Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Mobilizing Strength Of A True Dragon

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The eighth level’s difficulty could be said to have already reached Ye Yuan’s limits.

A fraction stronger and Ye Yuan would likely be unable to bear it.

But the difficulty of this ninth level was most likely not just a tiny bit harder than the eighth level’s.

With Ye Yuan’s attainments in concepts, even he was unable to pass it. Could it be that there were still people able to pass it?

Most likely, only unless it was those Divine King powerhouses suppressing their cultivation to enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda could there be a possibility of clearing it, right?

Designing such a level that was impossible to clear, what on earth was the Vast Heaven Pagoda owner thinking?

Although it was to test talent and strength, surpassing the limits of geniuses would have no meaning at all, right?

Ye Yuan could not help being at a loss. He ran over all of his trump cards and discovered that he completely could not see the hope of passing through!

“Just what does this black-clothed person want me to comprehend in seclusion here? Could it be . . .” Ye Yuan suddenly had an inspiration and seemed to have thought of something.

The black-clothed person said that what the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm used was the strength of a true dragon. And the power of a true dragon’s strength was an existence on the same level as a supreme true intent!

Supreme true intents required martial artists to go and comprehend, while true dragon’s strength only needed powerful bloodline power!

Ye Yuan refined the blood of a true dragon that was already about to evolve to divine beast level. The bloodline power was already very strong.

If he used the strength of a true dragon to deal with the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm . . .

The black-clothed person even said that when the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was trained to an extremely high level, it could practically shatter the firmament with force. The might of the power could be seen.

If he successfully cultivated this martial technique . . .

Ye Yuan was quite excited just thinking about it. What the black-clothed person want to let him comprehend was definitely the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Figuring out the links in between this, Ye Yuan calmed down instead.

How could him wanting to comprehend the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm be something that easy?

“Ten day’s time . . . This black-clothed person is also thinking too highly of me!” Ye Yuan said with a bitter smile.

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. The black-clothed person used it for a total of two times. Ye Yuan wanting to rely on his own impression to comprehend this martial technique, the degree of difficulty was too great.

This was simply an impossible to complete mission!

But Ye Yuan did not have the intention of giving up. He settled down to focus very quickly, carefully recollecting the black-clothed person’s every action.

Ye Yuan started to imitate the black-clothed person’s actions and executed the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!


A very feeble attack. Without the least bit of threat at all.

Ye Yuan even suspected whether or not this palm of his earlier could kill a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist.

Of course, this was only the beginning. This martial technique was so powerful. It was obviously not so easy to comprehend.

One palm, two palms, three palms . . .

In a flash, Ye Yuan unleashed ten palms. But there was no progress at all.

He attempted to copy the black-clothed person’s movements, firing out the true dragon’s strength. But he discovered that wanting to accomplish this was too difficult.

Even though Ye Yuan had the strength of a true dragon inside his body, it was very hard to utilize.

Even with Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage, the true dragon’s strength he could mobilize was extremely, extremely little. The might of this move was primarily still depending on the Scorching True Intent. True dragon’s strength only had the function of adding flowers to embroidery.

And it was very challenging for Ye Yuan to want to use the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm to mobilize true dragon’s strength.

Firstly, he did not get to the bottom of the true dragon’s strength’s application method. Secondly, he was accustomed to using essence energy. It was very hard to adjust his habit right away.

“Odd. I still have no way of mobilizing the strength of a true dragon. Just how can it be done?”

Ye Yuan stopped to think for a bit and unleashed a palm once more. But he still could not find the feeling.

Ye Yuan application of true dragon’s strength was like a piece of blank paper, not even knowing the rudiments.

The black-clothed person looked at the Ye Yuan in the middle of non-stop attempts and could not help heaving a sigh and saying, “You this fellow actually set up such a perverse round. How are people going to clear it? True dragon’s strength is an extremely powerful bloodline power. Even the dragon race themselves have to put in tremendous amounts of effort to want to truly grasp the application method of bloodline power. How can a youth who just refined the strength of a true dragon possibly comprehend it? I seriously can’t think of anyone else who can clear this perverse ninth level once Ye Yuan this punk fails.”

Turns out that this ninth level round was set up by the Vast Heaven Pagoda owner.

Listening to the black-clothed person’s meaning, clearly, he himself did not understand this ninth level’s setting as well.

Such a challenging round. Even martial artists any more talented could not possibly clear it either, right?

To talk about comprehending supreme true intent, the skeletal age restriction determined that it was impossible for the concepts and cultivation of the martial artists who enter to be very high.

For so many years, Ye Yuan’s concepts were one of the most freakish ones.

But even with his current level, it was impossible to pass through the ninth level as well.

To talk about comprehending the strength of a true dragon, how could a youth who had just refined dragon blood possibly comprehend successfully in such a short time?

To clear the ninth level, one must contend against the powerful with power!

After refining dragon blood, it was to counter a true dragon’s strength with another true dragon’s strength; otherwise, there were no chances of victory at all!

Unless Ye Yuan could completely master a supreme true intent. Or else, he could only be a vanquished opponent of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

But to Ye Yuan, true dragon’s strength was entirely foreign. And grasping the strength of a true dragon was only the first step. He still had to be able to execute the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm before he had the qualifications to endure the final palm!

Three days passed in a twinkle. Ye Yuan had long given up on directly comprehending out the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm.

He was thinking of ways to mobilize true dragon strength!

And right now, the only way he could mobilize true dragon’s strength was to employ the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!

These three days, he had been using the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage constantly, comprehending the application method of true dragon’s strength unceasingly.

Gradually, Ye Yuan finally got a bit of the knack to it.

When he executed the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage, it relied entirely on a kind of instinct to merge a trace of true dragon’s strength into the Flame Movement Carnage.

However, he only just knew how, but not why.

But now, he must find the reason why he could utilize the strength of a true dragon.

These three days, he had been searching for this reason all along!

Ye Yuan used the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage over and over again, and finally found a tiny bit of reason!

He discovered that the reason why he could mobilize the strength of a true dragon was because when he used the Flame Movement Carnage, his body’s amplitude and the amplitude of the true dragon’s strength achieved synchronization. That was when he could sense a trace of true dragon strength entering inside his meridians and be released along with the martial technique.

Ye Yuan suddenly discovered a problem. That was that he still treated himself as a human all along. Hence, the true dragon strength within his body did not buy it at all!

Which was also to say that to want to draw on the strength of a true dragon, one must first of all turn themselves into a dragon, and not a person!

Using human martial artists methods to initiate a dragon race martial technique. This was naturally something nonsensical!

Straightening out this point, everything was easy to handle.

Ye Yuan sat down with his legs crossed and both eyes tightly shut. Inside his brain, he simulated the scene of when he executed the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage endlessly.

Gradually, the muscles in Ye Yuan’s entire body started to convulse. This sort of convulsion became increasingly intense!

Suddenly, Ye Yuan snapped open both eyes and pushed a palm out with all his might. A faint dragon roar emitted from the center of his palm.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan revealed excitement on his face.

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