Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Perfect Completion

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“What?! Old Hai, you aren’t making a joke, right?”

“Yeah! Old Hai, is there a mistake? The numbers of the demonic beasts in this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s first three levels are extremely terrifying. How can a bunch of Sea Transformation Realm and Soul Sea Realm juniors compete in killing Demonic beasts inside?”

“Medicinal pills can’t be used to replenish essence energy inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Even the Three Sects’ head disciples will die from essence energy exhaustion from constantly killing inside the first level.”

Qi Hai’s statement was seriously too subverting; it was completely exceeding everyone’s understanding.

Forget about the third level, just in the first level, it was also impossible for these sect disciples to stay inside for a long time.

If they had that capability, the Three Sects’ disciples would have long slaughtered the first level clean. How could they possibly wait until today?

“Heh heh,this old man just stated his view. Why is there a need for you all to approve? As for to believe it or not, it’s naturally up to you all,” Qi Hai said with a cold snicker.

Actually, he himself spent a very long time to digest this news as well. He obviously did not hope to convince these people with a few sentences.

The reason why legends were legends was that it was practically impossible to accomplish.

Hence, once a legend became a reality, it was basically very hard to make ordinary people believe.

Because within the scope of their understanding, it was simply impossible for something like this to happen.

“Old Hai, calm your anger. Old Hai’s meaning is that . . . actually, we got it wrong all along?” Ning Yixian saw Qi Hai flare up and hurriedly voiced out to advise.

Qi Hai nodded and said, “In truth, these things, I came to know of it but naturally I don’t believe it either. With our age, it’s obviously impossible to enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda again to ascertain things for sure. But without a doubt, the average Sea Transformation Realm and Soul Sea Realm absolutely don’t dare to make extra stopovers in the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Once they fall into a tight encirclement, it would basically be the outcome of getting kicked out. The Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance’s chance is extremely hard to come by. Nobody dares to make this sort of bet. And martial artists who were able to be the first one to charge into the next level were all the strongest one among them under normal circumstances. The number of demonic beasts killed was naturally the most as well. Hence, the reward they obtained was naturally the most generous. In the course of time, we fell into a misconception and think that the martial artist who enters the next level earlier would obtain more rewards.”

Even though the others did not believe, they were also listening to Qi Hai’s explanation very attentively.

Qi Hai’s analysis was very on point. It essentially restored the truth of history to its original state and had immense convincing power too.

While these people present still did not dare believe it, subconsciously, they still felt that Qi Hai’s analysis was not wrong.

Ning Yixian’s eyes showed deep pondering, and he said, “So, it’s actually like this! But what does this have to do with Ye Yuan’s name turning golden?”

Qi Hai drew a deep breath and said, “I heard the previous generation Realmlord said before, legend has it that in this Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance, there is a kind of completion rate called . . . Perfect Completion!”

Ning Yixian’s pupils constricted slightly as he drew a cold breath and said, “Old Hai’s meaning is that . . .”

The others had yet to react, but Ning Yixian’s brain spun the fastest. He virtually knew at the first moment what the Perfect Completion Qi Hai was talking about was.

Previously, Qi Hai kept saying that the clearing rewards was related to the completion rate. The so-called completion rate was the number of demonic beasts killed. Then, what Perfect Completion meant did not need to be verbalized any further to understand it!

Qi Hai nodded his head and said, “That’s right! If the legends are true, Ye Yuan he must have killed all the demonic beasts in the first three levels and obtained the Perfect Completion’s reward. Hence, that’s why his name would turn into gold-color!”

“What? Ye Yuan killed off all of the demonic beasts?”

“This . . . Is this what a Sea Transformation Realm can accomplish? The demonic beasts in each level are absolutely not beneath millions in number. Ye Yuan, a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist, how can his essence energy possibly sustain until killing off all the demonic beasts?”

“Yeah! Moreover, all of this have to be achieved within three days! Which is also to say that Ye Yuan must expend essence energy constantly every second! Under the circumstances where he had no medicinal pills to replenish, this is simply something impossible!”

Qi Hai’s words made everyone all burst into a discussion.

Not that they did not believe Qi Hai’s words, but that his words were too outrageous.

If Ye Yuan had Soul Sea Realm strength now, they would not feel that the so-called Perfect Completion was that impossible either.

But Ye Yuan was only at the Sea Transformation Realm currently!

Especially the third level. Those demonic beasts were only a major boundary lower than Ye Yuan. Numbers in the millions was an exceedingly terrifying force. How could Ye Yuan possibly kill finish alone?

If they knew that what Ye Yuan killed was the extremely hard to tangle with, the Armored Diamond Bulls, it was uncertain what thoughts they would have.

. . . . . .

In the inheritance space, a light flashed. Ye Yuan was transported inside.

“Young man, congratulations to you! You’ve become the first martial artist to achieve Perfect Completion in this ten thousand years and will obtain tremendously generous clearing rewards!” The mysterious person’s voice sounded out right away.

At this time, the others had already entered the fourth level. In this inheritance space was just Ye Yuan alone.

“Perfect Completion?” Ye Yuan could not help being stupefied when he heard that.

“That’s right! You annihilated all of the demonic beasts in the first three levels. In the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance, it’s called Perfect Completion!” explained the mysterious person.

Ye Yuan was enlightened. He only killed finish all the demonic beasts because he wanted to collect the nameless energy. To think that a Perfect Completion actually came from stumbling about blindly.

However . . . he was the first one in this ten thousand years?

Speaking of this, the difficulty of this Perfect Completion was really not an ordinary kind of big!

Especially the third level. Those Armored Diamond Bulls were simply powerful until it could be said to be perverse. Even when the Spirit Bristle Divine King was young, he might not be able to clear it either!

“So that’s how it is! May I ask Senior, what the reward of Perfect Completion is?Uh. . . cultivation methods and the likes of medicinal pills, forget it,” Ye Yuan said.

The mysterious person was clearly stunned by Ye Yuan’s such insolent and wildly arrogant attitude. The other people clearing three rounds consecutively, which one of them did not overflow with gratitude when seeing these rewards?

Yet, just this punk was actually still so picky!

“Young man, what high-sounding sentiments! Do you know what kind of heaven-defying items the cultivation methods and medicinal pills in this Vast Heaven Pagoda are?” The mysterious person’s words carried a hint of anger.

In fact, the mysterious person truly did not plan on giving Ye Yuan cultivation methods and medicinal pills. But Ye Yuan’s attitude made him very displeased.

However, Ye Yuan paid no attention to his displeasure. He said, “I know. But I’m really not lacking in cultivation methods and medicinal pills. Therefore . . . can it be exchanged for other things? If there seriously isn’t, changing medicinal pills to some precious medicinal herbs works too.”

“Is that so? If I insist on giving you cultivation methods and medicinal pills?” said the mysterious person, somewhat irately.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “If it’s like this, Senior better keep it for yourself. These two really don’t have much effect on me.”

Ye Yuan could also guess with his eyes closed that even if he achieved Perfect Completion in the first three levels, the cultivation methods and medicinal pills obtained also could not possibly be very heaven-defying items.

At least, it was not possible to be more powerful than his Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, and it was also impossible to surpass his alchemy skills.

Since that was the case, why did he need to waste time?

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