Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Slaughter Our Way In

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Heart Realm this sort of thing was a mystery even among mysteries. Even in the Divine Realm, nobody could give the accurate minor boundaries divisions either.

All along, Ye Yuan had half-baked knowledge regarding Heart Realm as well.

Along with the time of him entering Heart Like Still Water Heart Realm getting increasingly longer, he thought that he had already walked very far along the path of Heart Realm.

But looking at it now, it was not the case at all!

Ye Yuan realized that he probably only stayed for a time on a Heart Like Still Water’s minor boundary up until now.

And succeeding in the ‘Lin’ character’s first hand seal, Ye Yuan finally broke through this minor boundary.

Ye Yuan entered into Heart Like Still Water Heart Realm and fastidiously sensed the changes after breaking through.

However, he discovered to his dismay that there did not seem to be too obvious a change.

“Could it be that apart from reducing the expenditure on heart force, there aren’t other changes? The advancement in Heart Realm is a kind of auxiliary realm. There must still be other effects!Ohright! Comprehending concepts!”

Ye Yuan suddenly had an inspiration and started to comprehend concepts.

At this time, Ye Yuan discovered to his joy that his speed when comprehending concepts actually obtained a substantial increase!

This sort of enhancement was not worth mentioning when relatively speaking about the entire concept’s comprehension duration, but accumulating months and years, this sort of enhancement margin would be very terrifying!

Ye Yuan attempted to comprehend the Scorching Concept earlier. He discovered that the short while of comprehension efficiency just now was twofold than before!

In the past, Ye Yuan already noticed that under Heart Like Still Water Heart Realm, the speed of comprehending concepts was slightly faster compared to normal.

But breaking through the bottleneck now, he did not expect that the extent of the increase would actually be so great!

“Heh,so that’s how it is! Really looking forward to what kind of changes Heart Realm will have after comprehending the second hand seal!”

Ye Yuan who tasted the benefits gave rise to a strong interest in the eight hand seals at the back of the ‘Lin’ character.

If he were to fully comprehend the nine hand seals, then wouldn’t the comprehension speed of concepts be ridiculous?

But, on this point, Ye Yuan also deeply sensed the powerful aspect of this Nine Characters True Word Formula.

Just a ‘Lin’ character had such formidable might.

One had to know that the speed of comprehending concepts was entirely dependent on talent. If there wasn’t any heaven-defying lucky chance, it was simply impossible to have any change.

And the ‘Lin’ character could actually cultivate and advance his Heart Realm. It could even promote the speed of concepts comprehension through Heart Realm. This was simply unheard of!

This was equivalent to saying that a martial artist’s cultivation could totally disregard talent!

Such an effect was simply too heaven-defying!

However, cultivating the Nine Characters True Word Formula with Ye Yuan’s talent, the effects were clearly more prominent!

This made Ye Yuan having immense interest in the other eight characters too. When he had time, he must study them well.

Right at this time, Xu Zihui’s lowered voice came from outside the door, “Younger Brother Ye, Qin Yan the three of them have already been waiting for a long time.”

Ye Yuan went out and said to Xu Zihui, “I’ve made Elder Brother wait for long. I’ll head over right now.”

Walking a few steps, Ye Yuan suddenly turned around again and said, “Oh yeah, Elder Brother, after coming back from this trip, I’ll assist you to break through to the Divine Traversing Realm! This period of time, you think of ways to gather these few kinds of medicinal herbs. Wait till I come back, I’ll help you refine medicinal pills!”

As he said, Ye Yuan threw Xu Zihui a jade slip.

Xu Zihui practically received the jade slip quiveringly. He had already been stuck at the Ninth Level Soul Sea Realm for a very long time but kept on failing to find the opportunity to breakthrough.

To the Endless World’s martial artists, Divine Traversing Realm was a massive threshold. The vast majority of martial artists were unable to cross it.

One should not look at how those Divine Traversing Realm experts in the various Northern Domain’s great sects were as many as dogs. In comparison to the entire number Endless World’s martial artists, Divine Traversing Realm experts were truly very rare.

It was unknown how many Soul Sea Realm experts harbored grievances in front of this massive threshold.

Xu Zihui’s age was not considered young either. His hope of breaking through was already increasingly bleak. He himself was almost giving up all hope.

So these few years, he had his thoughts placed on grooming his son all along and was rather negligent with his own cultivation instead.

He never would have thought that he could actually really break through to Divine Traversing Realm one day. How could this not agitate him?

As for the words Ye Yuan said, he never doubted them before.

Ye Yuan opening a forum and giving a sermon in Wu Fang City caused a huge sensation. Xu Zihui already knew that.

He knew that even City Lord, His Excellency, could not possibly reach such a level too!

What Ye Yuan was lacking right now was just cultivation realm!

Which was also to say that Ye Yuan had confidence in breaking through to Soul Sea Realm before coming back this time!

Xu Zihui was just about to say a whole bunch of appreciative words only to hear Ye Yuan say, “Alright, is there still a need for such formalities between us? Swallow the words in your stomach back down!”

Xu Zihui was stupefied, then immediately smiled fatuously and said, “This favor, Elder Brother accepts it!”

“Huhu,that’s right!” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

. . . . . .

Roughly ten days later, Ye Yuan, the five of them, put away the spirit boat they used and descended on a mountain range ten thousand miles outside of Crimsonlight City.

“Brother Ye, a fiendish aura is surging to the skies in the direction of Crimsonlight City. Looks like these Fierce Gale World martial artists all lost their mind in the slaughtering! Just how long has it been to actually accumulate such a horrifying fiendish air?!” Qin Yan said.

Ye Yuan also knew that these few people were following him just for the sake of seeking a lucky chance. So he did not go overboard either and let them address him Brother Ye would suffice.

Although it was rather weird, it sounded much better than master or whatever.

Ye Yuan’s expression darkened slightly too, and he said, “Even though Fierce Gale World martial artists are intrepid, they shouldn’t fall so low to the extent of becoming butchers. This Zhao Tianyin truly deserves death!”

Separated by a distance of ten thousand miles, Ye Yuan they all could feel the fiendish aura surging to the skies. It could be seen just how many people those Fierce Gale World martial artists killed in this period of time.

The dozen over southeastern cities were probably already reduced to savage battlefields!

“Brother Ye, then what should we do now?” Liu Hong asked.

These four people were uncertain what Ye Yuan planned on doing as well.

Five people coming to support such a large city. This was simply a fantastical tale.

And Ye Yuan kept his mouth tightly shut along the way too as if he did not have the intention of explaining. This made the intense itch in their hearts even harder to endure.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Enter the city!”

The four people were stunned. Guo Taoqun said in surprise, “Brother Ye, according to the reports, in order to prevent spies from sneaking in, all the transmission arrays in the city has long been destroyed already. Without transmission arrays, how do we enter the city?”

After Crimsonlight City sent out the courier to request reinforcements, they destroyed all of the transmission arrays.

Now, Crimsonlight City’s grand array was activated, and the city gates tightly shut. It was simply impossible to go in.

So when Ye Yuan said to enter the city, the four people all felt very surprised.

Under such circumstances, how should they enter the city?

Ye Yuan did not reply, but countered with a question, “The array formation that I taught you guys, how’s the rehearsal?”

Upon hearing that, Guo Taoqun said excitedly, “Heh, Brother Ye’s Four Symbols Battle Formation is indeed formidable! With the four of our strength coordinating with the array formation, being evenly-matched with late-stage Soul Sea martial artists is nothing difficult too!”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly when he heard and said, “Very good. Then let’s . . . slaughter our way in!”

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