Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Gold Colored Name

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During these three days, Ye Yuan’s nerves have been in an extremely tense state the entire time.

He was maintaining non-stop operation of two kinds of true intents under Heart Like Still Water heart realm, and he was also revolving the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to the limit!

This burden was not an ordinary kind of difficulty; it was more than just being difficult!

If he did not have the support of Heart Like Still Water heart realm, he would have given up long ago.

Seeing as the three days limit was about to reach, the Armored Diamond Bulls in front of Ye Yuan were finally only left with the last batch.

“Bye bye, big raging bulls!”

At this instant, Ye Yuan pushed the Myriad Rain Sword Blades to the limits, directly expending the greater half of his essence energy!


After a series of slaughtering, the entire third level finally quieten down!

“Huff. . . These large raging bulls were really hard to tangle with. But my harvest this time was also not an ordinary kind of big!”

Apart from those nameless energies, Ye Yuan operated so many skills at such high-intensity; the benefits gained were naturally not few either.

Ignoring the two true intents, his comprehension became even deeper.

What made Ye Yuan wildly ecstatic was still heart realm!

He felt that his Heart Like Still Water Realm was already approaching the bottleneck. Advancing a step further and it would be the Heart Like Monolith Realm!

“Heart realm breakthroughs are extremely, extremely difficult. If without suitable opportunities, not breaking through for life is also a possibility. This bottleneck isn’t that easy to cross!” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

One would become insatiably greedy upon tasting the benefits. Heart Like Still Water Realm had brought too many benefits and assistance to Ye Yuan.

Hence, when he saw hopes to reach the Heart Like Monolith Realm now, he naturally very much hoped to be able to break through.

However, even though Heart Like Still Water Realm to Heart Like Monolith looked to be a step away, many Divine Kings were not able to cross it!

This step was way too difficult!

“Forget it, let nature takes its course. This kind of thing can’t be imposed on. When the opportunity arrives, one will naturally break through. To be able to cultivate Heart Like Still Water Realm to this stage, it’s already very lucky.”

Following the breakthrough in heart realm, Ye Yuan became more open-minded about such things too.

Resting slightly for a short while, Ye Yuan headed for the entrance leading to the inheritance space.

. . . . . .

“Quickly look! Ye Yuan entered the inheritance space too!”

Following the disappearance of Ye Yuan’s name, somebody shouted.

They were originally already not optimistic about Ye Yuan and did not think that Ye Yuan actually would reached this step by persisting alone!

Unrivaled geniuses were unrivaled geniuses. Regardless of where, one should not look down on him! Otherwise, one’s face would get slapped!

Those people initially planning to watch the joke were secretly gloomy in their hearts too.

Even though Ye Yuan’s clearing speed was slow, he would always succeed in passing through at the last moment. This was clearly done intentionally by him.

“Want to enter, then enter. The other people already came out from the inheritance space long ago and entered the fourth level! With Ye Yuan’s strength, clearing the first three rounds isn’t something impressive, right?” Some people said scornfully.

Ever since they knew that Ye Yuan did it deliberately, those people originally skeptical no longer doubted Ye Yuan’s strength.

What they were curious about was why Ye Yuan wanted to do this.

When Ren Xingchun saw this scene, the smile on his face could not be held back anymore. The corners of his mouth curled by a small arc.

The City Lord Manor’s people were already eliminated finish. Now, there was only Ye Yuan alone.

But Ye Yuan was the City Lord Manor’s biggest chip!

Ever since hearing Qi Hai’s words, Ren Xingchun already firmly believed that Ye Yuan was the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance’s biggest dark horse this time!

No, how could Ye Yuan be a dark horse?

He was originally that strongest one!

You people praise that whatever Liu Hong to the skies. Give it another few days and watch Ye Yuan slap your faces one by one for you to see. Let you all see what was called a true genius!

Ren Xingchun was just beaming proudly to himself when all of a sudden, somebody exclaimed, “Quickly look! Ye Yuan’s name became golden color! What’s going on here?”

This cry immediately startled everyone!

Name becoming golden. This was something that had never happened before.

What in the world did Ye Yuan do, for his name to actually become golden?

The crowd looked towards Ye Yuan’s name. Indeed, they discovered that Ye Yuan’s name became gilded gold color; it was remarkably dazzling!

Even if he was still in the inheritance space right now and was in the last place, that light could not be concealed either!

This unexpected change made everyone extremely shocked. Especially the Three Sects’ old ancestors. Their faces all showed immense shock.

From the Three Sects being established until today, they had sent many genius disciples over to this Vast Heaven Pagoda. But such a situation had never occurred before.

Ning Yixian, Qin Hongtao, and Jing Xuan, the three of them exchanged glances. Evidently, they did not know what was happening as well.

Finally, the three people focused their gaze on Qi Hai.

Qi Hai’s seniority was even older than them. Furthermore, Qi Hai’s understanding of the Endless World was absolutely above the three of them. If even Qi Hai did not know what happened, then nobody knew.

Qi Hai’s expression turned into a never-before solemness as he muttered, “This . . . This . . . can’t be, right? This . . . How is this possible?”

“Old Hai, what in the world happened? What’s going on with Ye Yuan’s name?” Qin Hongtao asked anxiously.

Everyone stared at Qi Hai, wanting to hear what kind of answer he would give.

This sort of bizarre event, only Old Hai, this kind of accomplished master level expert, knew what was happening.

Qi Hai did not answer them, but he fell silent for a long time, seemingly digesting this matter.

Only after some time, did Qi Hai draw a deep breath and said slowly, “I didn’t expect, didn’t expect! Didn’t expect that the legend was actually true!”

The people at the sides were already beyond anxious. Could your elderly self not pause when talking? Would saying things till the end in one breath kill you?

Qi Hai looked at everyone and said rather disbelieving still, “Legend has it that this Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance’s rewards are given out according to the challenger’s completion rate. The higher the completion rate, the greater the rewards obtained too!”

“Ah?There’s actually still such a saying? This Vast Heaven Pagoda’s round clearings wasn’t competing in who is the first to rush into the next level? All along, we’ve been competing like this!” said a Three Sects’ grand elder in surprise.

Actually, it was not just him; everybody present here all thought that way.

Hence, seeing that Ye Yuan was always the last one to successfully clear the round each time, they had long been pessimistic about Ye Yuan.

The reason why these people chased Liu Hong like so was precisely because he was the first one to rush into the next level each time.

In normal understanding, Liu Hong was the number one person in this batch of people. Even the Three Sects’ head disciples could not compare either!

But hearing Qi Hai said so now, they discovered that it seemed to completely not be the case!

Even Qi Hai said that it was a legend. Who knew if it was real or fake?

Qi Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Actually, I thought that way all along as well. But I somehow feel that the clearing method we thought of is a very grave error now!”

“Old Hai, can you clear it up? This was all passed down by our forefathers. How can it be wrong? Since this is wrong, then what kind of clearing method is correct?” Ning Yixian said perplexedly too.

Qi Hai’s expression froze, and he said solemnly, “The correct clearing method isn’t competing in speed but competing in . . . the number of demonic beasts killed!”

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