Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 533

Chapter 533 The Cao Family's Distress

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“What did you say? Ye Yuan is Ren Xingchun’s grandson?”

These two days, the news that Ye Yuan was Ren Xingchun’s grandson slowly spread out within Wu Fang City. The Cao Family was naturally among the first batch of family clans who were informed of this news.

When Cao Zheng heard this news, alarm and panic were all over his face.

This news was undoubtedly a bolt out of the blue to him.

How monstrous Ye Yuan was, Cao Zheng already had a taste of it.

His performance at the Thousand Query Wall made Cao Zheng unbelievably panic-stricken.

Originally, Ren Xingchun falling out with Ye Yuan at Exquisite Jade Pavilion even delighted Cao Zheng endlessly. Who knew that the situation would change drastically. News suddenly came from the Ren Family that Ye Yuan actually was Ren Xingchun’s grandson!

Ye Yuan’s realm was not high but was an exceptionally troublesome character. Not only was his alchemy knowledge extremely terrifying, he even had the support of the Three Sects and Qi Hai behind him. He was simply unshakable by anyone.

Such an existence became a member of the Ren Family. This simply could be said to be a catastrophic disaster for the Cao Family!

The Cao Family’s greatest confidence and reliance right now were the Thousand Query Wall. Yet, this confidence in front of Ye Yuan could not withstand a single blow.

If Ye Yuan was not a Ren Family member, for the sake of Wu Fang City’s collective interest, Ren Xingchun had no choice but to stand on the Cao Family’s side.

But, if Ye Yuan became a Ren Family member, the situation would be entirely different.

With Ye Yuan’s alchemy knowledge, he could completely come and challenge the Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level directly. Even if the challenge was not successful, as long as Ye Yuan’s performance was sufficiently heaven-defying, he could also push the Ren Family’s prestige to another height.

At that time, the Ren Family completely did not need to rely on the Cao Family’s prestige anymore.

Because Ye Yuan was another Thousand Query Wall!

Ren Xingchun had long viewed the Cao Family as a thorn in the side. If he had a living Thousand Query Wall like Ye Yuan, it was impossible for him to let go of the chance to suppress the Cao Family!

“Yes! The information is already confirmed! Back then, Ren Xingchun’s youngest daughter eloped to the Southern Domain with an Alchemy Master without any background, and she gave birth to a boy in a mortal kingdom. That boy is Ye Yuan!”

The one talking was Cao Zheng’s eldest son, Cao Kun. At present, he was already an early-rank Alchemy Sovereign expert.

Entirely different from Cao Fang being utterly suppressed by Ren Dong, Cao Kun was an elite among the Cao Family’s second generation, standing out above the entire city!

Apart from Cao Kun, the Cao Family still had a number of sons who were all Alchemy King experts.

Compared to Ren Yujie, it was seriously way stronger!

These few sons of Cao Zheng were the people Ren Xingchun was wariest of. Especially Cao Kun. It was very likely for him to impact through the realm of peak Alchemy Sovereign in the future.

As long as the Cao Family gave birth to another peak Alchemy Sovereign expert, the Cao Family’s declining trend would gradually turn around.

These few years, Cao Zheng had always been enduring silently. It was for the sake of waiting for Cao Kun to rise up.

But Ye Yuan’s appearance completely ruined his plans.

Cao Zheng sucked in a deep breath. He sat back down onto his seat with tightly knitted brows.

This news was too shocking. He was caught somewhat off-guard.

“Any other news?”

Cao Kun’s expression was not too good either as he said, “Some news even came out of City Lord Manor. It’s just that I don’t know if it’s true or false.”


“It’s said that Ren Xingchun will send out a public notice two days later to announce an important issue! Although it’s uncertain what it is, it may be assumed that it can’t be not related to that Ye Yuan!”

Cao Zheng felt an incredible headache. Originally, in this Wu Fang City, the momentum of all of the luck was gradually leaning towards the Cao Family.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s appearance completely turned the situation around.

After a long time, Cao Zheng looked his son and asked, “How much strength . . . do you feel that Ye Yuan really has? I’m talking about . . . Thousand Query Wall!”

That day when Ye Yuan challenged the Thousand Query Wall, although Cao Kun wasn’t present, he researched Ye Yuan’s answers carefully after the incident too, and it actually gave him a feeling of suddenly seeing the light.

As a Cao Family descendant, the most important thing was to study the Thousand Query Wall.

Cao Kun as an Alchemy Sovereign expert was very clear about the Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level’s questions.

Ye Yuan’s answers made him have a feeling of sighing at his own inferiority.

This youth was too strong!

Cao Kun mused for a moment and smiled bitterly as he shook his head and said, “I really have no way of estimating! Although Ye Yuan only answered 20 questions, these 20 questions, he answered all of them directly; virtually without even thinking time! More importantly, all of his answers leave no room for criticism and completely can’t pick out any fault! This shows that these 20 questions were very easy for him. As for where his limit lies, most likely, nobody knows! Unless . . .”

Cao Kun did not finish saying. But Cao Zheng understood his meaning.

Unless Ye Yuan continued challenging the questions in front, otherwise, nobody knew where his limit lies!

The Thousand Query Wall’s seventh level could be said to be a deity-like existence. Even though these 20 questions were only ranked at the back of the seventh level, the difficulty involved already represented the Endless World’s pinnacle standard.

But it was this pinnacle standard that was like child’s play in front of Ye Yuan, utterly without any difficulty in the slightest.

So where Ye Yuan’s limits lay, nobody knew either.

But the problem was, did the Cao Family dare to let Ye Yuan continue challenging their Thousand Query Wall?

When the mysterious veil of a holy land was uncovered layer by layer, then it could no longer be hailed as a holy land.

After a long while, Cao Zheng gave a sigh and said, “The Cao Family has lasted several thousand years and been through several times of prosperity and decline, but we pulled through all of it. These several decades, the Cao Family was suppressed by the Ren Family all along. Father has never given up before either. But now, sigh . . . You take your leave first. Let Father think about it properly . . .”

Seeing Cao Zheng’s look, Cao Kun was downcast too.

His painstaking efforts these few years was for the sake of quashing the Ren Family. But now, because of the appearance of a Sea Transformation Realm youth, it vanished like soap bubbles. This made him have intense unwillingness in his heart.

It was just that so what even if he was any more unwilling?

What Cao Zheng wanted to think about, Cao Kun naturally knew. He wanted to think about how to let the Cao Family carry on surviving!

Was a colossal family clan with a lineage of several thousand years actually facing annihilation?

. . . . . .

City Lord Manor, Ren Yujie was currently a guest at Ren Hongling’s residence.

Ren Yujie said with a smile, “Hongling, you and Brother-in-Law lived a vagrant life outside these few years. You must have really suffered considerable hardships! Now, Father finally thought it through. Our family can finally sit down properly and have a chat.”

But Ren Hongling was displeased as she said, “What thought things through?! If it wasn’t for Yuan-er, how could he have possibly thought it through? Furthermore, my husband and I have already treated the State of Qin as our home these few years. Where is there suffering hardships?”

Ren Yujie was a goody-two-shoes. Hearing that Ren Yujie was still full of grievances, he was feeling rather awkward.

Ye Hang could only come forward to smooth things over. He said, “Hongling, although our family went through quite a lot of twists and turns during this period, it also considered a happy ending right now. Past matters, just let it go.”

In truth, how could Ye Hang not have resentment in his heart?

But Ye Hang’s disposition was magnanimous, and his tolerance was outstanding. He had long come to accept everything.

In Ye Hang’s heart, Ye Yuan’s current accomplishments were extraordinary. Ren Hongling could return to the Ren Family too. He no longer had any worries in his heart.

The various things in the past, he did not have anything he could not get over too.

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