Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 593

Chapter 593 The First Hand Seal

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City Lord Manor was also a scene of bustle right now.

Following the war between two worlds drawing back the curtains, the front line martial artists’ demand for medicinal pills skyrocketed too.

Ren Xingchun has been leading the pill refinements all along these days and did not participate even in the upper echelons’ meetings.

Ye Yuan went to pay respects to his parents. What surprised him was that his mother, Ren Hongling, was actually cultivating in closed-seclusion. Instead, it was his father who was idle.

He only knew after asking that ever since Ren Hongling regained essence energy, she started to cultivate frenziedly. In this period of time where Ye Yuan was at the Vast Heaven Mystic Realm, she had been in closed-seclusion all along.

Regarding his mother’s situation, Ye Yuan could only smile helplessly. Looks like these few years, the desire that his mother suppressed in her heart finally erupted.

After meeting, the father and son pair could not dispense with a round of showing great concern. Ye Yuan briefly recounted the Vast Heaven Pagoda journey, making Ye Hang very excited.

An artifact which made the entire Endless World crazy was actually taken into possession by his own son. This sense of accomplishment was huge.

Being informed that his son had to leave again tomorrow, Ye Hang said with a loud laugh, “Go on, go on! Fine men have to be ready to realize their aspirations all over the world! But now, the situation has changed drastically. This Crimsonlight City is an extremely dangerous place. Take utmost precaution!”

Ye Yuan perceived unwillingness to part and concern from Father’s eyes. But Ye Hang put on an appearance of not caring at all. It was hilarious. But Ye Yuan was touched in his heart even more.

Although Ye Yuan’s current strength had long surpassed Ye Hang, in Ye Hang’s heart, Ye Yuan was forever a child.

But Ye Hang’s support regarding Ye Yuan’s decision already became unconditional. Because he believed in his own son.

Apart from this, Ye Hang had unbounded confidence in his son.

If one was to say the name of the Endless World’s savior, then this savior was definitely Ye Yuan!

“Father, put your mind at ease. Yuan-er has a score in his heart and won’t mess around. Moreover, in the Vast Heaven Pagoda this time, I obtained a type of very powerful talisman. Even when facing Peak Divine Traversing Realm martial artists, I have the strength to protect myself too,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

The reason why Ye Yuan took on this mission which everyone was unwilling to take was that Crimsonlight City was too important.

Unless they sent out Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses, other people going would only be courting death.

Furthermore, the martial artists of a dozen over southeastern cities were gathered in Crimsonlight City. The number was huge. Once the city was breached, then the people would be plunged into an abyss of suffering.

Ye Yuan had long treated the Endless World as his own home already. How could he bear to watch such a thing happen?

Of course, Ye Yuan going this time still had another objective, and that was to see what were these Fierce Gale World folks were planning. Why would they carry out this sort of heartless act like massacring the people in these cities?

In Ye Yuan’s impression, although the Fierce Gale World’s people were warmongers, they were not bloodthirsty.

There were definitely reasons for doing such a thing.

Indeed, once Ye Hang heard Ye Yuan say so, his heart was immediately set at ease.

. . . . . .

“What? Ye Yuan he actually wants so many medicinal herbs in one go? He . . . Even if he’s taking these medicinal herbs to eat for food, he doesn’t need so many either, right?”

Ning Yixian saw the inventory in his hand and was shocked until his jaws nearly hit the ground.

The grades of these medicinal herbs were not high. The highest was also just Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herbs. But the quantity marked on the list was seriously too massive.

“You mustn’t forget, this boy is still an alchemist!” Jing Xuan reminded.

Ning Yixian was stunned, but he still shook his head and said, “Of course I know that he’s an alchemist. But there aren’t that many alchemists inside Crimsonlight City either. What does he want to do with so many low-level medicinal herbs? Him refining medicinal pills alone, even if he refined till the year after next, he can’t finish refining either, right?”

“Ye Yuan tends to exceed all expectations when doing things. Him doing so should have his own intentions. Going to Crimsonlight City this time, he’s only bringing the four of us. Then this big play naturally has to fall on these medicinal herbs. Although I don’t know how he will refine medicinal pills, I think that he wouldn’t go so far as to do this because he’s bored,” Yin Yanhua said.

Ning Yixian was stunned. Thinking carefully, it seemed to be like this. He then ordered people to prepare the medicinal herbs.

“Do the three of you have anything in mind? Ye Yuan playing a lone hand this time, how on earth is he planning on resolving Crimsonlight City’s crisis?” Ning Yixian suddenly asked.

The three people all shook their heads blankly. Guo Taoqun said, “Honestly speaking, starting from the first time I laid eyes on Ye Yuan, I’ve never figured out his thoughts at all! My thoughts simply can’t keep in pace with his. When I calculate ten steps, he probably already calculated a hundred steps long ago.”

Ning Yixian smiled bitterly when he heard that and said, “Putting aside you guys, even this old man has never figured out his thoughts before either. Forget it, forget it, let him toss and turn himself. Us, these old fellows, just have to ensure the logistical work will do! Old Man Qin, our two families each send out a team again, and head towards Fairsun and Perpetual Peace, these two cities, respectively!”

Qin Hongtao nodded and said, “Alright. No problem!”

“Since the three of you are going follow Ye Yuan in the future, keep in mind to not give in to personal feelings. His strength has already surpassed yours by far too much now. You guys have to double up yourselves. Not just anyone has the qualifications to follow by a powerhouse’s side!” Ning Yixian said solemnly.

The three people’s expression tensed up, and they all nodded their heads somberly.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan and Ye Hang conversed all the way till midnight before returning to their own rooms.

In is room, with just a will of his mind, he arrived inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

“This Nine Characters True Word Formula is truly incomparably profound. The ‘Lin’ character’s first hand seal, I’m unable to form it to this day. But through such a long time of fumbling about, I’m only missing one final step as well. I wonder if my Heart Realm can break through after forming this first hand seal.”

This period of time, apart from cultivating the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan was comprehending the ‘Lin’ character.

Except that this rate of progress was even slower than he imagined.

Ye Yuan had been anticipating all this while that he could have some breakthrough in Heart Realm after this ‘Lin’ character had some breakthrough.

Ye Yuan closed his eyes slightly and started visualizing the ‘Lin’ character.

Through this period of visualization, Ye Yuan could faintly sense that this ‘Lin’ character had a total of nine hand seals. But what he could visualize clearly right now was only this first hand seal.

These nine hand seals formed a complete seal. If one could completely acquaint themselves with these nine hand seals, the power would likely be unimaginable!

In a twinkle, a night passed. Dawn was breaking.

All of a sudden, a rather mysterious sensation poured into Ye Yuan’s heart.

Ye Yuan opened both eyes abruptly, both hands swiftly forming a seal!

Ye Yuan who was initially just lacking one final step actually successfully formed it this time!

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s heart rate suddenly sped up. The Heart Realm which had already reached a bottleneck originally actually burst through directly!

Except, this final result made Ye Yuan rather disappointed.

“Sigh. . . I thought that I’d already reached the threshold of Heart Like Monolith. Turns out that it’s just the Heart Like Still Water’s bottleneck! No wonder Heart Realm boundaries are so hard to break through. Just the first level of Heart Like Still Water is so challenging already. If I didn’t acquire this Nine Characters True Word Formula, I’m afraid I don’t know how long I’d have to be stuck at this bottleneck,” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

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