Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Ten Day's Time

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Two azure dragons!

Except that this time, the two azure dragons appeared much more robust compared to the three previously.

Very clearly, the true dragon strength contained inside was way stronger than before!

Facing these two azure dragons, Ye Yuan actually had a feeling of his scalp tingling.

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

Ye Yuan’s dual fists were like flood dragons heading out to the seas. Two red dragons came out with a roar too!

This Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage was precisely the final attack that Ye Yuan comprehended in the seventh level!

This attack fused the true dragon strength in Ye Yuan’s body, augmenting the power of Ye Yuan’s Flame Movement Carnage multiple times. It already reached the level of condensed form of gathered essence!

Virtually instantly, two azure dragons and two red dragons collided together just like this!


The collision aftershocks seemingly made the entire space shudder.

Under this shock wave, the black-clothed person was as firm as a mountain. But Ye Yuan was pushed out far away before he barely managed to stabilize himself.

Seizing this opportunity, Ye Yuan revolved the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art with all his might to recover essence energy.

He knew that his Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage was not the black-clothed person’s match at all. He had to seize all the opportunity he could to restore his strength so as to respond to the follow-up clash!

With Ye Yuan’s current essence energy magnitude coupled with this move, Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage, instant-killing Late-stage Soul Sea experts were nothing difficult.

But in front of the black-clothed person, it appeared too weak to stand up to a single blow!

The two red dragons only blocked for several breaths of time and were smashed into smithereens by those two azure dragons.

Those two azure dragons’ remaining momentum was not diminished, hurtling towards Ye Yuan!

“Thousand Flowing Petals! Explode!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Yuan already finished preparing the second wave of attacks!

From the beginning, Ye Yuan had never planned on being able to surpass the black-clothed person’s two palms.

In the seventh level, he already experienced the might of this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. And this eighth level, he would only unleash two palms. The difficulty would surely surge!

Otherwise, how could that Li Fantian with such talent possibly lose in this eighth level?

This Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage was already one of his strongest trump cards right now. But it still could not resist the two azure dragons for a short while.

Since facing attack with attack could not do anything to these two azure dragons, then he could only defend.

The Thousand Flowing Petals’ offensive power was not strong. But using to defend was an excellent move.

After Ye Yuan broke through to the Eighth Level Sea Transformation, his essence energy sea already reached a very exaggerated 400 feet. While the average Eighth Level Sea Transformation was also just around 150 feet essence energy sea at the very most.

His current essence energy thickness was already nearly three times of ordinary martial artists!

While for most ordinary Soul Sea experts, their essence energy seas were 1000 feet in circumference; merely over twice of Ye Yuan’s.

One had to know that when Sea Transformation Realm martial artists broke through to Soul Sea, their essence energy sea would snowball up to ten times!

Wait until Ye Yuan broke through to Soul Sea. How horrifying an extent would the area of his essence energy sea expand to?

Executing Thousand Flowing Petals with Ye Yuan’s current strength, the power and area of attack were all not what it could be compared to previously.

Flying petals in the count of hundreds of millions rushed towards the two azure dragons. They attached onto the azure dragons’ bodies and carried out mild explosions unceasingly!

If it were an ordinary attack, it would have long been totally worn away by this move of Ye Yuan’s and could not arrive in front of him at all.

But these two azure dragons were too strong!

They easily defeated Ye Yuan’s two red dragons. How could these petals stop them?

However, Thousand Flowing Petals was the martial technique which Ye Yuan was most skilled in after all. Its powerful attrition abilities still played a huge part!

Puff, puff, puff!

The sounds of petals exploding non-stop transmitted from the air. The two azure dragons’ speed fell abruptly, becoming sluggish.

Those countless flying petals were like a marsh, making the two azure dragons sank deeper and deeper.

When the black-clothed person saw this scene, he could not help saying with a smile, “This boy, his means are indeed inexhaustible. So young and he actually comprehended a supreme true intent to this extent. Truly remarkable! If it were a complete supreme true intent, just relying on these two palms really would not be able to do anything against him. But if it’s just this level, it’s still inadequate!”

Indeed, those two azure dragons were not exploded to death by the Thousand Flowing Petals. Soon they broke out of the layer upon layer of obstacles, charging at Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan’s expression became intent, and he took out the Xuanying Sword. The starting stance of Myriad Rain Sword Blades was displayed.

“Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

Thousand Flowing Petals strove for time for Myriad Rain Sword Blades’ casting. This was also Ye Yuan’s final trump card measure!

This time, Ye Yuan did not hold back, but maneuvered all the remaining essence energy in his body, pouring it into the Myriad Rain Sword Blades in one go!

The two azure dragons were wrapped in large quantities of petals and rushed for Ye Yuan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Ye Yuan’s body was akin to a kite with a broken string, flying out.

And those two azure dragons finally dissipated into thin air too!

Under this blow, Ye Yuan was finally injured.

But under his struggling, he finally still stood up.

Ye Yuan’s innards received tremendous impact. Presently, the wounds sustained were not light.

The black-clothed person said coolly, “You indeed didn’t let me down! I think you should have guessed it. This ninth level, I’ll only unleash one palm, which is also the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s ultimate palm! The Vast Heaven Pagoda will treat your wounds. You have ten day’s time to be in closed-seclusion here. Perhaps you will have some gains. After ten days, whether or not you can become the first genius to clear the ninth level in this ten thousand years will be up to you!”

Leaving behind this sentence, the black-clothed person left without even turning his head back.

Right at this time, a beam of light shot down from the air, enveloping Ye Yuan inside.

This light beam actually had the effects of healing injuries. Ye Yuan’s shrugged off the disorderly emotions and meditated with his legs crossed, recovering injuries with all his strength.

Less than an hour, Ye Yuan’s injuries were healed.

“The black-clothed person said that what I’m given is ten day’s time. But this treatment only used an hour’s time? He made me enter seclusion in these ten days. What kind of gains can there be in ten day’s time? But since he said it, it shouldn’t be talking nonsense, right? This eighth level, I’ve virtually already used all of my strength. With my current strength, even if I employ the nameless energy, it’s impossible to pass through the ninth level too!”

Once his injuries healed, Ye Yuan started to deliberate.

The words that the black-clothed person said seemed to have profound meaning. Ten day’s time was too short. To say that one’s strength could make staggering progress, that simply could not be accomplished.

But with Ye Yuan’s present strength, he was likely unable to clear the ninth level at all.

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s ultimate palm. Ye Yuan felt fearful just thinking about it.

Unless his current strength broke through to Soul Sea, or else, there was simply no way to contend with this so-called ultimate palm.

But even if Ye Yuan broke through to Soul Sea Realm, this black-clothed person would definitely execute this move with Soul Sea Realm. The outcome was still the same.

Putting it bluntly, this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s guardian suppressing his boundary to around the same as the challengers all along was for the sake of testing the challengers’ talent and strength.

Cultivation this thing was too easy for geniuses. There was simply no challenge.

But concepts comprehension was different. There was simply no way to achieve it in one step.

“Ten days’ time . . . Just what is it enough to use for?” Ye Yuan unwittingly began to ruminate.

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