Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Forsaken By Loved Ones And Followers

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At Feng Ya Pavilion.

Ye Hang and Ren Hongling hugged tearfully.

Ye Yuan watched this scene, feeling his heart ache very much too.

Along the way, Ye Hang already told everything to Ye Yuan, infuriating Ye Yuan greatly.

He never would have thought that Ren Xingchun was actually his blood-related maternal grandfather!

Furthermore, this old man was actually so unreasonable and impervious to reason!

Making a connection to Ren Xingchun’s conduct in the Exquisite Jade Pavilion back then, Ye Yuan felt that this old man was simply incapable of being reasoned with!

Ye Yuan had occupied this body for a long time and had long taken Ye Hang and Ren Hongling to be his closest loved ones.

Ren Xingchun that old stick in the mud actually sentenced his own son-in-law to death because of this kind of laughable reason. It was simply preposterous to the max!

If Ye Yuan did not request Xu Zihui previously, if the one carrying out the sentence this time was not Xu Zihui, Ye Yuan would really have to part forever with his father.

With Ren Hongling and Ye Hang’s love, she absolutely would not live on alone.

He already lost an Alchemy Emperor father. He did not wish to lose a lower realms father again!

With the scare after the incident, Ye Yuan’s hatred of Ren Xingchun already reached the verge of erupting.

“Father, Mother, Yuan-er is incapable and made you two suffer!” Ye Yuan reproached himself.

Ye Yuan also sighed deeply in his heart. His current strength was still too weak!

If he had sufficient strength, Ye Hang and Ren Xingchun absolutely wouldn’t have left by themselves, and also would not have feared that Ren Xingchun would harm him and not dare to even reveal his name.

Ren Hongling already recollected her emotions at this time and said to Ye Yuan with a smile, “Silly child. We can have today, your father and I are already with joy. Returning to Wu Fang City is your father and my decision. How can it be blamed on you?”

Ye Hang pulled a long face and said, “You rascally boy, don’t take everything upon yourself!”

As he said, Ye Hang gave a sigh and said, “To really talk about incapable, Father is the most useless! Back then, I couldn’t protect your mother and you well, and almost caused you mother and son pair to lose your lives. Father-in-law he couldn’t accept his daughter becoming a cripple. I can understand that too.”

These years, Ye Hang blamed himself very much secretly too.

Although he and Ren Hongling loved each other very much, he had indeed eloped with Ren Xingchun’s daughter. And Ren Hongling back then was even Wu Fang City’s future and hope.

When they escaped to the Southern Domain back then, they did not expect to run into a group of martial artists with malicious intentions.

Ren Hongling was pregnant at the time and accidentally affected the fetal circulation flow. At that time, Ye Yuan who was still in her womb was already in danger of dying.

In order to preserve Ye Yuan at that time, she poured all of her essence energy into her womb. But because her dantian was damaged, she herself became incapable of amassing essence energy again.

This increased the guilt in Ye Hang’s heart even more.

It was precisely because so that he would think of returning to the Northern Domain and get Ren Xingchun’s forgiveness.

But they never expected that Ren Xingchun was actually extreme to such a degree.

Seeing Ye Hang’s expression, Ye Yuan’s heart winced in pain, and he said solemnly, “Who said that Father is useless? Isn’t it just a Peak Alchemy Sovereign? Father, your future accomplishments will surely be above his!”

Ye Hang laughed in spite of himself and said, “Silly boy, your grandfather is already standing at the pinnacle of the Endless World. Surpassing him, wouldn’t I ascend to the Divine Realm?”

Ye Yuan laughed too and said, “What does ascending to the Divine Realm even count as? I’ve already realized now that the legacy I obtained absolutely far exceeds the Endless World’s standards. Ascending to the Divine Realm is but a matter of time too.”

Right at this time, an immensely powerful pressure enveloped the entire Feng Ya Pavilion. Everyone’s faces changed.

Ye Yuan’s expression darkened, and he said to Ye Hang and Ren Hongling, “Father, Mother, just stay here. I’ll face-off with this old fellow!

To be able to release such a powerful pressure, who else could it be but Ren Xingchun?

Towards Ren Xingchun, Ye Yuan did not have the least bit of a favorable impression.

Ye Yuan casually laid down a set of restrictions to stop the two of them from coming out, but he himself then turned around and went out. He wanted to have a look at just how much of a scoundrel this old fellow was!

Ye Yuan came out from inside the house. A slightly aged looking silhouette appeared in the courtyard. Who could it be but Ren Xingchun?


At first sight, Ren Xingchun directly slapped a palm at Xu Zihui.

Xu Zihui, Ren Yujie, and Ren Dong were all in the courtyard waiting for Ye Yuan. Ren Xingchun actually did not say a word and directly made a move!

Disregarding that Xu Zihui did not dare to resist, even if he really resisted, it was impossible to be Ren Xingchun’s match too.

This palm directly beat Xu Zihui to heavy injuries.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan was already enraged to the extreme and reproached indignantly, “Old fogey, you dare to make a move and hurt people!”

Ren Xingchun’s temper was clearly not good either, and he likewise rebuked furiously,“Humph!Living off me but secretly helping others! Leaving him his wretched life is already showing mercy! Boy, isn’t your hand extending a bit too long? Don’t think that with Old Hai backing you up, I won’t dare to do anything to you! You actually dared to interfere with my family affairs, even if I killed you, I believe that Old Hai would have nothing to say either!”

“Father, he is . . .” Ren Yujie anxiously tried to explain.

“You shut your mouth for this old man! Your gall is getting bigger and bigger now, to actually dare defy my orders! After I take care of this brat, I’ll deal with you after!”

“Old fogey, if you have the capabilities, kill me together with them today too!” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

“Humph!Do you really take this old man to be made out of clay? Since you want to die, this old man will fulfill your wish!”

As he said, Ren Xingchun actually really lifted his palm and struck towards Ye Yuan.

Right at this time, Ren Dong stepped forward bravely and blocked in front of Ye Yuan.

“Grandfather, if you want to kill Master, then kill me off too!” Ren Dong said with cold eyes.

Ren Xingchun’s expression choked up, and he said furiously, “You! Each and every one of you is rebelling! You move to one side for me!”

At this time, a beautiful profile slowly appeared in front of Ye Yuan and said coolly, “Apologies, Mister Ye. Originally, I didn’t want to disturb you. But this place is too noisy.”

Once Yue Mengli appeared, the power emitting faintly from her body immediately scattered Ren Xingchun’s pressure in all directions.

Ren Xingchun’s expression became apprehensive. Everything in this courtyard was under his control. But he actually did not discover just how this woman showed up!

Furthermore, the aura emanating off from this woman’s body unexpectedly made him feel daunted!

There was actually such a powerful martial artist around Ye Yuan still?

What background did this boy have? He was seriously too mysterious!

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “This old man only knows how to be fierce all day long. I want to see if his bones are really that tough! Li-er, help me take good care of this old fogey!”

Yue Mengli said apathetically, “Alright.”

As she said, Yue Mengli gently lifted her finger. The situation in the entire courtyard changed drastically!

Ren Xingchun’s expression changed dramatically when he saw the situation; his mouth was unable to close no matter what.

“Boundless Realm! This . . . This is absolutely the power belonging to Boundless Realm! This . . . How is this possible?”

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