Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 573

Chapter 573 Slaughtering Cities

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The black-clothed person’s expression involuntarily choked up as he said indignantly, “Fine! I see that you’re a talent, that’s why I’m giving you a piece of advice. Since you’re courting death yourself, then I’m not to be blamed for it! Although your talent is decent, your disposition is terrible! Even if you don’t die today, you’ll die sooner or later in the future due to your wild arrogance!”

However, Ye Yuan was neither anxious nor worried as he said with a smile, “Many thanks for Senior’s concern. But Ye Yuan’s matters, I have a score in my heart. True dragon’s blood is so powerful. If I can’t bring out its full might, wouldn’t it be a wanton waste of God’s good gifts? Don’t you agree, Senior?”

“Humph!All the best to you!” said the black-clothed person with a cold snort and vanished with that.

Ye Yuan looked at the true dragon’s blood in his hand and could not help being out of sorts.

He also did not expect that the Vast Heaven Pagoda trip this time, the gains would actually be so bountiful!

Regardless whether was it the nameless essence energy, or the Vast Heaven Stele, or the Nine Characters True Word Formula, they were all top-notch treasures. Even when placed in the Divine Realm, it was very hard to come by as well.

And the sixth level’s Perfect Completion would actually reward him with a drop of true dragon’s blood. This was truly an unexpected surprise.

To say such words, it was not exaggerated at all; martial artists who got their hands on true dragon’s blood and used it could be said to cast off their old self and be reborn anew!

Even if it were a pig, his cultivation speed would also be swift to the extent where it made ordinary people despair.

Cultivating essence energy had always been painstaking work. Even though Ye Yuan could pop pills, along with his boundary getting increasingly higher, the requirements towards medicinal herbs also became progressively greater.

He did not have a Medicine King Hall behind him to support his cultivation now. Even if he could bear the costs of medicinal herbs, he could not find so many high tier medicinal herbs either.

Furthermore, frankly speaking, this body’s talent honestly was not much. It had tremendously huge constraints on Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed as well.

Ye Yuan’s boundary rising until now was basically all relying on medicinal pills and lucky encounters. Strictly following the routine cultivation time was really not much.

With this true dragon’s blood, he would not need to worry about cultivation speed this problem anymore in the future.

Right away, Ye Yuan sat down with his legs crossed without any hesitation and entered Heart Like Still Water heart realm to adjust his body’s condition to the prime.

True dragon’s blood was powerful, but just as the black-clothed person said, a moment of carelessness and it would stuff the martial artist until they exploded.

Even though Ye Yuan had confidence in subjugating this true dragon’s blood, he did not dare to slack off in the slightest either.

This was a tempo of playing with one’s life!

Ye Yuan carefully opened up the small bottle. A peerlessly tyrannical aura gushed out, seemingly wanted to rip this entire stretch of space to shreds.

Instantly, Ye Yuan seemed to have seen a true dragon rush out of the small bottle, circling around in the air.

“Indeed well-deserving of being a true dragon’s blood. Even if it’s just one drop of blood essence, it has such power too!” Ye Yuan praised with a sigh.

Without hesitation, Ye Yuan directly swallowed the blood essence into his abdomen. Immediately, he felt like his internal body was like being immolated.

Only at this instant, did Ye Yuan know what was genuinely called viscera burning up!


Ye Yuan could not hold back a long cry, reverberating around the entire inheritance space.

Inside the void, the black-clothed person watched this scene indifferently as he said coldly, “A brat who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! Originally thought that you were somewhat different from the others. Didn’t think that you’re still a fool! Refining true dragon’s blood, the most terrifying thing isn’t the energy contained within the true dragon’s blood, but the dreadful true dragon’s will. Even for Divine Traversing Realm martial artists, a moment of carelessness and they would have their will obliterated by the true dragon’s will as well, becoming a walking corpse! Forget it. A fool like this, if he’s dead, then he’s dead. Nothing to feel regret about either.”

Ye Yuan clenched his teeth till it chattered. Every inch of skin and flesh on his body was immolating.

The surface skin and flash actually gradually cracked open, looking very awful.

Ye Yuan was still under the Heart Like Still Water heart realm right now. All of the pain all appeared especially vivid. That anguish gave people an impulse to want to commit suicide.

True dragon’s blood was indeed abnormally tyrannical. It actually wanted to forcibly load Ye Yuan up to death!

Within all of Ye Yuan’s meridians at the moment, violent energy was teeming everywhere. Even when Ye Yuan revolved the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to the limits, it was unable to digest those violent energies either.

Very soon, Ye Yuan fell into an extreme crisis!

Seeing Ye Yuan’s wretched appearance, the black-clothed person could not help rebuking him again,“Heh heh,tasted the hardships, right? Who ask you to be arrogant! Even though this true dragon’s blood isn’t a genuine divine beast’s blood essence, the energy contained within is also not what a puny little Sea Transformation Realm like you can subjugate! Truly a fool!”

As the black-clothed person said this, he suddenly gave a melancholic sigh. He said, “Finally managed to found a peerlessly talented genius. Didn’t think that he would actually die just like this. That fellow is seriously . . . Why did he have to freaking give some true dragon’s blood? It’s great now, isn’t it? To wait for another genius like this, no idea how many years it will take either!”

. . . . . .

Outside of the Vast Heaven Pagoda, a commotion suddenly arose.

A Soul Sea Realm martial artist barged into the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm and sprinted straight for Ning Yixian.

“Alliance Chief, things are bad!” That martial artist had a manner of utmost urgency.

Ning Yixian’s heart thumped. But he still asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

This martial artist was his confidant. He stayed in Wu Fang City to assist a Heavenly Martial Sect’s grand elder in dealing with alliance matters.

Looking at his appearance, something extraordinary most likely happened.

Indeed, that martial artist said with a look of righteous indignation, “Fierce Gale World’s five great titans personally moved out, directly storming and capturing the Northern Domain’s south-eastern strategic city, Cloud Iron City, and activated the transmission array! Now, Fierce Gale World martial artists already invaded the Northern Domain on a large scale, attacking and occupying the south-eastern side’s three cities in one move! Furthermore . . .”

With this, everybody’s expressions changed.

The Fierce Gale World’s five great titans personally moving out. This was terrible!

The Fierce Gale World did not have any activities all along after entering the Southern Domain for so many. To think that once they moved out, it was so swift, precise, and fierce!

Ning Yixian they all originally thought that with the Endless Forest this natural protective defense, the Fierce Gale World wanting to invade en masse could not be accomplished within a short period.

Who knew that these five titans would actually be so decisive in going for the kill, directly attack over.

The Endless Forest. Those beneath Divine Traversing Realm were incapable of flying over directly. Only by entering the Divine Traversing Realm could one have sufficient capabilities to preserve themselves.

The five great titans personally moved out to seize the transmission array. This was what Ning Yixian did not expect prior to this.

“Furthermore what? Don’t be like a woman! Quickly say!” Ning Yixian said anxiously.

That martial artists said with a look of grief and anger, “Furthermore, after the Fierce Gale World occupied those three cities, they actually . . . actually issued the order to slaughter the people, killing all of the Endless World martial artists in those three cities! The count . . . The count is most likely as massive as in the millions!”

“What? What did you say?! Slaughter everyone in the three cities?”

Ning Yixian doubted his own ears a little. Could it be that those people were all madmen?

According to what Ye Yuan said and looking from the situation that they came to learn about now, the Fierce Gale World only came for the Endless World’s resources.

If they adopted conciliatory strategies, the Endless World would definitely have many people whose determination was not firm cross over to the other side.

But once this sort of tactic like slaughtering the city was implemented, it would undoubtedly arouse all the Endless World’s martial artists’ frenzied resistance!

Such a simple logic, could it be that those Fierce Gale World martial artists did not know?

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