Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Indeed Deliberate

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“It’s that Liu Hong again. He’s the first one to enter the third level!”

“This Liu Hong is so strong. To actually overpower the Three Sects’ head disciples twice and be the first one to charge into the next level!”

“Just what is this Liu Hong’s background? To actually be so powerful?”

“Allegedly, he came from a small sect. But the sect he was from was destroyed later on. He should have obtained some fortuitous encounter afterward. That’s how he can have his current strength.”

Fame can be a double-edged sword. The originally unrecorded and nameless Liu Hong shot to fame in just one move this time. His history was naturally dug out very quickly too.

The Three Sects choosing these itinerant martial artists naturally would not select them casually. They would definitely impose stringent screening on these martial artists, including their past.

No matter what, overpowering the Three Sects’ head disciples twice in a row was plenty for him to become the subject of everyone’s talk.

One time could be said to be a coincidence. If it was twice, then it probably was not what a coincidence or luck could explain.

In comparison, Ye Yuan who was the hottest topic in the beginning was no longer popular at this time.

Nobody would pay attention to a failure. Ye Yuan entering the second level with a buzzer beater was already not viewed optimistically by many people.

This Vast Heaven Pagoda had always been about fighting for number one. It had yet to be heard of who wanted to fight for the last place.

Originally, everyone was all anticipating Ye Yuan creating a miracle. But now, they focused their gazes on Liu Hong.

Actually, the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s first three levels did not have much worth to see.

There was not the slightest bit of suspense about prodigious talents like Qin Yan, Guo Taoqun, and Yin Yanhua passing through the first three levels.

If one had to say what was worth watching, it was only who would be the first one to charge into the next level.

Originally, everyone was the most optimistic about Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan actually stayed in the first level alone for three whole days!

Later on, everyone focused their eyes on the Three Sects’ head disciples and did not expect a huge dark horse to actually charge out, overpowering the Three Sects’ disciples.

The Vast Heaven Pagoda’s trial this time could be said to among the most exciting and exhilarating times. It was opened for others outside the Three Sects.

To the Three Sects, they obviously did not wish for their own disciples to lose in their own territory.

But to the itinerant cultivators and the other sects, they did not say it verbally. They earnestly wished for somebody to step forward and wreck the Three Sects.

This mentality of sour grapes, many people had it.

Hence, when everyone saw that Liu Hong was the first one to charge into the third level, each and every one of them was like being injected with stimulants, praising him to the skies.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan was currently following a routine: killing monsters and training, continuously absorbing and converting the nameless essence energy.

After a day, a horrifying essence energy storm howled within the beast horde.

The essence energy storm was extremely turbulent, strangling the nearby demonic beasts to death in succession.

After a day of slaughter, the nameless essence energy in Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea already accumulated to the size of two bowls.

The nameless energy contained within the Aurora Electric Lions’ bodies were clearly much more than the first level’s demonic beasts. Ye Yuan only used a day’s time and accumulated to around the first level’s nameless essence energy.

After a period of time, Ye Yuan broke through to the Fourth Level Sea Transformation smoothly. His essence energy sea surged once again, reaching a circumference of 150 feet!

“This nameless essence energy is indeed incredible! With my current essence energy potency, winning, even killing Second Level Soul Seas, shouldn’t be any problem! But there is an extremely wide gap between each Soul Sea Realm’s small boundary. Although I broke through to the Fourth Level Sea Transformation now and I might have the power to contend with Third Level Soul Seas, to match up against Fourth Level Soul Seas, it’s absolutely impossible to win.” Ye Yuan estimated his current strength.

All along, Ye Yuan could basically cross a major realm to fight the enemy.

Even when facing the disparity between the Lower Three Realms and Middle Three Realms, he could completely ignore it too.

But with the increase in realm, his limitations of crossing boundaries to battle clearly became increasingly more too.

The huge disparity between Soul Sea Realm and Sea Transformation Realm was seriously too great. Ye Yuan wanting to match up against Fourth Level Soul Seas with Fourth Level Sea Transformation basically did not have too much hope.

“This nameless essence energy is extremely powerful. If it can erupt instantaneously, it might be able to severely wound those at the Fourth Level Soul Sea Realm. But the nameless essence energy, using a bit, will make them a bit lesser. Unless it’s a last resort, best to not use it,” Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

Although the nameless essence energy was powerful, the biggest issue was that it could not be produced again.

Regardless of how Ye Yuan absorbed the outside world’s essence energy, it had no way of converting into the nameless essence energy.

The nameless essence energy could only be a trump card. Unless there were no other alternatives, it could not be used.

Previously, Ye Yuan used over a dozen drops in the first level. That already gave him unbelievable heartache.

“With my present strength, I should be able to sweep away these Aurora Electric Lions! Other people entered the third level two days before me. In addition to yesterday’s one day, three days have passed. They should all have already entered the third level. It’s time to go to the entrance area to the third level. This second level’s time limit is the same: three days. I still have two day’s time.”

Ye Yuan’s figure moved. Thousand Flowing Petals was executed along, and he rushed over towards the entrance area to the third level.

After breaking through to the Fourth Level Sea Transformation, Ye Yuan’s spirit, qi, and vitality all reached the peak state. His essence energy sea was three times bigger when compared to at the Second Level Sea Transformation!

In his current state, even if he did not utilize essence energy, it was also sufficient to kill off all the Aurora Electric Lions!

. . . . . .

Two days later, Ye Yuan became the topic of discussion once more. Because he stayed a full three days in the second level one more time.

The other people already charged into the second level on the first day and used two days to charge into the third level. Which was also to say that Ye Yuan was now three whole days slower than them now!

“What is it with this Ye Yuan? Stayed a full three days in the second level again. He wouldn’t be treating clearing the checkpoints like a vacation, right?”

“Wonder if he can charge to the third level at the last moment this time or not.”

“This . . . It’s really hard to say. If he can still rush in at the last moment this time, then it should be deliberate. It’s just, I don’t know why he needs to stay a full three days.”

“Who knows. The time is about to arrive!En?Name disappeared. Quickly see if he entered the third level or not!”

“There! Indeed there! What is he trying to do? Why must he insist on staying a full three day’s time on each level?”

This time, nobody doubted if Ye Yuan had the strength to pass through anymore.

The first time could be said to be a fluke. But entering at the same time the second time, it was clearly intentional.

Except that nobody could figure out what Ye Yuan was trying to do.

“This stinking brat. What the hell is he doing? Teasing with this sort of thrill each time! What if it just missed by a bit? Wouldn’t it waste all the previous efforts?” Ren Xingchun panted heavily once again and could not refrain from grumbling.

They could not be blamed for this either. After all, there had never been anybody who would do this sort of foolish thing, killing off all the demonic beasts at each level.

Even now, nobody thought that Ye Yuan was actually doing such a thing as well.

They felt that Ye Yuan definitely found a place to hide and made use of the eleventh hour to spurt towards the next level.

“Huhu,City Lord Ren, calm down. Ye Yuan isn’t a frivolous person. Him doing this surely has his reasons. In this Vast Heaven Pagoda, it’s also not whoever clears the round fastest can walk to the end,” Qi Hai reminded Ren Xingchun, suddenly appearing beside him.

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