Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Endless Alliance

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A moment ago, it was still cloudless for thousands of miles. The next instant, it was a torrential squall.

After Qi Hai laughed loudly, the situation suddenly changed inside the main hall.

A horrifying pressure enveloped everybody, and the center of this pressure was precisely Wu Rong!

When Ye Yuan sensed this pressure, he unwittingly nodded his head secretly. Qi Hai was indeed well-deserving of being the Endless World’s Realmlord. This strength most likely already had half a foot into the threshold of Boundless Realm.

He just had to wait for heavenly tribulation to arrive and then Qi Hai would be able to shatter the void and ascend to the Divine Realm.

Except, this ascension heavenly tribulation was not so easy to cross. A moment of carelessness would be perishing, and one’s Dao dissipating.

When Wu Rong felt this pressure, his expression could not help changing drastically.

“Old Hai, what are you trying to do here!”

Qi Hai did not explain a thing, gently lifting a hand and smacking it towards Wu Rong directly!

Wu Rong gritted his teeth and said with a savage look, “Old Man Qi Hai, I’ll fight it out with you!”

As he said this, Wu Rong attempted to retaliate too.

Yet, it was all futile. In front of a Half-Step Boundless Realm expert, the Ninth Level Divine Traversing Wu Rong could not take a single hit as well.


Wu Rong’s body collided heavily onto the wall and dropped down feebly. He was already dead.

Everyone’s expressions became fearful, looking at Qi Hai in disbelief.

They all knew that Qi Hai was very strong, but never knew that he was actually indomitable to such an extent!

Qi Hai had not exhibited his strength in front of everyone for many years already. Regarding conjectures about his strength, it was also just hearsay.

Today, only after seeing Qi Hai striking Wu Rong dead in one palm did they know just how terrifying Qi Hai’s strength was.

A Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm was already an extremely formidable existence in the Endless World. But he was actually unable to survive a single move from Qi Hai!

“At this point, you all are actually still harboring hopes of getting lucky, each with your own ulterior motives. Truly don’t know life from death! Little Brother Ye illuminated a path for you guys, but you all insist on disregarding the consequences and persist in carrying on. At this point, Wu Rong still wants to mislead the masses for his personal gains. Deserves to die!”

The main hall was dead silent. Nobody dared to come out to refute Qi Hai.

Qi Hai continued, “We’ll establish the Endless Alliance here today. Ning Yixian will assume the post of Alliance Head. Qin Hongtao and Jing Xuan will hold the posts of Vice-Alliance Heads. Me killing Wu Rong doesn’t mean to force you all to join the alliance. If you feel that you can only care about yourselves and disregard other people, feel free to not join. But your sect must withdraw to the extreme northern lands!”

Qi Hai’s tone suddenly eased up, and he said, “Establishing the Endless Alliance doesn’t mean that you all have to forsake your sects’ legacies. If the Endless World can tide over this calamity, you can still establish your own factions later on to inherit your Dao teachings. If the Endless World is annexed, everything is naturally for naught. But I’ll say the nasty things first; if anyone dares to be half-hearted, Wu Rong is the best example! Alright, this old man will talk only until here. Good luck to everybody.”

Hearing Qi Hai’s words, everyone finally set their minds at ease.

As long as they could preserve their sect’s legacies, everything could naturally be discussed.

But these people also knew that after the war, how many sects among them that could still preserve their legacies was something up in the air.

However, just as Qi Hai said, the Fierce Gale World bore down menacingly. If the Endless World completely fell into the enemy’s hands, their sects would no longer exist as well.

Furthermore, if they were to shrink back at this time, they would become the common target for scorn. Even if their sect was not destroyed, migrating to the extreme northern lands was a tremendous blow to the sect as well.

The essence energy in the extreme northern lands was sparse and completely could not support martial artists’ cultivation.

Going there, what kind of future would the sect still have?

“Old Hai, my Sacred Fire Sect is willing to join the alliance.” At this time, a Ninth Level Divine Traversing Realm was the first to come forward to express his stance.

With someone taking the lead, the others all acceded to it one after another. This matter of establishing the alliance was finally settled.

“The specific arrangements, Ning Yixian, the three of you are in charge of handling. Set the condition: those who made contributions will be rewarded, and those at fault will be punished. Every order must be executed without fail!” Qi Hai instructed.

Ning Yixian trio clasped their hands and answered, “Yes!”

These three people had also not seen Qi Hai take action for a long time. They were shocked to the core seeing it today too.

Before the three of them became renowned, Qi Hai was already at the peak Divine Traversing Realm. His strength at present had indeed already reached an unfathomable degree.

Qi Hai nodded his head and carried on, “In addition, it’s considered a coincidence too. The Vast Heaven Pagoda is going to open very soon. This time, your three sects shouldn’t treasure your own belongings too highly. As long as they are martial artists under the skeletal age of 60, including those itinerant cultivators, they can all enter it. Maybe seizing this opportunity, we can unearth some promising talents.”

Ning Yixian trio exchanged glances. Although they were somewhat hesitant, they also knew that now was not the time to be miserly, and they could only nod and agree.

Seeing Ning Yixian trio nod their heads, those sect leaders were all extremely excited, putting Ye Yuan at a loss.

Looks like this Vast Heaven Pagoda was some remarkable place that was monopolized by the Three Sects all along.

Opening to the public this time, the other sects should be able to obtain considerable benefits.

Ye Yuan could not help admiring Qi Hai inwardly in his heart too. Although this old man was rather unruly, he was experienced and shrewd with age after all. This tactic of a large stick in one hand and a carrot in the other was executed rather magnificently.

These sect leaders obtaining sufficient benefits would naturally put aside some prejudices and risk their lives to fight the enemy.

Except, after such a sharing of resources, if the Endless World could tide over this catastrophe, the Northern Domain’s setup would probably undergo a titanic change.

. . . . . .

In a side hall, Qi Hai and Ye Yuan sat facing each other.

“Little Brother Ye, your talent surpasses the Endless World too much. Your background . . . probably isn’t simple, right?” Qi Hai looked at Ye Yuan with scorching eyes and asked.

The specific matters, Qi Hai handed them to Nine Yixian they all to do. But he pulled Ye Yuan inside a side hall and asked about Ye Yuan’s origins right away.

Ye Yuan knew that the things a Realmlord of a world understood was far from comparable to others.

Many things in front of other people would be over just by fooling them a little. But in front of Qi Hai, wanting to casually brush him off probably would not work.

“Senior Qi Hai . . .”

“If Little Brother Ye doesn’t mind, just call me elder brother will do. If the Endless World can make it through this disaster, maybe Elder Brother, I, still have areas where I still need to rely on Little Brother Ye for!” Qi Hai cut off Ye Yuan’s words and said with a smile.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I accept deferentially than to stand on ceremony! Elder Brother Qi Hai should be the Endless World’s Realmlord, right?”

Qi Hai was not surprised. Instead, he chortled and said,“Haha!Little Brother Ye’s horizons are really high! To actually even know about Realmlords! That’s right. This old man is indeed this Endless World’s Realmlord!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said smilingly, “Younger Brother’s Master is indeed not somebody from the Endless World. It’s just that due to master’s orders, it’s not convenient for Younger Brother to express some things. Elder Brother, please forgive me.”

Qi Hai did not reveal a surprised look. Ye Yuan’s such heaven-defying talent, it was absolutely impossible for the Endless World to give birth to.

Ye Yuan naturally would not tell him that he possessed a body that had gone a rebirth either. Although people of the Divine Realm rarely descended to the Lower Realms, it was not unheard either.

Taking in a disciple in the Lower Realms was actually not something of a big deal.

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