Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 540

Chapter 540 Unyielding

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“Wu Xuan, I wish to ask you. Where did this recipe of yours come from?” Fu Yunjing inquired.

Wu Xuan saw that it was Fu Yunjing and said, “This recipe . . . it was naturally taught by an expert. Fu Yunjing, what’s the meaning of you asking this?”

“Heh,can it be that you still don’t know what the meaning of my words is? Everybody knows that this Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew’s recipe, only I have it. Isn’t you doing this too dishonest?” Fu Yunjing said with an unkind expression.

Actually, Wu Xuan and Fu Yunjing still had some friendship between them. But it was still not that close. However, it was still because of this friendship that Wu Xuan was able to get Fu Yunjing’s wine after begging many times.

But Wu Xuan’s actions now infringed upon Fu Yunjing’s interests. Fu Yunjing could not swallow this insult despite reconsidering repeatedly. That was why he came up to question.

Once the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew could be mass-produced, that was cold, hard cash. Each drop would be extremely valuable.

Fu Yunjing’s expenses for the sake of brewing the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew was rather dear too.

Seeing his own Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew become worthless, he was seriously stifled in his heart.

“Fu Yunjing, today is the City Lord Manor’s day of great joy. Must you cause trouble? My Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew doesn’t have anything to do with you. This point, people who have drunk the wine before should all be aware, right?” Wu Xuan said with a cold grunt.

“Heh heh,actually, I’ve been researching on improving the brewing method of the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew all along and finally managed to have some progress. Right at this juncture, your Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew actually appeared. Is there such a coincidental thing? Previously, you were at my place for roughly right around half a year’s time or so. But it’s just nice the time to brew these Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew!” Fu Yunjing said with a cold smile.

The meaning of these words was already very obvious. It was that Wu Xuan stole a peep at the results of his development and brewed the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew himself.

Although Fu Yunjing was lying through his teeth, the reasoning was infallible, making many people look towards Wu Xuan in suspicion.

Once this sort of thing was confirmed, Wu Xuan would no longer have the face to keep a foothold in Wu Fang City.

But how could Wu Xuan be so easy to hoodwink? He said with a cold smile, “Not that you can’t slander me, but you have got to bring out the evidence, right? Your Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew clearly isn’t as good as mine. This point, as long as one knows their liquor, they can probably discern it, right? All talk without substance, aren’t you afraid of your teeth falling out by saying this?”

Fu Yunjing said with a faint smile,“Huhu,I don’t have proof. I’m just very curious. Everybody in the city knows that my recipe was obtained from the Endless Forest; just this one copy in the entire Wu Fang City. Then . . . where did you get your recipe from? An expert?Hur hur,such words can only fool little children, right?”

One had to admit that this Fu Yunjing was born with an eloquent tongue.

Hearing his words, many people became even more skeptical towards Wu Xuan.

This sort of thing like stealing formulas was held in extreme contempt, let alone that it was exposed on the spot by the original owner.

“Yeah. I really didn’t think of this. Wu Xuan’s recipe wouldn’t really have been stolen from Fu Yunjing there, right?”

“This recipe, Fu Yunjing has always kept it as a treasure. It’s impossible for people to know. Unless it’s really as Fu Yunjing said, Wu Xuan plagiarized it while he was not paying attention?”

“Stolen things, just be satisfied with secretly brewing a few flasks to drink. To actually take it out to sell, isn’t this disgraceful?”

Hearing some people’s whispering, Wu Xuan’s face became livid.

Fear of incurring gossip!

He was wholeheartedly focused on bringing the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew out to make money but forgot that Fu Yunjing would make a false counter-charge.

However, after today’s matter, Wu Xuan could also be considered to have a new understanding of Fu Yunjing.

But Fu Yunjing said it as if it was true. This already aroused most people’s suspicions. How should he explain?

Could it be that he had to compare formulas with him?

That way, wouldn’t the recipe be divulged? How should he explain to Ye Yuan?

Just as Wu Xuan caught in a difficult dilemma, Ye Yuan and Qi Hai entered the main hall.

“This formula was given to him by this old man. What complaints do you have?” Qi Hai said in a slightly low voice.

As a matter of fact, it had already been a while since they entered the main hall. Ye Yuan briefly recounted the event through voice transmission to invite him to come forward to uphold justice.

Qi Hai did not have much hesitation and directly agreed.

Ye Yuan occupied a 50% share in this business too. Fu Yunjing causing trouble here was directly spoiling his business. How could Ye Yuan turn a blind eye to it?

Although Ye Yuan was very wealthy right now, as an alchemist himself, he was deeply aware of the importance of essence crystals this thing.

In his previous life, if there weren’t the Medicine King Hall this colossal titan supporting, no matter how high his talent was, he would have no way of reaching that level too.

Alchemist was an occupation which burned money.

Wanting to refine a type of medicinal pill had to refine countless medicinal herbs to waste. The higher the rank of the medicinal herb, the greater the expenditure.

Even though Ye Yuan’s success rate of refining medicinal pills was exceptionally high, with his current consumption speed, no matter how much essence crystals there were, it was also insufficient to use.

Regardless which major faction it was, it was impossible to treat medicinal pills like candy to eat like him too.

Putting aside whether or not one could bear the expenses, how could the average martial artist dare to swallow so many medicinal pills?

Furthermore, the medicinal pills which Ye Yuan refined, the medicinal effects were all extremely tyrannical. They were on a completely different level from the Endless World’s medicinal pills.

But Ye Yuan did not plan on coming forward himself. Firstly, he did not wish to overly expose himself. Secondly, he was young after all. The words he said might not be enough to convince everyone.

Qi Hai stepping forward was naturally the most appropriate.

With his status, who dared to say a word of no?

Indeed, once Fu Yunjing saw Qi Hai speak, he could not help being alarmed inwardly.

He never would have thought that the person behind Wu Xuan was actually Qi Hai. This time, he poked the hornet’s nest.

“Ah!Turns out that it’s Old Hai’s recipe. I was still perplexed. Could this Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew of Wu Xuan be pulled out of thin air? It’s just that I wonder where Old Hai obtained this recipe from?” Fu Yunjing still did not give up and asked sarcastically.

In front of so many people, moreover, it was City Lord Manor’s great joyous day, he did not believe that Qi Hai dared to do anything to him.

Qi Hai said with an icy look, “Does this old man still need to explain to you when doing things?Mm?”

Fu Yunjing instantly felt a tremendous pressure coming at him head-on, crushing him until he could not catch his breath.

He gritted his teeth and said obstinately, “Old Hai naturally doesn’t need to explain to me. But don’t you feel that suppressing people with force is inadequate to convince the masses? Justice lies in the hearts of people! Old Hai can kill me, but it’s hard to shut the mouths of everybody!”

Qi Hai did not expect that this Fu Yunjing still had some backbone. Facing his pressure, he actually did not back down in the slightest.

He could, of course, kill Fu Yunjing with one palm. But Wu Xuan would not be able to clear his name even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Fu Yunjing was precisely eyeing this point; that was why he dared to be so unyielding.

Today was different than the time with Wu Rong. At that time, Qi Hai was standing on the standpoint of a righteous cause. Others did not dare to say much about killing people.

Now, Fu Yunjing stirred up the situation. If Qi Hai really killed him, then Wu Xuan would ascertain the label of plagiarism and would also have no way of keeping a foothold in Wu Fang City in the future.

For a moment, Qi Hai could not help being at the dilemma to advance or retreat.

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