level martial artists could unleash tremendous effects in a great war between two worlds, the high-level combat strength was the deciding factor which determined the direction of the war.

If the Fierce Gale World did not have Zhao Tianyin, the Endless World would not be so fearful of the Fierce Gale World either.

Zhao Tianyin alone could sweep across the entire Endless World.

Such combat power simply made people despair.

This was Ye Yuan’s first time hearing that the Endless World still had two of such experts who existed. He could not help becoming very curious.

If the Endless World really had five peak Divine Traversing Realm experts, it more or less could be considered to have some self-preserving strength.

Talking about this, Ye Yuan suddenly recalled a matter.

In a small world, every world had a Realmlord who existed. Zhao Tianyin was naturally the Fierce Gale World’s Realmlord.

Ye Yuan had stayed in the Endless World for such a long time but did not know who this Endless World’s Realmlord was.

Was it possible that he was one of these two?

“These years, most of Old Hai’s time was spent in the Endless Forest. Also, I don’t know what is he busy with. Now that such a major incident happened, he can’t possibly watch indifferently without lending a hand, right?” Jing Xuan said.

“Yeah, Old Hai has always stayed away from scenes of contention. But the incident this time concerns the entire Endless World’s safety. If he deserts us on the eve of battle, that will chill the heart too bitterly,” Ning Yixian said.

Right at this time, an aged voice sounded out faintly, reverberating throughout the main hall.

“You punks. Talking behind people’s backs all day long! No wonder this old man, I, am always sneezing!Achoo!”As he said this, that old man really gave a sneeze.

Upon hearing this voice, everyone guessed who came.

Who could it be but this Old Hai?

It was truly speaking of the devil!

An old man wearing tattered hemp clothing walked into the main hall like this slowly, looking very much like an ordinary old man.

When the four people on the seats of honor saw this old man, they exchanged glances, and all became extremely excited.

This old man’s appearance gave everybody’s mind a shock.

“Haha!Old Hai, it’s really you!” saidQin Hongtao once he saw Old Hai. He laughed loudly.

“Old Hai, you finally came back in the nick of time. Otherwise, the few of us really can’t quite support the situation!” Ning Yixian said.

Jing Xuan and Ren Xingchun did not speak. But these four people’s behavior actually faintly treated Old Hai as superior!

And these people did not notice that at this moment, Ye Yuan was still in a state of immense shock and did not recover for a very long time.

When Old Hai entered, his gaze darted at Ye Yuan imperceptibly and even gave him a faint smile.

At that time, Ye Yuan was dumbfounded. Because he had seen this old man before!

This old man was none other than precisely the stall vendor old man, Qi Hai, that Ye Yuan encountered in Breaking Dawn City!

At this point, Ye Yuan could virtually confirm that Qi Hai was definitely the Endless World’s Realmlord!

Ye Yuan’s sense was very sharp. He could faintly sense that the power emitting from this Qi Hai’s body was even stronger than the power from Ning Yixian trio.

Only the ruler of a world could reach such an extent by gathering the destiny of a world.

Very likely, this old man Qi Hai already had half a foot into the Boundless Realm and was only a final goal shot away.

Ning Yixian trio actually faintly regarded themselves as juniors.

Looks like this Qi Hai’s seniority wasn’t an ordinary kind of big!

“Come, men! Add a seat for Old Hai in the center of the left-hand side!” Ren Xingchun instructed.

Qi Hai waved his hand and said, “No need to be so troublesome. I, this old man, am not that particular after many things. That . . . I’ll just seat here. Young chap, we meet again. You’re fine if we squeeze a little, right?”

When these words came out, everyone’s faces changed.

Old Hai actually knew Ye Yuan!

These Divine Traversing Realm experts present, each one of them wanted to cozy up to Old Hai. But his elderly self’s whereabouts were elusive. So they completely could not cozy up to him!

Just how many days had Ye Yuan been in the Northern Domain? He actually knew Old Hai!

Furthermore, Old Hai actually lowered himself to squeeze together with Ye Yuan. It could be seen that his impression of Ye Yuan was pretty decent.

Just what was going on here?

Ye Yuan forced a smile and said, “Old Hai’s instructions, how can Ye Yuan dare to refuse? It’s just that Old Hai really concealed too deeply! Back then, when Old Hai saw us in peril, you actually did not even extend a hand to rescue!”

Qi Hai sat down beside Ye Yuan carelessly and said smilingly, “Back then, when I sold the Dodder Green Grass to you, I already saw your extraordinariness. In this Endless World, I’ve yet to encounter anybody who recognized the Dodder Green Grass. Later, when I saw you exterminate the Jin Family father and son ruthlessly, I regarded you even more highly. That Soul Sea Realm, I was originally planning on finishing him off conveniently when leaving. But I didn’t expect that you actually forced him out. I was watching the fight all along back then. If any accidents were to really happen, I’d naturally lend a help. Except, I never expected you could actually already execute condensing gathered essence into form at such a young age. It was truly an eye-opener for me!”

When Ye Yuan heard these words, he exclaimed in surprise instead, “So you knew that that was Dodder Green Grass long ago?”

Qi Hai burst into laughter and said,“Haha!Of course I knew! Otherwise, do you really take me for a black-hearted merchant? One stalk of Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herb selling for one hundred middle-grade essence crystals?”

“The Dodder Green Grass is extremely rare. You could actually bear to sell it to me?” Ye Yuan asked doubtfully.

“Huhu,quasi-tier 4 medicinal herbs, no matter how rare, doesn’t have much use to me either. Rather, you clearly needed it more. I’m very curious though, what were you planning on using the Dodder Green Grass for?” Qi Hai asked with a smile.

Ye Yuan smiled too and replied, “Buying medicinal herb is naturally in order to refine pills. Can’t be like that Jin Peng, swallowing it down, right?”

Finished talking, the two people exchanged a look, and both chortled with laughter.

On the left-hand side, Ning Yixian cursed inwardly, “These two people, one old fox, one young fox. Both people who are not to be trifled with! Old Hai wanted to feel Ye Yuan out, but Ye Yuan lightly skated over it. This boy is really astute!”

However, these two people revealed a great amount of information!

Turns out that when the Tranquil Cloud Sect was moving north, such a major thing actually happened before.

And Old Hai personally witnessed Ye Yuan battling a Soul Sea Realm. Towards such a monstrous youth, he naturally kept him in mind.

“Didn’t think that Old Hai had long taken action already, touring one round to the Southern Domain and back!” Ning Yixian said with an emotional sigh.

Qi Hai scolded with a smile, “You little punks, wagging your tongues all day behind people’s backs! Such a major thing happened to the Endless World, how can I, this old man, only care about myself without care for others? This trip to the Southern Domain, not only did I inquire some information, I even dragged Old Man Duan here as well. That old punk, at first, he was still unwilling to leave retirement. After being pummeled by me, he finally yielded.”

Qi Hai said it carelessly, but everyone was secretly alarmed when they heard it.

Old Man Duan was a peak Divine Traversing Realm experts. Old Hai actually beat him up as he liked to.

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