Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Taking The Initiative To Volunteer

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“What did you say?! The Vast Heaven Pagoda . . . is gone?” Qin Hongtao nearly jumped up.

Ning Yixian and Jing Xuan’s expressions changed drastically too. Their gazes looked towards Ye Yuan heatedly, waiting for his explanation.

In contrast, although the others present there were also shocked, their reactions were not as exaggerated as Ning Yixian the three of them.

There was even a bit of gloating over others’ misfortunes in the eyes of a small portion of the people. After all, the Vast Heaven Pagoda belonged to the Three Sects. Whether it disappeared or not did not have too big a relation with them.

“Grandfather, not long after Ye Yuan came out and we were just about to leave the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm, all of a sudden, the earth trembled, and the mountains swayed. The Vast Heaven Mystic Realm actually detached from the ground and flew away!” Qin Yan spoke before the others could.

Ning Yixian and Jing Xuan both looked at their disciples. Guo Taoqun and Yin Yanhua both nodded slightly.

The three great head disciples testifying together, the convincingness was already rather strong.

After a long while, Ning Yixian finally heaved a sigh and said, “Forget it, forget it, it’s also not what we can control. At the moment, it’s not the time to pursue this either. Let’s continue discussing how to resolve the matter of Crimsonlight City. Ye Yuan, you came back just in time. The Fierce Gale World has been advancing all the way like splitting bamboo, and they already fought until almost reaching Crimsonlight City. You come up with ideas too.Ohyeah, where’s Old Hai?”

Ye Yuan gave a slight smile and said, “Old Hai said that he had other matters. You make the call here will do.”

As he was talking, Ye Yuan sat down at the seat closest to the right-hand seat, while Liu Hong, the four of them, actually followed and stood behind him, rather like followers.

The four people’s actions made all the old ancestors greatly surprised.

These four people’s statuses were extremely high. Even when compared to some sects’ Divine Traversing Realm elders, they were about the same too.

Because with these four people’s talents, they were bound to become Divine Traversing Realms in the future, even Peak Divine Traversing Realm experts.

These four people actually stood behind Ye Yuan like underlings. The astonishment in their hearts could be imagined.

Ning Yixian trio faintly had some guesses but did not change their expressions, treating it like they did not see it.

As for the others, they all knew that Qi Hai kept these four people behind independently, but did not know why such a sight would appear now.

“Ahem!”Ning Yixian coughed lightly and said, “Younger Brother Ye is able and resourceful. Since he came back as well, I’ll briefly explain the current Northern Domain situation for him and let him give ideas too!”

Ye Yuan was not courteous and said with a nod, “I’ll have to trouble Alliance Chief Ning!”

To let the Endless Alliance’s Alliance Chief personally repeat the war situation, Ye Yuan could also be considered a special one.

Although Ye Yuan was still Sea Transformation Realm, among the people present, there was already nobody who saw him as a junior anymore.

This young man’s potential was too great!

Even though several thousand years had passed, the Grand Yan True Lord’s name was still very resounding.

Ye Yuan walked even further in the Vast Heaven Pagoda than the Grand Yan True Lord. One could imagine just how great his future accomplishments would be.

Furthermore, behind Ye Yuan still stood leviathans like Wu Fang City and Qi Hai. Unless one could kill Ye Yuan soundlessly, otherwise, he was bound to be a god-like figure in the Endless World in the future.

These old ancestors were not fools. How could they possibly do something like digging their own graves?

Ning Yixian did not find it troublesome either, roughly repeating the current situation.

Ye Yuan did not speak. He just listened the whole time quietly.

Although what Ning Yixian said was not considered detailed, Ye Yuan discerned that the Endless World was currently in a very unfavorable situation right now too.

Moreover, from the information that Ning Yixian revealed by accident, Ye Yuan discovered that these heavyweights still underestimated the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists, resulting in immensely grievous losses.

These old ancestors each had selfish motives. How could they band together like strands of rope to resist the Fierce Gale World?

Actually, this sort of situation, Ye Yuan had long predicted it. He was naturally not surprised either.

“Younger Brother Ye Yuan, I wonder what views you have regarding the present war situation?” In the end, Ning Yixian asked Ye Yuan for advice.

Everyone’s gaze focused on Ye Yuan, all wanting to hear his thoughts.

Fighting a month’s war with the Fierce Gale World muddle-headedly, other than knowing that the Fierce Gale World martial artists were very strong, these people really did not know much about other information.

Each time Fierce Gale World martial artists reached a place, not even fowls and dogs would be left. There was simply not much information transmitted out.

Hence, while the Endless Alliance looked to be powerful, they actually have not really fought in close quarters much with the Fierce Gale World up until now.

But Crimsonlight City’s situation at present did not permit the Endless Alliance to shrink back anymore.

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said coolly, “Crimsonlight City this battle must be fought no matter what!”

Ning Yixian was not surprised. He nodded and said, “I think so too. I was just about to send the Blackflame Sect to go and assist, and you came back.”

Blackflame Sect’s old ancestor’s heart thumped as he thought to himself,it’s here again!

At this time now, if anyone were to step forward to sing a different tune, then that person would be the entire Endless World’s public enemy; he would come to no good end.

Ye Yuan shot an indifferent glance at the Blackflame Sect old ancestor’s expression and shook his head and said, “I’ll go.”

Everyone was first stunned, then taken aback!

This action of Ye Yuan’s seriously exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“You? This . . . This isn’t appropriate, right?” Ning Yixian said hesitantly.

Ye Yuan was Ren Xingchun’s grandson and a junior that Qi Hai regarded highly and more so, the Endless World’s future hope.

Such an important character, how could he possibly go to the front lines personally to fight in the war? Furthermore, it was going to the most dangerous place?

The Fierce Gale World’s five-way great army had besieged Crimsonlight City. It was the place in the most desperate situation among all the front lines.

The Fierce Gale World was so powerful, how could Crimsonlight City be that easy to defend?

What if Ye Yuan died there? Ren Xingchun and Qi Hai would both fly off the handle!

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “Nothing inappropriate about it. Crimsonlight City mustn’t be lost. Once it’s lost, half of the Northern Domain will be lost too. At that time, the people will be plunged into misery and suffering. None of us can shoulder this responsibility! Furthermore, the Fierce Gale World’s five-way great army has already surrounded Crimsonlight City until not a drop of water can leak through right now. Once the city is breached, countless martial artists will suffer! So no matter what, Crimsonlight City has to be defended! I see that everyone doesn’t have the intention of going. Then what’s wrong with me going? You all don’t need to be worried about Old Man Ren and Old Hai. My matters, I’ll make the call myself. When something happens, they won’t find you!”

Having their thoughts exposed by Ye Yuan, Ning Yixian said rather awkwardly, “Younger Brother Ye, you’re mistaken. You’re our Endless World’s hope. What you need to do now should be to increase your strength as fast as possible. Risking danger yourself isn’t a wise move!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “What can increase strength faster than fighting? Alright, my decision is set. Lord Alliance Chief, there is no need to argue on this.”

“This . . . Alright then. I’ll send more experts to follow you. At that time, there will be people to look after too. If the matter can’t be accomplished, you still have to do your best to protect yourself! In my eyes, ten Crimsonlight Cities are not as important as one Ye Yuan!” Ning Yixian said firmly.

This was not Ning Yixian saying flattery. Ever since knowing that Ye Yuan made it to the eighth level, his view was already the same as Qi Hai.

Whether the Endless World could drive back the Fierce Gale World or not might fall onto Ye Yuan!

Who knew that Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “No need. Just need the four of them to follow me will do.”

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