Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 535

Chapter 535c Resplendent Jade Pill

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Ye Yuan pointed at one of the small bottles and said, “Father is already at the peak Crystal Formation Realm. This Sea Expanding Pill can help you to open up an essence energy sea and advance to the Sea Transformation Realm!”

Ye Hang was overjoyed when he heard that. He knew that Ye Yuan had a mysterious master who taught him and had countless pill formulas in his brain.

He had never heard of this Sea Expanding Pill before. But since Ye Yuan took it out to give to him, it was likely not an ordinary medicinal pill.

Ever since cultivating in the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art and Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation, Ye Hang’s cultivation advanced with giant strides. In this short year, he already cultivated to the peak of Crystal Formation Realm.

Shattering the core and forming the sea was a crucial step to martial artists. This Sea Expanding Pill was naturally the most suitable for Ye Hang.

“Then the other bottle?” Ye Hang asked curiously.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The medicinal pill inside the other bottle is called Resplendent Jade Pill. This medicinal pill can directly act on the martial artist’s dantian, repairing the dantian’s damage. This medicinal pill is quite troublesome to refine, so it was delayed for some time.”

Ren Hongling was slightly dazed and looked at the medicinal pill in Ye Hang’s hands in disbelief.

Ye Hang sucked in a deep breath too and looked at Ye Yuan as he said, “You mean that this medicinal pill can repair your mother’s dantian and let her amass essence energy anew?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head with a smile and said, “That’s right. In the past, I overlooked it and never thought that Mother was actually a martial artist too! Since I’m already aware of it now, I naturally have to think of ways to remedy it.”

After rebirth, Ye Yuan practically spent all of his time being busy and completely did not notice Ren Hongling’s dantian damage.

Seeing that her body did not have the slightest trace of essence energy undulations, he even thought that she was just a normal person.

Hence, when he heard that Ren Hongling lost her essence energy completely as a result of saving him, apart from being moved, Ye Yuan wanted to think of ways to help her recover even more.

Although who Ren Hongling saved was just his predecessor, the previous Ye Yuan, to the present Ye Yuan, it was not any different.

By the side, Ren Yujie had shock written all over his face too. The dantian was where the foundation of martial artists lied but was also the most sensitive and fragile place.

Once the dantian was damaged, it could be said to be a catastrophic blow to martial artists. Unless there were some heaven-defying fortuitous encounter, otherwise, it would basically be ruined in this lifetime.

Pill formulas which restored the dantian were exceedingly rare. Furthermore, the refining difficulty were all extremely great.

In the Endless World, there were simply no dantian restoring pill formulas. Or else, with Ren Xingchun’s cultivation, he would definitely have long refined it for Ren Hongling.

At Ye Yuan’s level, refining this Resplendent Jade Pill took such a long time too. It could be seen just how hard it was to refine this sort of medicinal pills.

Ordinary alchemists, even if they had the pill formula, might not be able to refine it either.

Hence, the astonishment in Ren Yujie’s heart could be imagined.

Ren Hongling’s entire body trembled all over with agitation. She looked at Ye Hang with tears in her eyes and said, “Husband, to think that I can actually become an alchemist again one day!”

Ye Hang burst into laughter and said, “Hongling, you gave birth to a fine son!Hahaha!”

Although Ren Hongling assisted her husband and brought up her son with a mortal’s identity for over a decade, this did not mean that she had no attachments towards alchemy skills.

One could only say that Ye Hang’s and Ye Yuan’s importance to Ren Hongling far surpassed her attachment toward alchemy skills. It was because of this that she could suppress her dreams so composedly for so many years.

But it was merely suppressed. Back then, Ren Hongling only got together with Ye Hang because of alchemy skills. Her feelings towards alchemy skills were naturally needless to say.

Now, she could actually become an alchemist once again. The agitation in Ren Hongling’s heart could be imagined.

Although it was delayed for over a decade’s time, Ren Hongling’s age to martial artists was not considered too old. She still had hoped to climb to the summit of the Alchemy Path.

Ren Yujie heaved a sigh and said, “It’s you guys who gave birth to a fine son together!”

. . . . . .

Four hours later, in Ren Xingchun’s study room.

“What?! You said that Ye Yuan refined a dantian restoring medicinal pill? Not only did Hongling recover essence energy now, she even broke through to Alchemy Grandmaster?” Ren Xingchun nearly jumped up when he heard this news.

Ren Yujie nodded and said, “Yes. I witnessed it with my own eyes. Hongling consumed the Resplendent Jade Pill that Ye Yuan refined and started closed-seclusion. When she came out again, she was already Alchemy Grandmaster realm!”

“Huuu. . .” Ren Xingchun sucked in a deep breath. He was digesting this news.

“Ohright, after Hongling exited seclusion, Brother-in-Law had entered closed-seclusion too. Ye Yuan refined a type of medicinal pill for him called Sea Expanding Pill. It’s said to be able to help him breakthrough to Sea Transformation, and become a Quasi-Alchemy King!” Ren Yujie said again.

Ren Xingchun looked at Ren Yujie and seriously did not know what he should say.

The formidability of this grandson of his still greatly exceeded his expectations.

No wonder Old Hai viewed Ye Yuan so importantly. Looks like Ye Yuan obtained some heaven-defying lucky chance and had already far surpassed the Endless World this small world.

With Ren Xingchun’s strength and status, he could naturally discern what level Ye Yuan’s talent was at.

At the very least, this Endless World’s standards was unable to groom such a freak.

Like this, then Ye Yuan’s lucky chance could only be inherited from . . . the Divine Realm!

Associating it to that exceptionally powerful woman around Ye Yuan again, it seemed like the various clues all pointed to the Divine Realm hazily.

To lower realm martial artists, the Divine Realm was an extremely mysterious world. That place represented power and limitless possibilities.

Only after a long time, did Ren Xingchun give a deep sigh and said, “I really didn’t think that Ye Hang and Hongling actually gave birth to such an amazing son! That . . . The matter of hosting a make-up wedding ceremony for them, have they agreed?”

Ren Yujie recounted Ye Yuan’s words exactly as it was, leaving Ren Xingchun at a loss whether to cry or laugh.

“This boy is really sharp! Looks like it was indeed not a coincidence that he could have today’s accomplishments! Forget it, forget it. As long as it can make this brat satisfied, I’ll throw out this old face! Yujie, you declare an announcement tomorrow. Say that I, Ren Xingchun, found my long-lost daughter, and I want to hold a make-up wedding for her. The entire city will celebrate together!”

. . . . . .

The next two days, this matter become the hottest topic in the entire city.

Especially among the major factions, they placed immensely close attention to this matter.

At the Alchemist Association, Dan Chenzi looked at Wu Xuan and said, “I really didn’t expect that Ye Yuan is actually Ren Xingchun that old fellow’s grandson! He really picked up a treasure! Looks like this Wu Fang City’s power arrangement will thoroughly change. Wu Xuan, your relationship with that Ye Yuan isn’t bad. You must maintain it well! This boy’s origin is definitely not simple. Presumably, he has countless intricate ties with the Divine Realm.”

Wu Xuan forced a smile and said, “I also didn’t think that Ye Yuan actually still had such an identity! But through these few days of interaction with him, I discovered that Ye Yuan is a person who differentiates kindness and grudges clearly. As long as our Alchemist Association doesn’t take the initiative to provoke him, he won’t have any ill intentions towards us.”

Dan Chenzi nodded and said, “It’s also thanks to Ye Yuan that I can finally refine the Dragon Tiger Mighty Soul Pill! With this Dragon Tiger Mighty Soul Pill, it can be assumed that the day of me ascending to the Divine Realm won’t be far off! I’ll start my closed-seclusion from tomorrow onwards. The matter of that wedding, it will be you making an appearance then. Remember to help me send a big gift over.”

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