Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Instant Cast Martial Technique

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Ye Yuan daring to fight a battle of attrition here, his greatest reliance was medicinal pills.

But Ye Yuan never would have expected that this Vast Heaven Pagoda could actually erode the medicinal pills that he refined with just the wind.

This was simply something unheard of!

Without medicinal pills to replenish essence energy, Ye Yuan’s essence energy was going to be depleted very soon.

This was still his first time encountering such a bizarre thing. For a moment, he did not know what he should do either.

Could it be that he was really going to be killed by these Tier 2 demonic beasts because of essence energy exhaustion?

If he was transported outside, wouldn’t it become the entire Endless World’s joke?

Even though Ye Yuan did not care about other people’s views, this kind of failing method, even he himself was unable to accept it too.

“Damn it! Fight it out!”

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and completely erupted all of his remaining essence energy!

For a time, innumerable petals enveloped Ye Yuan.

At the same time, Ye Yuan pushed the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to the limits, refining the nameless energy that was absorbed into his body!

The process of martial artists’ cultivation was actually the process of splitting open the dantian.

When not using martial techniques, the circulation of the essence energy in the body would form a circulatory cycle, reaching a delicate equilibrium with the outside world’s heaven and earth quintessence.

But once martial techniques were used, the expenditure of essence energy within the martial artist’s body would increase drastically. The speed of converting the outside world’s quintessence to become the essence energy within the body simply could not catch up to the speed of consumption.

The more powerful the martial technique, the more enormous the expenditure on essence energy. Replenishing it would become slower.

Even though Ye Yuan’s control regarding essence energy was extremely great, for a martial technique like the Thousand Flowing Petals, the consumption was very large too.

Only Ye Yuan could utilize this martial technique for two days straight.

At this time, Ye Yuan’s absorption speed already could not keep up with the consumption speed. Only by refining these nameless energies into essence energy could he resolve the imminent danger.

Through two days of absorbing, inside Ye Yuan’s body already accumulated considerable nameless energy.

But in comparison to Ye Yuan’s current expenditure, the nameless energy converted to become essence energy was just as if trying to put out a cartload of burning logs with a cup of water.

But right now, Ye Yuan already did not have other alternatives. He could only make a last attempt to remedy a hopeless situation. Lasting a while longer was a while. At least it was better than being exhausted to death, right?

It was better than being kicked out by the Vast Heaven Pagoda, and then him explaining to others that he postured, wanting to kill finish all the demonic beasts in the first level. And that this resulted to his essence energy being depleted and him getting killed by demonic beasts

Under Ye Yuan’s frenzied refining, those nameless energies were finally converted to become essence energy bit by bit, flowing into the essence energy sea.

These essence energies entered the essence energy sea arbitrarily, fusing together with that trace of essence energy which Ye Yuan refined previously. Adding it up, it was merely as big as the rim of a bowl.

Seeing this sort of situation, Ye Yuan could not help smiling bitterly.

This tiny bit of essence energy wasn’t enough for him to sustain a while at all!

Ye Yuan also did not expect that he slaughtered demonic beasts for two days and two nights, and he actually just accumulated this tiny bit of nameless energy.

Wasn’t this thing too precious?

Before long, the Thousand Flowing Petals which Ye Yuan cast before this was finally depleted.

Those demonic beasts charged forward once again without fear of death. Ye Yuan was helpless and could only revolve his cultivation method, mustering up the essence energy in his essence energy sea which was converted from that tiny bit of nameless energy.

Yet, something which made Ye Yuan awkward happened once more. He revolved his cultivation method and actually only mustered a tiny drop of nameless essence energy!

“The f*ck? No way, right? This is too much of a scam! What can one drop of essence energy do?” Ye Yuan nearly broke down.

He killed demonic beasts so painstakingly until now just for the sake of collecting this nameless energy.

In the end, he could actually only mobilize a drop of essence energy. This was simply such irony.

If he were eliminated like this, Ye Yuan would really have to find a place to enter closed-seclusion for twenty years and be too embarrassed to exit seclusion.

But at the next instant, Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted.

After that drop of essence energy entered the meridians, it suddenly vanished.

Ye Yuan had yet to react when an even more horrifying Thousand Flowing Petals when compared to before appeared without any signs just like this.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The Thousand Flowing Petals erupted abruptly, practically sweeping away clean the surrounding demonic beasts instantaneously.

“This . . . What kind of situation is this?”

This time, Ye Yuan was struck utterly senseless.

Ever since entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda, too many things that exceeded his expectations happened, virtually more than what he could handle.

And everything that happened before his eyes clearly made him unable to understand too.

One drop of essence energy could actually erupt out such a terrifying attack?

Furthermore, him unleashing the Thousand Flowing Petals this time was practically completed instantly.

Could it be that this type of essence energy could instant-cast martial techniques?

Moreover, the Thousand Flowing Petals this time, regardless of whether was it power or range, it was all much more powerful than what he used previously.

Even though it was somewhat incomprehensible, without any doubt, Ye Yuan picked up a treasure!

One had to know that when martial artists used martial techniques, no matter how pure and simple, it was also impossible to achieve instant-cast.

Essence energy exit the essence energy sea and circulate within the meridians according to the martial technique’s method, working in concert with heaven and earth quintessence, and then releasing them out. In-between this, it had to go through a series of transformations.

And this sort of transformations naturally needed time to be executed.

The more powerful the martial technique, the more time required as well.

Very clearly, under the situation where the power of the martial technique was the same, the shorter the time taken to cast the skill, the more advantageous!

And this type of essence energy could not only achieve instant-cast martial techniques, but it also seemed to have the effects of promoting and strengthening the martial technique. It was seriously too perverse.

“Heh.Looks like expending such a long time wasn’t a waste at long last,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

As he said, he deployed that nameless essence energy again. Thousand Flowing Petals erupted abruptly once more, massacring a mass of demonic beasts!

. . . . . .

“Ye Yuan is indeed formidable. To actually be able to last until three days! Even though he can’t pass through the first level, it’s also sufficient to be proud.”

“Still have two hours, and it will be three whole days. Even if he’s still unscathed, he’ll still get kicked out automatically by the Vast Heaven Pagoda.”

“Looks like he also knows that he can’t clear it, so he found a place to rest and rehabilitate to quietly wait for three days’ time to be up.”

“Such a pity. A genius like this actually didn’t even clear the first level.”

In the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm, everyone was discussing excitedly.

Some really felt pity for Ye Yuan, while others were gloating over his misfortune.

But no matter what, they all did not think that Ye Yuan could pass through the first level.

Regardless of what reason Ye Yuan had to hold-up in the first level, three days’ time was also plenty for him to finish settling it.

Those martial artists who were in the second level now, there was a small portion who was at the Sea Transformation Realm too. Even they were able to clear the first level, but Ye Yuan was unable to clear it. That could only show that Ye Yuan’s strength was lacking.

Ren Xingchun’s old face was black as the bottom of a pot. He never would have thought that the Vast Heaven Pagoda journey this time, they came in a jolly mood but returned home disappointed. They were going to head back home so soon.

And the Ye Yuan he pinned high hopes on actually could not even clear the first level!

“About to hit three days right away. It’s already hopeless for Ye Yuan!”

“Yeah. Such a pity!En?You guys, look! Ye Yuan’s name disappeared! Three day’s time is up!”

“Ye Yuan is probably already transported out. Let’s go find him then.”

“Hang on, you guys look, Ye Yuan’s name appeared in the second level! He . . . He actually passed through at the last moment!”

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