Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 553

Chapter 553 Blunder

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Although the first one to rush into the second level might not mean that he was definitely the strongest one, to a certain extent, it also illustrated many problems.

Hence, for that Liu Hong to be able to be the first one to rush into the second level, it at least showed that his strength was very formidable.

“I didn’t think that among the itinerant cultivators, a genius junior actually appeared too!” Qi Hai stroked his beard and smiled.

To the present Endless World, the more geniuses like this, the better things would be.

“Humph!Might just be a moment of luck!” Qin Hongtao said with a cold snort.

More and more names vanished from the first level. Ren Xingchun’s eyebrows could not help knitting together.

He kept on staring at Ye Yuan’s name. But Ye Yuan’s name did not have any signs of moving throughout. Regardless of how the other people’s names moved, Ye Yuan’s name remained in the first level from start to end.

At this time, somebody reacted to it as well and asked,“En?Where’s Ye Yuan? With his strength, he should have entered the second level long ago, right?”

“His name is still at the first level. I wonder what happened,” Ning Yixian said.

“No way, right? Ye Yuan is able to kill a Soul Sea Realm expert on his own. How can he possibly be trapped at the first level?”

“Maybe he got delayed because of some matter?”

“There’s nothing in the first level. Can be held up by what? Is it possible that . . . Ye Yuan can kill Soul Sea Realm experts because his explosive power is very great. But to charge into the second level, what’s required is abundant essence energy and lasting endurance. On this aspect, Ye Yuan is just a Second Level Sea Transformation. He’ll probably be at a disadvantage!”

What this person said was reasonable. Many people could not help falling silent when they heard that.

Ren Xingchun’s expression was very ugly. He thought very highly of Ye Yuan and felt that Ye Yuan would bring him a tremendous surprise.

If Ye Yuan already fell behind in the first level, the difficulty of the levels at the back would be increasingly greater. How was Ye Yuan going to pass through?

Ren Xingchun looked previously already. Cao Fang was already eliminated in the first level. Although Ren Dong made it into the second level, he was placed rather behind in terms of timing.

If even Ye Yuan failed, then Wu Fang City would be utterly disgraced!

“Sigh.In the end, this Vast Heaven Pagoda is still too much for Sea Transformation Realms!”

“Passing through this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s checkpoints need to be done in one breath! The more one drags, the less favorable! If Ye Yuan he continues dawdling, once his essence energy is exhausted, it will likely be very tough to push through the first level!”

“I really didn’t expect that a heaven’s chosen like Ye Yuan would actually suffer a crushing defeat in the first level!”

For a time, the people surrounding and spectating all discussed in low voices. With the passing of time, they were clearly less and less optimistic about Ye Yuan.

People’s hearts were always like this. Ye Yuan rose up extremely fast like a comet. Some of the sects’ old ancestors more or less still had some jealousy in their hearts.

Now, seeing Ye Yuan about to be eliminated in the first level, although they would not express it too obviously, there was still some gloating in their words and between the lines.

How could Ren Xingchun not discern the gloating over other people’s misfortunes in these people’s words? He was even more panicky in his heart.

Ye Yuan, what the hell are you doing?! Could it be that with your strength, you can’t even make it past the first level?Ren Xingchun said anxiously in his heart.

Time slowly trickled by. The names remaining in the first level became progressively lesser.

But among these people, practically nobody could charge into the second level. The names all directly vanished. Evidently, they were already sent out by the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

Finally, the last name in the first level apart from Ye Yuan’s vanished, kicked out by the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

In the first level, only Ye Yuan alone was left!

At this time, the second level was densely covered with people, while in the first level, Ye Yuan’s name became extremely eye-catching.

“Ye Yuan’s strength is still very powerful among Sea Transformation Realms. He actually persisted for a day and night already! It’s just that, who knows how long he can sustain in the end! The first level has a time restriction of only three days. If one is unable to make it to the second level within three days, they will still get kicked out by the Vast Heaven Pagoda.”

“The demonic beasts around the entrance to the second level will become increasingly more. For Ye Yuan to want to make it through, it’s probably riddled with numerous difficulties!”

. . . . . .

Different from how these people imagined, the demonic beasts around the entrance to the second level was already less than lesser!

In the first level, only Ye Yuan alone was left. He had free rein and unleashed the Thousand Flowing Petals, willfully reaping the lives of those demonic beasts.

The petals which filled the sky were like locusts. Areas they passed through, no living thing was spared!

Ye Yuan initially thought that these demonic beasts could not be killed completely. But after he slaughtered for an entire day, he finally noticed that these demonic beasts became thinly scattered.

Very clearly, the number of the demonic beasts was reducing!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan discovered that these demonic beasts would automatically converge at the entrance to the second level to attempt to stop him from entering the second level.

However, Ye Yuan’s goal was not the second level at all. It was to kill these demonic beasts to obtain that nameless energy.

“I wonder what kind of effect there will be by killing all the demonic beasts in the first level!” Ye Yuan said with a loud laugh.

Of course, increasingly lesser was just relatively speaking.

Around Ye Yuan, there were still countless demonic beasts surrounding him now. Even if Ye Yuan wanted to break out of the encirclement now, it was already impractical.

At this time, there were already no other martial artists in the first level. Just Ye Yuan alone left.

And these demonic beasts seemed to sense it, converging around Ye Yuan unceasingly.

Even though the total number of demonic beasts was reducing, in the radius of the local area, the demonic beasts were increasingly more!

But Ye Yuan did not mind at all. These demonic beasts were entirely unable to approach his body.

. . . . . .

Just like this, Ye Yuan spent two days constantly in the midst of slaughter!

Only Ye Yuan could sustain for two days under such a high-intensity essence energy consumption.

If it were others, they would have died long ago from essence energy exhaustion.

Since he wanted to kill off all the demonic beasts, Ye Yuan naturally made preparations long ago. Hence, he was very sparing when using essence energy.

But, even so, his essence energy was already close to rock-bottom at the end of these two days.

The demonic beasts became lesser and lesser, but Ye Yuan’s attacks clearly became sluggish too.

“Huff. . . Looks like I still have to expend one medicinal pill!” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

He initially thought that he could rely on his body’s essence energy to sustain. Who knew that the number of demonic beasts in this first level was too terrifying. Slaughtered for two days and did not finish killing either!

At this time, if Ye Yuan still did not consume medicinal pills to restore essence energy, he was already unable to carry on sustaining.

Ye Yuan’s finger twitched. A medicinal pill appeared in his hand.

Yet, just as Ye Yuan was planning on swallowing the medicinal pill, a scene which left him dumbfounded occurred!

That medicinal pill was actually like weathered away by the wind, breaking down into powder!

A light breeze blew, and it vanished.

“F*ck me! No way, right? Could it be that inside this Vast Heaven Pagoda, usage of medicinal pills isn’t allowed? Why didn’t anyone tell me before!” Ye Yuan could not refrain from cursing.

Unreconciled, Ye Yuan took out a medicinal pill again. Indeed, it was immediately eroded by the wind!

“This time, I really made a blunder!” Ye Yuan stared wide-eyed and his mouth agape at the thing that happened before his eyes as he said with a bitter smile.

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