Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Hitting The Nail On The Head

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Each sentence that Ye Yuan had uttered struck Ren Xingchun’s heart like a heavy punch.

Such an outstanding junior was absolutely what every family clan were extremely eager for.

Even using one’s heel to think about it, one would also know that Ye Yuan’s future accomplishments would surely be extraordinary.

But now, Ren Xingchun had offended this descendant thoroughly.

Of course, offended means offended. If it were an ordinary person, Ren Xingchun could capture him back to discipline him strictly.

But the problem was that he could not do anything to Ye Yuan at all!

“Humph!What do you know at your young age? Everything that I do is for the sake of the Ren Family! If there wasn’t me, how could the Ren Family quash the Cao Family and firmly occupy this Wu Fang City’s highest position?”

Ren Xingchun was very conceited. Even if he felt regret over Ye Yuan in his heart, it was also not possible to lower his head to Ye Yuan this junior.

Furthermore, he did not feel that what he did was in any way wrong.

This was the most crucial!

“Hahaha!You, this old man, are really amusing! Is this game of deceiving yourself and others very fun?” Hearing Ren Xingchun’s words, Ye Yuan burst into laughter.

The mockery in the laugh was revealed completely.

Ren Xingchun said with a black face, “Deceiving myself and others? Wu Fang City is already managed by me tight like an iron bucket. Who dares to say a word of no to my orders?”

“Like an iron bucket is it? Maybe! It’s just that, this is only temporary! If your words are really the law in this Wu Fang City, on that day when I challenged the Thousand Query Wall, you shouldn’t have been standing on the Cao Family’s side. You should have been kicking them while they are down to pull the Cao Family up by the roots! You didn’t dare to do this because the Cao Family’s bedrock is too deep. And this Wu Fang City’s prestige still needs the Cao Family to maintain it, and not you, this City Lord!”

Ye Yuan continued with a cold smile and said, “The Cao Family is just on the decline temporarily. Their foundation is right there. Sooner or later, there will come a day when they will rise up once more. And you . . . are just an upstart. Without a bedrock, without any future! After you pass your peak period, Wu Fang City will change hands once more! Actually, you yourself realized this point too, right?”

“Humph!Dong-er talent greatly surpasses that Cao Fang. You saw it yourself too. As long as Dong-er matures, the Cao Family still will be trampled underfoot by our Ren Family!” Ren Xingchun continued to be stubborn.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I don’t deny this point. But do you really feel that Ren Dong can take on the heavy responsibility all by himself? What can you leave for him? A powerful family? Cao Family is indeed inferior to Ren Dong, but they are just Quasi-Alchemy Kings after all. At Alchemy King this level? Alchemy Sovereign this level? The Cao Family can invite so many Alchemy Sovereign experts every five years. Those people didn’t come on account of your face. They came for the Cao Family! In terms of foundation, in terms of connections, in terms of talents, the Ren Family doesn’t have a single one that can beat the Cao Family!”

Ye Yuan’s words shattered Ren Xingchun’s sense of superiority to dust.

Ren Xingchun opened his mouth but did not know how to refute.

His entire person seemed to have been sapped dry. It was as if his whole person aged greatly instantaneously.

Ye Yuan’s words hit the nail on the head. He had no way of refuting at all.

The Ren Family’s few years of flashiness were just on the exterior. Ren Xingchun had long realized the Ren Family’s crisis. Hence, he groomed Ren Hongling and the Ren Dong later on without sparing any effort.

But just as Ye Yuan said, the Ren Family’s foundation was too shallow and simply could not be compared with the Cao Family.

Within the Cao Family’s third generation, indeed, there was nobody who could surpass Ren Dong. But the Cao Family’s second generation was much stronger than the Ren Family’s!

In the Cao Family’s second generation, just the Alchemy Sovereign experts numbered quite a few. Who dared to guarantee that among these people, there wouldn’t be a peak Alchemy Sovereign being born in the future?

As long as a peak Alchemy Sovereign appears in the Cao Family, his position as the City Lord would be in imminent danger!

And the Ren Family only had Ren Yujie this early-rank Alchemy King.

Ren Yujie was quite talented in the area of managing the city. But, on the alchemy path, it was rather forceful for him.

Ren Xingchun spared no effort to quash the Cao Family on the one hand. On the other hand, he had no choice but to borrow the Cao Family’s prestige to strengthen Wu Fang City’s rule.

The hardships in between this, only he himself knew.

Who could have thought that such a young youth actually saw through the Ren Family’s peril at one glance?

It was precisely because of so that after Ren Xingchun knew Ye Yuan’s identity, he became even more dejected.

Ren Xingchun very much wished that Ye Yuan could become a member of the Ren Family. But his personality was like this. He would not lower his pride to say some submissive words. His attitude was still very unyielding.

Ye Yuan ignored Ren Xingchun’s awkwardness. He went to Xu Zihui’s side and poured essence energy from his palm into Xu Zihui’s body.

Ye Yuan could only refine Tier 4 medicinal pills right now. It could not have much of an effect on Xu Zihui at all.

But Ye Yuan had many ways of treating people. Although his realm was not high, using essence energy to help Xu Zihui ease his wounds was still doable.

Before long, Xu Zihui’s complexion became a little rosier. Although his wounds were not healed yet, he could still labor to say some words.

The conversation between this grandfather and grandson, although Xu Zihui was unable to stick a word in, he still took it all in.

Honestly speaking, he felt that City Lord was very impressive all along. But he did not think that the City Lord Manor’s crisis actually already reached such a state.

It was precisely because of so that he admired Ye Yuan even more.

This boy was so young. Not only was his strength and means extremely formidable, but his visual prowess also greatly surpassed ordinary people. His future accomplishments were boundless!

“Thank . . . Thank you very much, Young Master Ye!”

Xu Zihui forcefully propped himself to stand up and wanted to give a bow to Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan stopped him and said unhappily, “Disregarding that you got injured because of me, just based on our friendship, is there a need to say a word of thanks?”

Xu Zihui went blank and could not help being overjoyed in his heart.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s tone, he took him as a sworn friend for life or death!

Although his realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s, to be able to be recognized by Ye Yuan at this time, he could not contain the joy in his heart.

To be able to become friends with a peerless prodigy like Ye Yuan, others could not accomplish this even if they were envious!

Xu Zihui nodded hard at Ye Yuan to express that he understood.

Seeing this scene, Ren Xingchun’s face became even blacker.

This brat was so polite to his own subordinate. But to himself, Ye Yuan had the manner of keeping him a thousand miles away.

Definitely did it intentionally for him to see!

Xu Zihui saw Ren Xingchun’s face too and could not help smiling bitterly as he said, “Young Master Ye . . .”

“Brother Zihui don’t need to be courteous with me. Directly call my name, or call me younger brother.” Ye Yuan interrupted him

Xu Zihui was blank. He nodded and said, “Then I won’t be melodramatic. Ye Yuan, I know that I’m an outsider, but can you allow me to say a few words?”

Ye Yuan nodded slowly. The meaning was clearly permitting it.

Xu Zihui was secretly relieved, and he opened his mouth to say, “I never would have dreamed that you’re actually City Lord’s grandson! I’ve followed City Lord for many years. His grace to me is as heavy as a mountain! Even if he really killed me, I wouldn’t have any complaints either. But seeing you grandfather and grandson wrangling until like this, I really feel very upset!”

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