Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 548

Chapter 548 Not Someone You Can Afford To Offend

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Along the way, Ye Yuan continuously sized up the huge pagoda. The more he looked at it, the more extraordinary he felt it was.

Approaching the front, Ye Yuan said to Ren Xingchun, “Old man, you go and say hi to them. I’ll stroll around myself.”

Regarding Ye Yuan’s form of address, Ren Xingchun was already used to it long ago.

If he tried to gain back face with Ye Yuan, Ren Xingchun would have long exploded in anger.

Ren Xingchun also discovered that Ye Yuan was very interested in Vast Heaven Pagoda. He nodded his head and said, “Alright. You go alone then. There are a few of my old friends over there. I’ll go and say hi to them. Dong-er, Cao Fang, you guys follow me to greet several seniors.”

After Ren Xingchun left, Ye Yuan strolled around the Vast Heaven Pagoda by himself.

Only after staring in close vicinity did Ye Yuan discover that he actually had no way of discerning what kind of material this pagoda was forged with!

Although Ye Yuan did not dabble much in the path of refining, with his horizons, he still knew most of the materials in the Divine Realm.

Yet, he was actually unable to discern this building’s material. This involuntarily made Ye Yuan even more curious about this Vast Heaven Pagoda.

“Spirit Gathering Formations are laid down around this Vast Heaven Pagoda to supply essence energy ceaselessly into the pagoda body. Countless array formations are inscribed onto the pagoda body. The usage of many array formations, even I actually can’t understand any of them!”

Ye Yuan could not help drawing a cold breath. This Vast Heaven Pagoda was truly very abnormal.

One had to know that although Ye Yuan’s Formations Path attainments could not compare to Lu Linfeng, he himself was a Tier 9 Array Emperor. Furthermore, he obtained Lu Linfeng’s legacy at the Grand Yan True Sect too. His attainments in the Formations Path were already exceedingly high!

With his present visual prowess, he actually could not figure out the array formations inscribed on the pagoda body!

“Just what is this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s origin?” Ye Yuan could not help muttering under his breath.

Ye Yuan initially thought that everything should be under his control in the Lower Realms. But only now did he discover that within this Endless World, actually there were a lot of secrets that even he could not understand.

Not just this Vast Heaven Pagoda, even that incomparably mysterious Endless Forest as well.

Yue Mengli said that she had once entered deep into the Endless Forest. But with her strength, she actually did not dare to enter into the deepest parts!

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered that this world seemed to be even more complex than he had imagined!

A tiny little Endless World had so many things that could not be figured out. Then what about the Divine Realm?

Just how many secrets were hidden in the Divine Realm? Where did those Deity Realm powerhouses all go to? Why were the current martial artists unable to affirm their Dao and become deities?

Ye Yuan discovered that he was too absorbed in alchemy in his previous life, resulting in overlooking many things.

Only through this reincarnation did he realize that his understanding of this world was too little.

“Heh,I wonder which hillbilly who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth? Even the Three Sects are unable to fully understand this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s secrets, let alone you, a Sea Transformation Realm boy?”

Ye Yuan was currently lost in thought when a disdainful voice came from behind.

Turning around to look, it was a young man around thirty.

This person wore the Myriad Sword Sect’s outfit. Clearly, he was a Myriad Sword Sect disciple.

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly. Each and every one of the Three Sects’ disciples was indeed very arrogant!

Although this person had a Soul Sea Realm strength, his pair of eyes were practically growing on top of his head.

Opening up Vast Heaven Pagoda to everyone this time, the Three Sects’ disciples were clearly very displeased.

In their eyes, the young disciples apart from the Three Sects were probably all good-for-nothings, right?

Ye Yuan was disinclined to dispute with him as well. He went to another place without even paying notice to him.

When that person saw Ye Yuan’s attitude, he immediately had a feeling of being disregarded. Rage welled up in his heart.

“Stinking brat, I’m talking to you! Did you hear or not?!”

While talking, he reached his hand out to grab at Ye Yuan. He wanted to teach this cocky brat a bit of a lesson!

A puny little Sea Transformation Realm martial artist actually had this kind of attitude when seeing him. How arrogant!

But then in his vision, Ye Yuan became a blurry figure and then disappeared without a trace.

Looking again, Ye Yuan already arrived at several dozen feet away, currently sizing him up with unkind eyes.

That young man’s expression changed, his face revealing disbelief.

He, a Soul Sea Realm, was going to grab an early-stage Sea Transformation boy, but he actually failed?

A feeling of humiliation welled up in his heart uncontrollably.

The young man was just about to make a move again to wash away the disgrace earlier when a voice suddenly was heard. “Senior Apprentice Brother Zhou Ye, turns out you’re here.”

Zhou Ye turned around and said with an unhappy look, “Junior Apprentice Brother Qin Yan, you hang on for a bit. Wait until I take care of this condescending stinking brat!”

The arrival was precisely the Qin Yan who had already broken through to Soul Sea Realm.

Qin Yan followed Zhou Ye’s gaze and could not help saying in surprise, “Ye Yuan!”

But he changed to another expression very quickly and circled around Zhou Ye to come before Ye Yuan. Qin Yan said with a respectful bow, “Any offense committed against Junior Apprentice Brother Ye previously, Qin Yan apologizes for it here.”

When Ye Yuan saw that Qin Yan had indeed broken through to the Soul Sea Realm, he was also rather surprised.

When he captured Qin Yan to be a hostage last time, Qin Yan was still some distance away from Soul Sea Realm. To think that he grew wiser with each setback, and he actually broke through to Soul Sea Realm at the end.

Zhou Ye’s eyes went wide at the side. The Myriad Sword Sect’s proud son of heaven, Qin Yan, actually bowed towards this Sea Transformation Realm little rookie?

“Junior Apprentice Brother Qin Yan, are you mistaken? To actually bow towards this brat?” Zhou Ye was full of doubt.

Qin Yan said in a slightly solemn voice, “Senior Apprentice Brother Zhou Ye, although I don’t know what’s going on, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye isn’t someone you can afford to offend. You head back quickly. Old Ancestor is finding you for something.”

Zhou Ye’s expression was seemingly apprehensive, and he could not help looking at Ye Yuan in surprise.

He understood Qin Yan very well. In the sect, he was extremely haughty. But such a haughty Qin Yan actually lowered his proud head in front of this teenage youth!

Who on earth was this youth?

“What are you still in a daze for? You’re aware of Old Ancestor’s temper. If you’re late, I don’t dare to say what consequences there are!” Qin Yan frowned and said.

Zhou Ye shuddered, nodded his head rigidly, and he hurriedly turned around and left.

Ye Yuan looked at Qin Yan and said with a smile, “With your present strength, you shouldn’t fear me. Why do this?”

Qin Yan breaking through to Soul Sea was different from those ordinary martial artists. Although similarly First Level Soul Sea, his strength was much greater.

To Qin Yan, breaking through to Soul Sea was a qualitative leap. In this realm, it was the period for his potentially greatest burst to go forward.

Even the current Ye Yuan did not dare say to be able to beat Qin Yan as well.

Qin Yan said rather embarrassedly, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye and I are destined to not be opponents on the same level. Don’t make fun of me anymore! I’m aware that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye slew a Soul Sea Realm expert by yourself. The Vast Heaven Inheritance this time, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can probably charge into the sixth level. At that time, you’ll definitely soar to the heaven in one move!”

Ye Yuan was rather curious when he heard that and asked,“Oh?How do you know that I can charge into the sixth level?”

“The Vast Heaven Pagoda is a place that tests potential and strength. With Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s talent, charging into the sixth level should be highly certain!” Qin Yan said.

“Then what about yourself?” Ye Yuan enquired.

Qin Yan seemed to have long had a prediction regarding this and said, “I have the confidence to charge into the fifth level. But I don’t have much confidence in passing the fifth level.”

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