Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Dragon Wave

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Ye Yuan fell to the ground once more. This was already the fourth time he failed.

During these attempts, his wounds were affected and became worse each time. He had vomited quite a few mouthfuls of blood. His complexion became increasingly paler, and his breathing progressively weaker. But he still stubbornly attempted to stand up once again.


Ye Yuan used all the strength in his body to howl.

This time, he finally stood up!

But his two legs already did not have the slightest bit of strength. He stood up and his legs went weak, and he almost fell down again.

Only after staggering quite a few steps did Ye Yuan barely stabilize his figure.

"Huff. . .Huff. . ."

Ye Yuan was panting non-stop. He was already weary to the limit. His body kept on swaying but did not fall down from start to finish.

Seeing this scene, the black-clothed persons countenance finally changed.

If it was said that he purely had the appreciation of a genius towards Ye Yuan previously, at this moment, he was filled with admiration towards Ye Yuan.

He had long seen through that Ye Yuan had already reached his limits. To be able to stand up, Ye Yuan relied entirely on one breath to forcefully hang in there.

Without immense willpower, it simply could not be done!

The black-clothed person came before Ye Yuan and said, "Boy, youre bound to be a world-shaking figure in the future. To be able to wait for you, my 50 thousand years of bitter guarding this place were not in vain either!"

Ye Yuan paid no attention to him. He still swayed constantly there with his head lowered.


The black-clothed person suddenly discovered something amiss. Looking close, Ye Yuan actually had both eyes tightly shut. He had already fainted dead away.

Seeing the situation, the black-clothed person gave a long sigh and beckoned with one hand. A beam of light shone down from the air, enveloping Ye Yuan inside.

The aura on Ye Yuans body was already very weak. If it were still not treated, he would really die!

But the black-clothed person was really unable to imagine just what kind of willpower Ye Yuan relied on to stand up.

The black-clothed person looked at the Ye Yuan in the middle of the light halo; his expression and emotion were complicated.

How many years had it been since his emotions were so worked up?

He waited for 50 thousand years in his Vast Heaven Pagoda. Yet, there was not a single one who could truly enter his sights.

Several thousand years ago, when that youth called Li Fantian appeared before him, it finally made his eyes lit up.

However, Li Fantian ultimately still could not make it through the eighth level. This even made him feel regret for a very long time back then.

All the way until Ye Yuans appearance, finally this youth gave him a real shock.

In truth, back at the first three levels, the black-clothed person did not feel that Ye Yuan was much stronger than Li Fantian yet. But when Ye Yuan had the second Perfect Completion, the black-clothed person finally realized Ye Yuans extraordinariness.

Especially Ye Yuan had refined the dragon blood. This gave him a tremendous impact.

And now, the black-clothed person was filled with admiration towards this youth.

This youth dad talent, had willpower, and had lucky chances. Ye Yuan possessed virtually all the qualities to become a powerhouse.

More importantly, he saw that persons shadow on Ye Yuan.

Stubbornness! An unyielding spirit!

All the way until this moment did the black-clothed person finally understand the purpose of the Vast Heaven Pagoda owner setting up this ninth level hurdle!

What this ninth level tested was not just comprehension abilities, it tested a persons character even more.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes and discovered that he was at an unknown space.

"Youre awake? Here is the Vast Heaven Pagodas central space. Youve already successfully cleared the ninth level," an aged voice said.

Ye Yuans eyes gradually focused. In his sight was a thin and emaciated old man.

"Youre . . . the black-clothed person?" Ye Yuan hesitated for a moment and asked.

This old mans appearance was very scary. The wrinkles on his face were practically bunching together already, looking very hideous.

"This old man is Long Teng."

Ye Yuans expression changed, and he asked, "Could Senior be a member of the dragon race?"

Long Tengs face revealed surprise, and he came to a realization right after, "You, this boy, are indeed astute. However . . . this old man has never taken himself to be a member of the dragon race."

Ye Yuan said with a smile, "Seniors dragon race martial techniques are at the acme of perfection and also crowned with the surname of Long (dragon). If I cant even guess this, then Id also be too stupid!"

There were many people with the surname of Long. But to be able to cultivate the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, such a heaven-defying martial technique, to such a level, he was absolutely not an ordinary person.

The Divine Realms dragon race was a very powerful race. Ye Yuan naturally linked this old man in front of him to this race.

It was just that from Long Tengs words, one could also guess that his direct relationship with the dragon race was probably not that simple.

Even though Ye Yuan was very curious, he did not plan on rashly posing questions either. This violated taboos greatly.

"Fine lad, Im very curious just how did you comprehend the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm?"

This period of time where Ye Yuan was unconscious, what Long Teng could not figure out after racking his brains was this problem.

One had to know that he spent far more than several thousand years of effort on this martial technique.

But Ye Yuan only used a few short days and comprehended it.

Furthermore, he knew that Ye Yuan did not rehearse the palm art at all. He meditated in the eighth level the entire time.

This was too strange!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "The last three levels were all guarded with the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm. Moreover, when Senior Long was using the move, you were very deliberate, as if intentionally letting me have a clear view. Then, the turning point to clearing the ninth level could naturally only be on this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm."

With this Long Tengs strength, that level of Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm at the seventh level and eighth level could only be to demonstrate the rudiments of the skill.

Hearing Ye Yuans words, Long Teng nodded his head slightly and said, "You punk, such a keen mind. But these few days, I saw that you have been meditating all along and did not rehearse at all."

Ye Yuan smiled and pointed at his head and said, "All of the rehearsing was all in here!"

Seeing Long Tengs puzzled look, Ye Yuan continued, "Actually, after I found the method to maneuver true dragons strength, Ive been pondering on how to grasp the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm the entire time. Later on, I discovered that when Senior execute your moves, you will release a kind of special undulation at specific times. So I guessed that the key to this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was here. And my seclusion these few days was constantly seeking this sort of undulation."

Long Tengs gaze turned intent, and he said in surprise, "You . . . You can actually perceive dragon wave?"

"Turns out that is called dragon wave? Its very appropriate!" Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Long Teng sucked in a deep breath and said, "All of the dragon races martial techniques are all released with dragon wave. Its just according to the differences in strength and weakness of the martial technique, the dragon waves vibration frequency would be different, thats all. The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm is an extremely powerful martial technique in the dragon race too. The magnitude of the dragon wave even reaches Heaven Rank. The first time you used dragon wave, youre actually able to infinitely approach Heaven Rank magnitude!"

But these words made Ye Yuan stunned,"Uh. . . Is it very difficult?"

Hearing these words, Long Teng choked up, and the words at the back were forcefully swallowed back down.

Seeing that conflicted face of Long Tengs becoming even more troubled, Ye Yuan also realized that this seemed to be pretty hard.

"Do you know how many years I used to cultivate dragon wave to Heaven Rank?" Long Teng said with a black face.

Ye Yuan replied weakly, "Five years?"

Long Teng choked up again and almost could not breathe.

He only recovered to his senses after some time and said to Ye Yuan with a glare, "One hundred years!"

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