Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Be Proud Of Todays Choice

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"Of course, I wont force you guys to stay by his side. If you yourselves arent willing, you can leave right now."

Finished talking, Qi Hai pulled out a flask of wine calmly and went to the stone table by the side to start pouring himself a cup to drink on his own.

This was the Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew that Ye Yuan gave him. This time, he specially brought it along with him.

He knew that these four people would definitely be very conflicted and surely would not have an answer for a short while.

Forget about Liu Hong; the other three people were all the top proud children of heaven of a world, gathering millions of gazes on them.

Even if they admired Ye Yuan very much right now, it also did not represent that they were willing to be Ye Yuans underlings, listening to Ye Yuans assignment for every matter.

But Qi Hai had his own considerations. Ye Yuan had never belonged to the Endless World. He was destined to radiate splendor in the Divine Realm!

With Ye Yuans current improvement speed, he believed that this day would not be too distant.

Maybe 10 years, but even so, the maximum would not exceed 20 years!

However, to talk about where the Endless Worlds final hope lay, that was absolutely Ye Yuan!

Zhao Tianyin this Boundless Realm existence was akin to a gigantic mountain pressing down on Qi Hais heart.

Once the realm passageway was completely stabilized and the Wind Emperor personally descended upon the Endless World, it would probably be hard for him, a Realmlord, to survive as well.

Initially, he was constantly worrying about this matter, all the way until he saw Ye Yuans spectacular performance in the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time!

Yes! Qi Hai was completely awe-inspired!

Perfect Completion two consecutive times and directly making it into the seventh level!

Such a result, not say that it would never be seen again, but it was absolutely unprecedented!

Moreover, in just this half a months time, Ye Yuan already broke through multiple realms in a row, breaking through to middle-stage Sea Transformation.

Such cultivation speed, who could guarantee that he would be incapable of having the strength to contend with the Wind Emperor before he descended?

An Endless World youth being able to obtain a Divine Realms inheritance was no doubt impressive. But Ye Yuans extraordinariness was clearly not due to this. The most remarkable thing about Ye Yuan was not the Divine Realm inheritance, but that remarkable talent of his! It was himself!

Qi Hai dared to confirmed that even if the Divine Realms legacies landed on these four people before his eyes, they absolutely could not reach Ye Yuans level either!

After all, no matter how incredible the legacy, it also needed the martial artist to go and comprehend concepts bit by bit, to go and cultivate essence energy.

Essence energy cultivation was hard to say. But this sort of thing like concepts comprehension, it required talent.

The reason why Ye Yuan was powerful was that his concepts comprehension threw these few people in front of him multiple streets behind!

And to make these four people follow Ye Yuan was also hoping that they could become the Endless Worlds future hope; it was to let them mature even faster and become even stronger!

If they could not let go of the pride in their hearts, Qi Hai could not help them either.

"Okay! Ill stay behind to follow Ye Yuan!"

What made Qi Hai rather surprised was that the first one to speak up was actually the Qin Yan who had a grudge with Ye Yuan.

"Im staying!"

"Im staying too!"

Guo Taoqun and Yin Yanhua practically followed right after. But Liu Hong became rather hesitant.

This sort of situation now was far too drastically different from what he predicted before coming to the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

He did not think that he actually had to be a lackey for a youth much younger than him now.

"I . . ." Liu Hong revealed a difficult look and became hesitant to speak.

Qi Hai gave him a sidelong glance and said coolly, "No need to be conflicted. Willing means willing. Unwilling means unwilling. I wont make things difficult for you just because you choose to leave. Furthermore, I came up with this idea at the last minute as well and still havent discussed it with Ye Yuan yet. Whether hes willing to or not is still another matter altogether!"

This matter was indeed what he conceived impromptu. The Fierce Gale Worlds abnormal activities made him rather uneasy.

No matter which angle one analyzed from, the move of massacring cities was the dumbest one. But were the Fierce Gale World folks really a bunch of fools?

This Liu Hongs talent was indeed decent. That was why Qi Hai had the thought of keeping him behind together with the others.

"Actually, you dont need to feel wronged. I believe youve perceived it too; Ye Yuans talent and strength, you wont be able to catch up for the rest of your life too. When he cleared the fifth level, he already had that kind of strength. The second Perfect Clear this time, its still uncertain what kind of heaven-defying rewards he obtained. Coming out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time, hes already on a completely different level of martial artist from us. Following him wont bring disgrace to you. Maybe there might come a day where you would even be proud because of todays choice!" At this time, Qin Yan suddenly voiced out to urge.

Qi Hai glugged a mouthful of Immortal Remembrance Jade Brew and said with a smile, "Not maybe. Its definitely!"

Liu Hong finally sighed slightly and said to Qi Hai, "Okay, Ill stay behind!"

"Alright. Since thats the case, you guys each enter seclusion to comprehend then."

Regarding Liu Hongs choice, Qi Hai was not very surprised.

This person was not someone stupid. Or else, he would not have his present accomplishments either. How he should choose, he was actually very clear in his heart. It was just that he could not cross this hurdle in his heart.

As long as the gains and losses were analyzed clearly, he could make a wise choice.

. . . . . .

In a blink, Ye Yuan had already spent over five months in the snow-covered land of ice.

In these five months plus, Ye Yuan was frozen to death many times. Each time was death because of depleting essence energy.

In order to not freeze to death, Ye Yuan thought of countless ways. Yet, it yielded very little success.

In the beginning, Ye Yuan released the Scorching True Intent to maintain his body temperature. He discovered that this way would exhaust essence energy very quickly and die.

Later on, Ye Yuan became wiser. He only maintained the released true intent at a very low level to barely ensure that he would not be frozen to death. But that sort of extremely cold feeling made him exceptionally clear-minded.

That bone-piercing chill made him have limitless despair!

But Ye Yuan still toughed it out!

Under Heart Like Still Water heart realm, Ye Yuan gingerly maintained the feeble true intent to resist the freezing cold.

Gradually, Ye Yuan finally touched upon some know-how!

Ye Yuan discovered that he could sense the Scorching True Intents true essence more clearly under such a condition!

Even though this sort of feeling was still extremely fuzzy, at least he had a direction to strive towards; it was not hazy like before.

These few days, Ye Yuan had been fastidiously experiencing the Scorching True Intent all along, and he gradually had some understanding in his heart.

Heat was a kind of energy release. When the temperature was not high, this sort of release would not produce too much destructive power.

But once the temperature rose to an extremely terrifying level, the destructive force of that Scorching True Intent would be very alarming!

In the end, it was still how high a degree the martial artist could raise the temperature of the Scorching True Intent to!

The higher the temperature of the martial technique released, the greater the destructive power evidently caused!

Just like the Spirit Bristle Divine Kings Nine Suns Burning Heaven, its horrifying destructive power was not due to its large area-of-effect, but it was because he could raise the temperature within a certain sphere of influence to an extremely terrifying level.

A level that was able to obliterate Divine King powerhouses!

How profound a concept did that have to be?!

The present Ye Yuan was clearly still far off!

Figuring out this link, Ye Yuan no longer used the Scorching Concept to maintain his own body temperature anymore!

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