Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 567

Chapter 567 Really Different

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Liu Hong was transported out just like this. But he did not feel dejected at all.

During the Vast Heaven Pagoda trip this time, he felt that he perfectly accomplished the objectives he targeted and would definitely make the Three sects gave him a sidelong glance.

He would surely receive the Three Sects’ attention this time and become an immensely popular figure!

Yet, when he arrived at the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s main entrance, he discovered that there was not a single person paying attention to him.

Everyone was staring at the light screen, as if they could make out what was happening inside from those scanty few remaining names on it.

Weird. I already came out. What are they still looking at? No matter how impressive those Three Sects’ head disciples are, they can’t possibly last longer than me in the fifth level either!Liu Hong thought perplexedly to himself.

Liu Hong was very curious. Him being transported out, everyone should already be aware of it. But why was there not a single person paying attention to him?

According to what he had in mind previously, he should already be encircled by the various major sects now, and he would be warmly invited to join the Endless Alliance by Ning Yixian they all.

But everything happening before his eyes was too different from what he predicted previously.

Not a single person seemed to pay attention to his appearance. Everyone’s attention was still on the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance.

As for what the mysterious person said before, Ye Yuan being different from them these words, Liu Hong had flung it to the back of his mind long ago.

He did not feel that there was anybody who could obtain even more dazzling results than him in the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance this time!

His, Liu Hong’s, opponents, were only the Three Sects’ head disciples!

But what kind of situation was this right now?

Unable to hold back the puzzlement in his heart, Liu Hong grabbed an itinerant cultivator disciple who was kicked out by the Vast Heaven Pagoda long ago.

“This Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance is also about to end soon, right? What are they still looking at?” Liu Hong inquired.

That person turned back to take a look. Seeing that it was Liu Hong, he was a little agitated.

The Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance this time, Liu Hong had indeed achieved very dazzling results. And his itinerant cultivator identity also made him be idolized by many itinerant cultivators.

“Turns out it’s Senior Apprentice Brother Liu. You’re already out! Senior Apprentice Brother Liu shocked everyone with one move! Truly the role model of my generation’s itinerant cultivators!”

Being buttered up by this person, Liu Hong instantly found a sense of existence. Holding back the wild elation in his heart, he feigned indifference and said, “Not at all, not at all. We all came from itinerant cultivators background and should naturally advance and withdraw together.”

That person had a pleasantly surprised look when he heard. Even though he was selected to enter this Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance too, compared to Liu Hong, it was undoubtedly one in the heaven, the other on the ground. To be able to establish such a relationship, it was very useful to him in the future as well.

After all, everybody was about to all join the Endless Alliance. With Liu Hong’s strength, he was bound to be able to receive an important post.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Liu is indeed modest, with the demeanor of a major sect’s disciple! After the Vast Heaven Pagoda Inheritance this time, Senior Apprentice Brother Liu is most likely the younger generation’s number two person already. Truly remarkable!” That itinerant cultivator sighed with admiration.

These words of his were originally flattery, but to Liu Hong, it sounded very grating on the ears.

He was clearly the number one person, alright? Why was he the number two person?

Could it be that among those three people, there was still somebody who could break through the fifth level?

“Oh,right, why is everybody still staring at the Vast Heaven Pagoda? If barring no accidents, the inheritance this time should be ending latest by tomorrow, right? Everybody should be preparing to leave,” said Liu Hong, pressed down the unhappiness within.

“Uh,ending? It’s still early, right? You look at that light screen. On it has a scalding gold name! That person is incredible! Those old ancestors all don’t dare to blink their eyes right now, fearful of missing this historical moment!” The person clicked his tongue in admiration.

Liu Hong followed the direction he pointed at and looked over. Indeed, he saw that there was a gilded name in the fifth level. It was precisely Ye Yuan.

This astonishment was not small. Apart from himself and the Three Sects’ head disciples, there was actually still somebody who made it into the fifth level?

How was this possible?

He was trapped inside the Illusionary Spirits Killing Array previously and did not notice that Ye Yuan had already entered the fifth level at all.

“What special meaning does this gilded name have?” Liu Hong frowned and asked.

“It naturally has special meaning! That gilded name represents perfectly completing the first three levels!Oh,Perfect Completion means killing all of the demonic beasts in the first three levels!”

That person was scared that Liu Hong did not know what Perfect Completion meant and even specially explained it to him.

“What? Killing all of them? How is that possible?” Liu Hong almost leaped up.

This shout of his immediately attracted many gazes to look at him.

Yet, not a single one of those old ancestors turn around; their gazes still staring fixedly at the light screen.

The itinerant cultivator saw Liu Hong’s eyeballs pop out and could not help saying with a smile, “Actually, when I heard those old ancestors say this, my reaction was the same as Senior Apprentice Brother Liu’s. But looking at it now, that Ye Yuan should have really done it. Because the time he stayed in the inheritance space was three times compared to you guys!”

Liu Hong drew a cold breath. This news was seriously too staggering to him.

All of a sudden, he recalled the words said by that mysterious person inside the inheritance space, and could not help quivering.

“He’s different from you guys!”

Turns out that he was really different!

Liu Hong did not know where this Ye Yuan popped out from, to actually crush him until he had not a single patch of skin unscathed!

His gaze was also glued tightly on that gilded name on the light screen and was speechless for a long time.

. . . . . .

“Hey, do you guys think that Ye Yuan can pass through this round or not?” Guo Taoqun asked the other two.

Yin Yanhua said icily, “I’ve never doubted Ye Yuan being able to clear the fifth round before!”

Qin Yan said, “Ye Yuan has clearly experienced some things that we don’t know about down below. Otherwise, how can his realm possibly rise so quickly? When he was at the First Level Sea Transformation, he already killed a Soul Sea Realm expert. Now that he broke through to the peak Fourth Level Sea Transformation, his strength is truly hard to gauge already.”

“En?That’s odd! Doesn’t these spirit bodies match according to the level of the martial artist that enters?” Guo Taoqun suddenly said.

The two people’s expression changed when they heard that and also discovered what was amiss.

Previously when these illusionary spirits killed Liu Hong, they were First Level Soul Sea boundary.

Now that Ye Yuan entered the array formation, they actually did not suppress their boundary, but maintained First Level Soul Sea Realm!

“Hiss. . . Could it be that these illusionary bodies want to battle with Ye Yuan with Soul Sea Realm strength? This . . . Isn’t this too much of a bully?” Qin Yan said in astoundment.

Yin Yanhua’s eyebrows knitted slightly and said, “Looks like . . . these spirit bodies’ judgment of Ye Yuan’s strength has already placed him in the same class as Soul Sea Realm!”

The three people drew a cold breath at the same time . . .

In this fifth level, these illusionary spirits’ concepts and martial techniques were much stronger compared to at the fourth level!

Under such circumstances, they were actually still going to use Soul Sea Realm strength to deal with Ye Yuan. This was simply . . . too much of a bully.

It was also to say that the difficulty of Ye Yuan passing this round was several times of theirs!

Could Ye Yuan really make it through this round?

“Young man, at the fourth level, our strength was only 30% of the same boundary. But now . . . we possess 70% of our original body’s strength! You have to be careful!” Kuai Liang said.

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