Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 592

Chapter 592 Bidding Farewell

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“Just the five of them go? What’s the difference from nobody going?”

“What can five people do? Ye Yuan his strength is strong, but when placed among thousands upon thousands of soldiers and horses, it probably won’t have any much impact either, right?”

“It can’t be that after making it to the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s eighth level, he doesn’t know what’s his own surname already, right? No matter how powerful he is now, he’s merely just a Sea Transformation Realm. Even if he can cross boundaries to battle, the Soul Sea Realms in Crimsonlight City are as many as carps crossing the river! Just the Peak Soul Sea Realm martial artists are not in the minority too!”

With Ye Yuan saying this, below immediately discussed animatedly.

Although everybody had long accepted Ye Yuan’s might, the war between two worlds and individual battles were a whole other thing.

Regardless of how powerful the martial artist, when placed among thousands of martial artists, it was still insignificant.

Even Peak Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses could not endure the exhaustion of large numbers of martial artists too!

Ye Yuan saying to use the five of them to go there and assist. Wasn’t this a joke?

“Ye Yuan, one mustn’t act without due consideration! I know that you’re very confident in yourself, but Crimsonlight City’s situation now is very unfavorable. It’s best for you to bring some more people along. The five of you going simply makes no difference to the war situation at all!” Ning Yixian urged earnestly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “This trip, I have a pretty clear idea in mind. Having more people will be inconvenient instead. Lord Alliance Chief rest assured, Ye Yuan absolutely won’t treat his own life as a joke. However, there are a few things that I hope Alliance Chief will promise me.”

Seeing Ye Yuan very persistent appearance, Ning Yixian knew that he could not sway him either and could only say, “Just say those things you need.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Most of the cities in the vicinity of Crimsonlight City had already fallen. It has pretty much become a lone city already. But behind Crimsonlight City, there are still two important cities. One is Fairsun City, the other Perpetual Peace City. If the Fierce Gale World’s great army fails to conquer Crimsonlight City for a long time, it’s very likely to leave Crimsonlight City aside to go and attack those two cities. These two cities must be guarded heavily. Once something happens, Crimsonlight City will completely fall into the Fierce Gale World’s scope of influence. Then it will really be a lone city.”

Ning Yixian nodded and said, “I got it. What else is there?”

“Additionally, prepare a batch of medicinal herbs for me. I have a use for it. As for the specifics of what medicinal herbs to prepare, I’ll send people to deliver here later. It must be prepared completely before tomorrow morning!” Ye Yuan said.

“The alliance’s alchemy arrangements are all in charge by City Lord Ren. However many medicinal herbs you require, just directly get them from him will do,” Ning Yixian said.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “I won’t go through that trouble. I assume that he’s very busy right now too. Alright, Ye Yuan still hasn’t paid respects to parents after returning to Wu Fang City. I’ll head back to City Lord Manor first.”

Finished talking, he said to the four people behind, “You three stay behind for the time being. Liu Hong follow me back to City Lord Manor. Tomorrow morning, the three of you bring the medicinal herbs and gather at City Lord Manor’s entrance.”

“Yes!” The four people acknowledged his words.

Leaving behind Qin Yan trio was naturally for the sake of letting them bid farewell to their family elders.

From now onwards, they would have the identities of being his followers, and not those proud children of heaven enjoying myriad of adorations in the past.

After Ye Yuan left, this meeting had no way of continuing either.

Originally, they were discussing who to send to Crimsonlight City. Who knew that Ye Yuan actually charged out and directly took on this assignment.

Especially the Blackflame Sect’s old ancestor who was secretly whistling lucky at this time and had some gratitude towards Ye Yuan.

Ning Yixian made a few more arrangements, and then let these old ancestors go prepare by themselves.

After everyone all dispersed, Qin Hongtao’s face fell as he asked Qin Yan, “Yan-er, what actually happened to the Vast Heaven Pagoda?”

Qin Hongtao’s expression was unkind. Clearly, he really got angry at this grandson of his.

His own grandson was actually helping outsiders to deceive him. This was something that he could not tolerate.

Although Ning Yixian and Jing Xuan did not speak, they clearly did not believe the words Qin Yan trio said either.

The Vast Heaven Pagoda had already stood there firmly for tens of thousands of years already. If there weren’t any special circumstances, how could it possibly fly away by itself without rhyme or reason?

Seeing Qin Hongtao flare up, Qin Hongtao did not have any surprised look.

“Grandfather, calm your anger. Grandson is not deceiving intentionally. It’s truly inadvisable to be high-profile at this time. Actually, the Vast Heaven Pagoda didn’t fly off by itself but was collected by Ye Yuan. From now on, the Vast Heaven Pagoda belongs to Ye Yuan alone!”

Qin Yan took his time to recount the events of Ye Yuan clearing the ninth level and collecting the Vast Heaven Pagoda, shocking the three old ancestors to their core.

Even if they had thought of innumerable possibilities, they did not expect that this Vast Heaven Pagoda was actually the reward for clearing the ninth level either!

The three people only recovered from their shock after taking a very long time.

But right now, the three of their faces all had looks of dilemma. The Vast Heaven Pagoda was originally their Three Sects’s object. But now, it was appropriated by Ye Yuan for himself. This was something that they were unable to tolerate.

The Vast Heaven Pagoda was an immensely valuable fortune. How could it be gone just like this?

But Guo Taoqun heaved a sigh and said, “Old Ancestor, don’t be thinking too much. Old Hai made me bring a few words to you all.”

Ning Yixian’s expression became intent as he said with a nod, “Speak!”

“Old Hai said, the Vast Heaven Pagoda is just a dead object. Placing it there, you all can’t even make it through the sixth level! But Ye Yuan is somebody with a great destiny. The four of us following him will receive endless benefits! With him around, the Endless World won’t perish! Don’t think about harming Ye Yuan. Otherwise, he’ll go to the Three Sects personally to find you guys and have a discussion! The urgent matter on hand is to integrate the various sects’ strength to cope with the Fierce Gale World’s invasion!” Qin Yan said slowly.

Qin Yan’s words made the three old ancestors’ hearts tensed up.

Qi Hai seemed to have long guessed what they were thinking. That was why he instructed these three juniors to relay his words. Furthermore, even though he was not in the alliance, his guess was not far off the mark regarding the alliance’s matters. He knew that right now, they were still a pile of loose sand.

This warning could not be said to not be severe. If the three of them really dare to act rashly without careful thought, Old Hai might really do something.

Ning Yixian was the most prudent and already broke out from that sort of restless emotion earlier. He looked at Guo Taoqun and said, “Are the three of you already prepared to follow wherever Ye Yuan goes?”

Guo Taoqun suddenly kneeled and did a kowtow towards Ning Yixian, saying in a solemn voice, “Taoqun is a Heavenly Martial Sect member in life and a Heavenly Martial Sect’s ghost in death! In the future, when I have some accomplishments, Taoqun will definitely bring the Heavenly Martial Sect to greater heights, becoming my Endless World’s number one faction! From the moment Ye Yuan came out of the pagoda, Taoqun knew that he’s a target whom I’m unable to surpass all my life. Following him, perhaps I can obtain unimaginable achievements!”

Ning Yixian looked at Guo Taoqun with a complicated look. He only gave a long sigh after some time and said, “Forget it, forget it, you go then! But I hope that you’ll remember today’s words. Don’t let me down!”

Guo Taoqun said with a steadfast gaze, “Old Ancestor rest assured; Guo Taoqun absolutely dare not to forget!”

Qin Hongtao looked at his own grandson and said helplessly, “Seems like you have this idea too?”

Qin Yan nodded and gave Qin Hongtao a solemn kneel. Yin Yanhua imitated the two as well, paying obeisance to Jing Xuan.

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