Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Instructing Secretly

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Ye Yuan also did not think that Fu Yunjing was so persistent, to actually dare to lock horns with Qi Hai.

Fu Yunjing had also grabbed Qi Hai’s soft spot, making it rather hard for Qi Hai to do things.

Ye Yuan’s divine sense moved and transmitted his voice to Qi Hai.

Fu Yunjing saw the situation and knew that the two were transmitting voices through divine sense. His heart involuntarily pounded.

But, on second thought, as long as Wu Xuan did not dare to publicize the formula, his words would have no weakness to exploit. And if Wu Xuan dared to make the recipe known, even though he would lose reputation, Wu Xuan would have no way of monopolizing the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew either. The losses in between this would be huge.

At this point, even if it harmed others without benefits, he had to push on as well.

Asking him to swallow this insult, he was unable to do it.

But not knowing why, the youth beside Qi Hai kept on giving him an unfathomable feel.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s voice transmission, Qi Hai’s eyes gradually lit up. Looking at Fu Yunjing, he said in an oppressive manner, “You said that you improved the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew’s formula. Then, do you know what you lack in your formula, resulting in the taste to be inferior to the one brewed by Wu Xuan?”

Fu Yunjing was stupefied. He immediately said with a cold smile, “Hearing Old Hai’s meaning, you actually know my recipe? You’re . . . confessing everything without duress here!”

Fu Yunjing’s words immediately caused a stir.

Just as Fu Yunjing said, wasn’t Qi Hai confessing everything without being pressed here?

Fu Yunjing’s formula, only he himself knew. How did Qi Hai know what Fu Yunjing’s recipe lacked?

Between Qi Hai and Wu Xuan, there had to be someone who plagiarized Fu Yunjing’s formula.

And between the two of them, everyone would naturally think that it was done by Wu Xuan, and Qi Hai was just stepping forward to defend Wu Xuan on account of Ye Yuan’s face.

Qi Hai was not startled nor in panic as he said coolly, “That’s right. Last time, when I went to Wu Xuan’s place, he invited me to drink a flask of the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew that he got from you. I discerned that it was not right with one taste. As luck would have it, I had some research regarding this stuff. It’s just that I never had the time to make it. So, I gave the formula to Wu Xuan. This formula . . . came from the Divine Realm.”

Fu Yunjing already had a stance like a dead pig not being afraid of boiling water being scaling right now. He might as well act all the way shamelessly.

Hearing Qi Hai said so, he said with a cold sneer, “I know that Old Hai has all kinds of connections with the Divine Realm. But I’m afraid that you’re thinking too simply by wanting to use ‘Divine Realm’ these two words to shut everybody’s mouths, right? Hearing Old Hai’s words, you just drank a mouthful and then knew my formula inside-out. Isn’t this too laughable?”

“Huhu,I’ll report the formula. You see if it’s correct.”

As he said, Qi Hai started to report the materials used to brew the wine one by one. Altogether there were actually a hundred over types.

And Fu Yunjing’s expression became increasingly uglier along with Qi Hai’s reporting.

The recipe that Qi Hai reported was actually the exact same as the one he obtained! Even the quantity used for these ingredients were not the slightest bit off; just like he saw the recipe with his own eyes.

With this, even Fu Yunjing himself could not help somewhat doubting as well if Qi Hai and Wu Xuan really plagiarized his recipe.

Of course, those with the same thinking as him was not in the minority. There were even some people already starting to whisper under their breaths.

“Could Old Hai have really plagiarized Fu Yunjing’s recipe? You guys look at Fu Yunjing’s expression. What Old Hai said is definitely not far off the mark.”

“Yeah. What is Old Hai playing at here? Even if he really stole Fu Yunjing’s formula, he doesn’t need to go so far as to say it out so generously, right? Even though he’s a senior, doing so would destroy his reputation too!”

“Isn’t Old Hai bullying people with his power here? Doing this is also too overboard!”

Qi Hai’s strength was indeed formidable. But if he used his power to bully people like this, it was impossible for others to be convinced either.

Other people did not dare to do anything to Qi Hai. But Wu Xuan’s reputation would be rotten in the future.

After Qi Hai reported all of the ingredients, Fu Yunjing’s expression was ugly to the extreme.

Qi Hai saying this was equivalent to making his recipe known to the public. In the future, he would have no way of using the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew to keep a foothold in this Wu Fang City anymore either.

Even though he was already replaced by Wu Xuan now.

“Heh heh,really didn’t expect that Old Hai’s face was actually so thick! Stole my formula and actually even admitted it swaggeringly! Truly shameless to the extreme!”

Qi Hai said with a smile, “When did I admit that I stole your formula?”

Fu Yunjing was stunned. Wasn’t he too shameless?

Already at such an extent and still not admitting it?

“Hearing what you said earlier, you’re admitting that the formula I said was correct? No need to deny. Other people are not fools either. They could tell long ago,” Qi Hai still said coolly.

Fu Yunjing’s expression became black, and he suddenly had a foreboding premonition.

Indeed, Qi Hai continued, “You said that you improved the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew recipe. I wonder how did you improve it?”

Fu Yunjing’s heart plummeted. Turns out that it was waiting here!

“Heh,why do I have to tell you?” Fu Yunjing said, appearing tough outwardly, but timid inside.

Qi Hai said, “I can tell you that in your recipe, five kinds of ingredients are missing. As long as you can say out the names of these five kinds of ingredients, Wu Xuan would naturally have plagiarized your formula. But if you can’t say it, then scram right now for this old man! Otherwise . . . don’t blame this old man for being impolite!”

Fu Yunjing’s expression changed repeatedly. When did he really improve the formula?

This Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew, even in the Divine Realm, it was a top-grade immortal brew that not everyone could drink. If Fu Yunjing really had this capability, he would have long ascended to the Divine Realm. Why was there a need to fool around in this Wu Fang City still?

But if he did not say a thing, wouldn’t it be admitting that he was finding fault for no reason?

Heh, I’ll just casually report five kinds of ingredients. Could it be that you really dare to make the recipe known to all?

Fu Yunjing snickered coldly inwardly and casually reported five kinds of materials. They were all ingredients frequently used in brewing alcohol. Listening to it seemed well-grounded and reasonable.

Qi Hai gave a cold laugh and said, “Utter nonsense! Don’t know what you’re talking about! Truly shameless enough!”

Fu Yunjing said delightedly, “Since Old Hai say that I’m uttering nonsense, then you say out those five kinds of materials!”

“Don’t need five kinds. One is enough! In my recipe has Seven Star Grass. Seven Star Grass will become lilac color when coming into contact with Sulfur Flame Powder. Come, men! Go and retrieve some Sulfur Flame Powder over. One try, and it will be clear!” Qi Hai said coolly.

Fu Yunjing was still cheerily confident earlier. But at this time, his face was deathly pale.

Wu Fang City was the alchemy holy land. Many families present were all alchemy families. They were naturally not foreign to this Seven Star Grass.

He never would have thought that Qi Hai pressed hard at every step; finally, it was actually using this sort of method to make him reveal his true colors!

At this time, he could not resist turning his eyes towards Ye Yuan, his gaze revealing hatred.

Fu Yunjing had never heard before that Qi Hai knew alchemy. He had never heard before that Qi Hai knew how to brew alcohol, let alone believe that Qi Hai could report out all of the ingredients just by sampling a taste of his wine!

Earlier, Ye Yuan clearly said something to Qi Hai with voice transmission. Could it be that everything that Qi Hai said was this young man’s scheme?

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