Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 557

Chapter 557 He's Different From You Guys

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“Oh?Old Hai, is it possible that you know what Ye Yuan is doing inside?” Seeing Qi Hai’s attitude, Ren Xingchun was slightly surprised.

Qi Hai smiled slightly and said, “Ye Yuan’s level is different from the others. The things that he sees are naturally different too. There are countless demonic beasts in the first level and second level. Furthermore, these demonic beasts are not corporeal bodies, an excellent venue for training and tempering. If my conjectures are correct, he should be borrowing these demonic beasts to temper himself. That’s why he would hang on to enter the next level each time.”

Ren Xingchun’s eyes went wide. Even though he was very confident in Ye Yuan, wasn’t this too exaggerated?

Even Soul Sea Realm martial artists did not dare to stay in a level for too long. Ye Yuan dared to stay alone until the time was almost up?

Furthermore, without other people pinning them down, how did he charge past alone?

“Old Hai, even though Ye Yuan’s strength is pretty good, he’s at the Sea Transformation Realm after all. Training inside like this, I’m afraid that his essence energy can’t sustain!” Ren Xingchun said tactfully.

These words sounded like concern on the surface, but actually, it was reproaching that Ye Yuan was messing around too much.

So many demonic beasts inside, if his essence energy were exhausted and he got eliminated, just how unjust of a matter would that have to be!

If he was really eliminated, forget about him, this City Lord; even Ye Yuan himself would not be able to preserve his face either!

“Huhu,you this old man are losing yourself in concern. Furthermore, this grandson of yours, you yourself probably still don’t have much understanding. Ye Yuan appears very impetuous when doing this, even somewhat disregarding consequence. But after the matter, you’ll discover that he already calculated every single thing. Him stopping the Purple Mansion Sect, detaining Qin Hongtao’s grandson, eradicating the Heavenly Evil Sect, which incident wasn’t carried out after scheming? Relax, this boy will be fine!” Qin Hongtao said very affirmatively.

Ren Xingchun thought about it. It seemed to be truly as Qi Hai said.

His understanding of this grandson of his was really pitiably little. Of course, this was also related to Ye Yuan deliberately keeping him at a distance.

This boy’s temper was even worse than his. The two people frequently could not even see eye to eye. If he did not yield in the end, this boy could even poke a hole in the sky!

Qi Hai was very confident in his judgment. But he could not dare dream that Ye Yuan’s final goal was actually to kill off all the demonic beasts in a level either!

If he knew what Ye Yuan was doing inside, it was uncertain if he could still be so composed.

. . . . . .

After entering the third level, Ye Yuan suddenly noticed that it was much more spacious.

Within the first level and the second level, it was densely populated with demonic beasts. Especially the first level, that sort of density simply gave people a feeling of their scalp tingling. Just those numbers made people feel despair.

But after Ye Yuan entered the third level, he suddenly discovered that the demonic beasts did not seem to be as many as before.

He had already entered this level for some time and actually did not even see a single demonic beast!

It could not be to the extent where these demonic beasts were all killed by other people, right?

Ye Yuan was three days behind the rest. So, at this time, the third level should have already been void of other people long ago.

The other martial artists should have already cleared the third round or were already kicked out.

Which was also to say that currently in the third level, there was only Ye Yuan alone!

The one and only person!

“Strange. Even if this third level’s demonic beasts would have some reduction, it can’t be diminished to such an extent either, right? Just what on earth happened?” Ye Yuan said depressedly.

Since he could not meet demonic beasts, Ye Yuan simply just flew towards the entrance to the fourth level.

Ye Yuan was also rather looking forward to it now. Because after clearing the third level, there would be an interim reward.

If it was before coming in, Ye Yuan absolutely would not be looking forward to it like so. Because cultivation methods and martial techniques and whatnot, he really was not lacking any of them.

Just the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was enough for him to cultivate to the Divine King Realm. Why would there be a need to take such a superfluous action to learn other cultivation methods?

Even if he knew that Lu Linfeng soared from here, Lu Linfeng’s level was merely just slightly stronger than him.

To really talk about interest, Ye Yuan was just interested in the things after the sixth level.

But now, Ye Yuan’s thinking completely changed.

This Vast Heaven Pagoda was too mystical, to actually have this sort of thing like the nameless energy. Then what would the rewards for the first three levels be?

Because the path was free and unobstructed, Ye Yuan’s speed was exceptionally fast. He only used two hour’s time and was about to reach the fourth level’s entrance already.

However, everything before his eyes left Ye Yuan staring wide-eyed and his mouth agape.

“F*ck me. Are you shitting me?” Ye Yuan looked at the scene before his eyes and could not help rolling his eyes.

. . . . . .

At the same time, in a nameless space, a group of martial artists was currently discussing fervently.

“Finally passed the third level and can obtain the first stage’s reward!”

“Yeah. Although the demonic beasts’ rank only increased a small boundary with each round cleared, it feels more than several times more powerful! This fourth level, I can’t clear it no matter what!”

“Those Blue Sand Beasts were really hard to tangle with! I almost succumbed in the third level! If I couldn’t even pass the third level, this trip would be considered wasted.”

“Yeah. The Blue Sand Beasts are extremely formidable existences among Tier 3 demonic beasts too. Although the few of us are Soul Sea Realms, being surrounded by so many Blue Sand Beasts was really enough for us to die.”

Very clearly, the third level gave considerable pressure to these Soul Sea Realms.

One should not look at how each level’s demonic beasts only raised by a small boundary. The increase in the degree of difficulty was not simple.

Facing never-ending attacks, no matter how powerful the martial artist, they would be exhausted to death too.

Ye Yuan’s control over essence energy was so subtle and he nearly screwed himself to death, let alone other people.

Furthermore, these demonic beasts were not ordinary demonic beasts. Their strength in the same rank was very formidable too. If one did not have the corresponding strength, they would simply be unable to breach through the encirclement.

Entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time, a total of 300 people entered. Yet, only less than 20 people were still inside this nameless space right now.

These people were all the same; they were all all Soul Sea Realm experts. Sea Transformation Realm martial artists were already wrecked by those demonic beasts until not even dregs were left.

The only Sea Transformation Realm martial artist surviving was just Ye Yuan alone.

Right at this time, an archaic voice suddenly sounded out, “Welcome to the inheritance space. Congratulations to everyone for successfully clearing the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s first three levels. I’ll give you each your corresponding rewards according to your performances in the first three levels.”

Guo Taoqun was the second to enter the nameless space. After entering the nameless space, he had been staring at the entrance all this while, wanting to see Ye Yuan’s silhouette.

But sadly, he did not even see a freaking shadow all the way until this voice sounded out!

Could it be that Ye Yuan really failed?

But how was this possible?

Guo Taoqun and Qin Yan exchanged glances, both looking absent-minded.

Just what in the world happened to Ye Yuan, to actually fail?

“May we ask Senior, there should still be one of us who hasn’t arrived yet, right?” at this time, Yin Yanhua suddenly spoke.

Everybody fell silent. They all knew who Yin Yanhua was talking about.

“He’s different from you guys,” said the voice, after musing for a moment.

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