Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 530

Chapter 530 You're Regretting

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With Ren Xingchun’s shout, everyone was taken aback from shock.

What kind of boundary Boundless Realm was, everyone present was all too clear.

This was power not belonging to the Endless World. How could it possibly appear on such a young girl?

But with Ren Xingchun’s realm, how could he possibly identify wrongly?

With this, the gazes that everyone looked at Ye Yuan with underwent a change again.

A Boundless Realm expert actually willingly followed by Ye Yuan’s side. What kind of concept was this?

Ren Dong was the first to react and begged Ye Yuan, “Master, although Grandfather he’s rather overbearing, his offense doesn’t deserve death! You . . . You let him go, alright?”

Ren Xingchun’s mouth moved, wanting to say something, but he ultimately did not speak.

Facing a Boundless Realm experts, he seriously did not have any confidence to continue being arrogant.

Seeing Ren Xingchun’s deflated look, Ye Yuan could not help feeling secretly pleased inwardly.

Yue Mengli could not really make a move. But using her move to deter a little was still very effective.

This kind of stirring up heaven and earth essence energy was just the effort of lifting a finger to Yue Mengli. But in the eyes of Divine Traversing Realms, it was a god-like realm.

A Boundless Realm in the Lower Realms represented invincibility!

Even with Ren Xingchun’s domineering character, he did not dare to act rashly in front of Yue Mengli either.

“Forget it, forget it. Li-er, put it away. Who asked me to take in such an obedient disciple. If I killed his blood-related grandfather, this master and disciple relation wouldn’t carry on well in the future,” Ye Yuan deliberately said with an emotional sigh.

Yue Mengli nodded and kept her aura, becoming a harmless little girl again. She then stood behind Ye Yuan.

Ren Dong was ‘sold’ by Ye Yuan without even him knowing it. Seeing Yue Mengli cease, he could not help being overjoyed and said, “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!”

Ren Xingchun also recovered at this point. Hearing Ren Dong calling master over and over again, he could not refrain from saying angrily, “Dong-er, what are you calling him? What right does he, a Sea Transformation Realm brat, have to be your master?”

Ren Dong shook his head and said, “He’s not my Martial Path master but my Alchemy Path master!”

Ren Xingchun was stunned. The flames which were just suppressed shot up all at once with a roar again.

“With Grandpa teaching you alchemy skills, you actually still acknowledged others as your master? Ignoring that you acknowledged a master, Ye Yuan is at the very most just a Quasi-Alchemy King too. What right does he have to be your master? Have you lost your mind?”

“Grandfather, I’m very clear about what I’m doing! Although Master he can only refine Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills, the profoundness of his Alchemy Path knowledge far exceeds yours! As the saying goes, those who reached first can teach! He can naturally be my master!” Ren Dong said.

Only now did Ren Xingchun recall Ye Yuan’s performance at the Thousand Query Wall. Back then, he stopped Ye Yuan from continuing to challenge. If he really carried on, how many questions Ye Yuan could answer was really hard to say.

Looking from this, Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Path standards actually far surpassed his present realm.

As long as his boundary reached, the standards of the medicinal pills refined would greatly surpass those of the same rank.

Like this, Ye Yuan being Ren Dong’s master did not seem to be unjustifiable.

Ren Xingchun discovered that he could not do anything to this youth before his eyes at all.

He had a Boundless Realm fighter, and his own alchemy knowledge was also very heaven-defying.

Martial Path and Alchemy Path, he actually could not match up to a brat who was still wet behind the ears. This made the arrogance in heart and haughty in manner Ren Xingchun feel very aggrieved.

“Stinking brat! Quickly hand over Ye Hang and my daughter! This is my family matter! It isn’t your turn to interfere!”

Ren Xingchun talking right now was not as confident as earlier. He did not even dare to say threatening words.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “They are right inside this house behind me. If you have the capabilities, you go and bring them out yourself.”


Ren Xingchun took a look at the Yue Mengli behind Yue Mengli and nearly spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

If I could beat her, I would have long brought them out! Why would I waste my breath with you?

Ren Xingchun sucked in a deep breath and reined in his impatience as he asked Ye Yuan, “Fine. Then I ask you, what is your relationship with them? Why do you want to save them?!”

But Ye Yuan did not answer. He just looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

When these words came out, Ren Xingchun himself was stunned for a bit too.

He was originally in the midst of anger and did not think deeply about this matter.

Now that he asked, he thought of a possibility.

Ye Yuan was surnamed Ye. Ye Hang was surnamed Ye too. Moreover, calculating according to the time, Ye Hang and Ren Hongling had also left the Northern Domain for 18 to 19 years already; just nice coinciding with Ye Yuan’s age.

Shouldn’t be . . .

Ren Xingchun seemed to have thought of something and abruptly turned his head to asked Ren Yujie, “You all knew long ago?”

Ren Yujie forced a smile and said, “I only knew today as well! It was Sister’s one sentence which shocked me awake thoroughly. That’s why I took the risk of Father laying down punishment to bring her to find Ye Yuan.”

Ren Xingchun was stupefied and asked, “What did Hongling she say?”

“She said, if Brother-in-Law died, she absolutely wouldn’t live on alone! And if Ye Yuan knew that they died in your hands, he’ll surely come to find you to take revenge in the future! She didn’t hope to see this kind of human relations tragedy to happen to our Ren Family! When I knew that Sister’s son was Ye Yuan, I knew that he completely had this capability to come and find you to take revenge in the future!”

Hearing these words, Ren Xingchun was secretly alarmed.

Was there a need to wait for the future?

Ye Yuan had a seemingly Boundless Realm expert beside him right now. He wanting to kill him was simply something effortless!

Even if he did not rely on this Boundless Realm, with Ye Yuan’s degree of monstrousness, maybe in less than five years, he would not be his match anymore!

He had such a heaven-defying maternal grandson, but he also almost killed his son-in-law. Why did this sort of thing seem so absurd?

Except that Ren Xingchun never would have dreamed that Ye Yuan this gradually rising genius martial artist was actually his own maternal grandson!

This grandson should originally have been the entire Wu Fang City’s pride. But now . . .

This was the first time in his life that Ren Xingchun felt somewhat regretful.

For so many years, he stood by his words. He wanted the entire Wu Fang City to all listen to him.

His daughter fell for a bottom-level alchemist; he wanted to use forceful means to separate them.

Now, that alchemist brought sincerity and brought his wife to come and apologize to him; instead, he wanted to kill that alchemist.

“You’re regretting!” Ye Yuan’s voice suddenly rang out.

Ren Xingchun was startled. This boy actually saw through his thoughts?

“You’re regretting that a junior which even Old Hai regards highly was actually your own grandson, but you didn’t know!”

“You’re regretting that this grandson can give your Wu Fang City, can give your Ren Family limitless reverence and benefits, but you wanted to kill his father!”

“You’re regretting that such an outstanding grandson, but you offended him thoroughly!”

“But have you thought about that if I was just an ordinary person, would you still regret the things that you did last time?”

“If I were just an ordinary person, my corpse would probably be lying in this courtyard right now already, right?”

“Therefore . . . you’re just an utter and complete self-centered person! In your eyes, only your paramount status is the most important!”

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