Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Final Inheritance

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Ye Yuan himself was very muddled as well.

He only sought out the method to execute the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm according to Long Teng’s demonstration. He completely did not know what was called dragon wave and also did not know how hard dragon wave was to practice.

It was only after hearing Long Teng said so did Ye Yuan finally know why the other party had this sort of want to strangle him to death expression.

This was the first time he used dragon wave, and it actually reached a standard of infinitely approaching Heaven Rank, while a pinnacle expert like Long Teng actually used a hundred years!

Ye Yuan’s expression was slightly awkward as he said,“H-Haha,Senior Long, I’m a blind cat bumping into a dead rat. To really let me train, I’d probably need to train for a hundred years too.”

Who knew that Long Teng’s face became black again. He billowed his beard and glared as he said huffily, “Don’t give this old man that crap! Do you think that attaining Heaven Rank dragon wave in one hundred years is already very noob?”

Ye Yuan gave an awkward smile. But Long Teng could tell what he thought from his expression too.

“When this old man was younger, I was known as the dragon race’s number one genius! For ordinary people to want to cultivate dragon wave to Heaven Rank, they need at least 300 years! If not for . . . forget it, not talking about those stale topics of conversation,” Long Teng said and waved his hand.

“Cough cough,Senior Long, I didn’t mean that,” Ye Yuan said embarrassedly.

“Forget it, forget it. What you mean, do I still not know? You’re a freak! But it doesn’t mean that everyone is a freak! Let me tell you; this dragon wave is divided into six boundaries. Yellow Rank, Mystic Rank, Earth Rank, Heaven Rank, Spirit Rank, and Divine Rank. Although your Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm is nondescript, the dragon wave had indeed reached the boundary of Peak Earth Rank. With this level, you cultivating the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm will yield twice the results with half the effort,” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan was completely ignorant about the dragon race’s cultivation methods. Hearing Long Teng’s words at this time, he became interested.

That nondescript Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm that he executed previously already reached that kind of power. Then how powerful did the true Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm have to be?

This point, one could tell by looking at the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm Long Teng unleashed.

Although Ye Yuan could not reach that level within a short time, if he learned it, then that would absolutely be one of his greatest trumps now. It would even surpass the Myriad Rain Sword Blades!

Furthermore . . . Hearing Long Teng’s meaning, he had decent talent in cultivating the dragon race’s martial techniques.

This moved Ye Yuan even more.

One had to know that this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm cultivated to the highest level was absolutely not worse than supreme true intents.

“Senior Long, this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm . . .” Ye Yuan asked with a smile.

Long Teng gave an ugly smile and said, “Relax, this Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm is one of the rewards for clearing the ninth level! If it’s not taught to you, then what would I expend so much effort for?”

“One of . . . the rewards?” Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up.

The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was already a very formidable martial technique. At least with Ye Yuan’s understanding, training this move to the pinnacle level was absolutely not worse compared to the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s Nine Suns Burning Heaven.

If this was just one of the rewards for clearing the ninth level, then what was the final reward?

Long Teng clearly guessed Ye Yuan’s thoughts and said with a nod, “That’s right, this is just one of the rewards for clearing the ninth level! As for this final reward . . . aren’t you very bright? You can make a guess.”

No idea where this old man’s mood to play came from, to actually play a guessing game with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was thrown into a daze by this old man too and started ruminating.

After a dozen over breaths, Ye Yuan lifted his head abruptly and looked at Long Teng with exceedingly doubtful eyes.

“Senior Long, it can’t be . . .” Ye Yuan did not quite dare to trust his own judgment himself.

He had kept on thinking of how to clear these final three levels all along, so he simply did not think in this direction.

But now, Long Teng was being vague. Under Ye Yuan’s contemplating, he thought of a certain possibility.

Except, this kind of possibility, even he himself did not quite dare believe it.

But thinking it over and over again, only this possibility was the most likely too!

Long Teng looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “It can’t be what? Say it out for me to hear.”

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and asked probingly, “V-Vast Heaven Pagoda?”

Long Teng shot Ye Yuan an approving look and said smilingly, “You only guessed half of it correctly! This ninth level’s true reward is the Vast Heaven Stele!”

“Vast Heaven Stele?” Ye Yuan said in surprise.

In Ye Yuan’s view, the Vast Heaven Stele was just a part of the Vast Heaven Pagoda. At the very most, it was just a very critical component.

The reason why the Vast Heaven Stele had the effect of aiding martial artists in enhancing their concepts was only that the Vast Heaven Pagoda endowed it this ability.

“That’s right! People all think that the Vast Heaven Pagoda is a profound and mystical object, but don’t know that this Vast Heaven Pagoda’s true core is the Vast Heaven Stele and not this pagoda. This Vast Heaven Pagoda was actually only forged in order to conceal the Vast Heaven Stele!” Long Teng said words which surprised Ye Yuan greatly.

In Ye Yuan’s understanding, the Vast Heaven Stele was just a part of the Vast Heaven Pagoda. The effects of the Vast Heaven Stele were all granted by the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

But hearing Long Teng’s meaning, could it be that it was not like this?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s doubtful eyes, Long Teng said coolly, “Let me tell you a story then.”

Ye Yuan hurriedly said, “Pray tell!”

One could also know without the need to guess that this story was related to the Vast Heaven Pagoda and Vast Heaven Stele’s origins.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s knowledge seeking appearance, Long Teng nodded his head contently and started to talk tirelessly.

The story happened over 50 thousand years ago. And the main character of that story likewise appeared in the Endless World.

That youth was called Fang Tian. In an accident, he obtained a piece of rock.

Ever since then, he started to soar up into the sky with a start, becoming this small world’s king very quickly.

After ascending to the Divine Realm, Fang Tian still advanced with rapid strides and songs on his lips, becoming a peak powerhouse in the Divine Realm very quickly.

At that time, a heaven-defying treasure appeared in the Divine Realm. Its name was Vast Heaven Pagoda!

Fang Tian relied on this treasure to roam the Divine Realm unhindered; undefeatable by anyone!

Yet, the rise of a powerhouse was bound to be accompanied by blood and slaughter.

During this process, Fang Tian rescued a severely wounded azure dragon on the verge of death in an accident arising from many causes.

Ever since then, the one dragon and one human threw the entire Divine Realm into an upheaval.

Finally, Fang Tian provoked an extremely powerful fiend path faction at that time. And this faction’s strongest person was known as the Heavenly Fiendgod.

50 thousand years ago, a great paramount battle unfolded between Fang Tian and the Heavenly Fiendgod.

That battle could be said to astound heaven and earth and make gods and ghosts weep, throwing the entire Divine Realm into pandemonium.

Except that both sides’ battle concluded with both parties suffering great losses. The Heavenly Fiendgod fled with heavy injuries, his whereabouts unknown.

While Fang Tian with severe injuries vanished from the Divine Realm ever since.

Then 40 thousand years later, a heaven-defying inheritance space appeared in the Endless World. That was the Vast Heaven Inheritance!

Ever since, countless geniuses fell over each other to enter the Vast Heaven Inheritance, in hopes of obtaining the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s ultimate inheritance.

It was just that the so-called geniuses in this small world were simply unable to complete the nine-level hurdles which the Vast Heaven Pagoda owner set.

All the way until today, Ye Yuan’s appearance finally completed this task which nobody had ever accomplished before, obtaining the final inheritance!

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