Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Seeing Shangguan Lingyun Again

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“S-Slaughter our way in?”

Guo Taoqun almost sprained his tongue. The other three people clearly had choked up expressions too. They did not think that Ye Yuan would actually say such crazy words.

Liu Hong swallowed his saliva and said, “Brother Ye, the Fierce Gale World’s five-way great army, the martial artists are probably as many as in the millions. Among them, there are no shortage of late-stage Soul Sea Realm experts! Slaughter our way in . . . That isn’t too likely to work, right?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “What? Scared? There’s still time now. You guys return first then. I’ll just go in alone.”

With this, the four proud children of heaven got stimulated.

Guo Taoqun said stammeringly, “S-Scared of what?! Men have to die heroically! I’ll fight with you!”

Yin Yanhua’s beautiful eyes flickered, and she said, “I’m going too!”

Ye Yuan looked at the other two with a half-smile and said, “What about you guys?”

The two gritted their teeth and said, “Go!”

“The four of you just need to bother with slaughtering a path in. Don’t need to care about anything else. Leave the rest to me. Remember, don’t break away from the array formation no matter what!” Ye Yuan warned.

The four people’s expressions became severe, and they nodded their heads to acknowledge one after another.

. . . . . .

A distance of ten thousand miles was not far for these people. After half a day, four people appeared in front of the Fierce Gale World’s great army.

As far as the eye could see, the dense mass were all human heads, striking terror into the hearts of Liu Hong, the four people.

These were all powerful martial artists and not mortal armies!

So many people, each person spitting a mouthful of spittle was also sufficient to drown the four of them!

But Ye Yuan did not show too much expression on his face. He said indifferently, “You all just treat it like you’re still inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Most of these martial artists are also just Crystal Formation and Sea Transformation. Soul Sea Realm experts are only the minority comparatively speaking. With your strength coordinating through the Four Symbols Battle Formation, slaughtering our way in shouldn’t be hard.”

The Four Symbols Battle Formation was a Tier 4 array formation with immense might. It was especially suited for battle.

Not only could this array formation reduce the four people’s essence energy consumption, but it could also increase the four people’s average combat power even more so!

Liu Hong, the four of them, were originally the Endless World’s pinnacle geniuses. After coming out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda, they had each already broken through to Second Level Soul Sea.

With their strength, dealing with ordinary middle-stage Soul Seas was absolutely not an issue.

With the Four Symbols Battle Formation, the four of them working together to deal with ordinary late-stage Soul Seas was also no object.

Along the way, the mission that Ye Yuan assigned to them was to rehearse this Four Symbols Battle Formation.

These four people were all talented and brilliant people. Though the time was short on this trip, they were already considered to have learned the rudiments of this set of array formation.

The five people’s appearance immediately alarmed the Fierce Gale World’s great army. A large group of martial artists came up and fenced the few of them in a tight ring.

“It’s Endless World martial artists! Kill without mercy!”

These Fierce Gale World martial artists clearly lost their minds with the killing already. Upon seeing the five people, they were going to take action and kill people without a word.

When Liu Hong the four people saw the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ actions, fury surged in their hearts with afwoom.

The four people went into battle formation and started killing!

Liu Hong, the four people, were all Soul Sea Realm experts. They were originally cranes standing among chickens in front of these ordinary martial artists to begin with. Coordinating with the Four Symbols Battle Formation, the four of them were akin to tigers entering a flock of sheep. They immediately cut a large swath. Wailing sound rose from all directions.

But these Fierce Gale World martial artists all did not fear death. Seeing this sort of situation, not only did they not retreat, they became even more frenzied instead.

Ye Yuan deployed a small cluster of Thousand Flowing Petals and followed behind the four step by step, like strolling idly in a courtyard.

Occasionally, some who did not have eyesight came in front of him, and the petals directly reaped their lives.

Ye Yuan discovered that each one of these Fierce Gale World martial artists all had immensely heavy fiendish aura, their state akin to insanity. Evidently, there were considerable Endless World martial artists’ fresh blood on their hands.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yuan also discovered that he had somewhat underestimated Zhao Tianyin’s charisma in the Fierce Gale World.

No wonder the Purple Mansion Sect did not hesitate to destroy the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array to link together the realm passageway after lurking in the Endless World for several thousand years.

The power of faith was truly frightening!

Continuing according to this sort of situation, these martial artists would most likely lose themselves in the end, becoming a machine that only knew slaughter.

“What on earth does this Zhao Tianyin want to do?” Ye Yuan’s brows could not help furrowing.

. . . . . .

The disturbance stirred in this corner spread to the central army’s main tent very quickly.

A young man with a dignified bearing stood in the air and looked towards that corner.

“Lord Shangguan, no idea where several fellows who don’t fear death popped out from. To actually dare rush at our great army. This subordinate will send people to exterminate them right now!”

The person speaking was called Deng Sheng; he was one of the main commanders in the five-way great army with a Ninth Level Soul Sea strength!

This young man in front of him was only Seventh Level Soul Sea strength, but Deng Sheng was extremely deferential towards him.

If Ye Yuan were here, he would recognize this young man. He was precisely the Shangguan Lingyun who had not fought with him when he was at the Fierce Gale World!

Since Ye Yuan returned from the Fierce Gale World, not a year’s time was up. This Shangguan Lingyun actually broke through a full major realm, becoming the commander-in-chief for the five-way great army!

Shangguan Lingyun nodded and said, “You make a trip personally then. Bring a few more people over. Among the five people over there, four have Soul Sea Realm strength. Furthermore, the four of them seem to be rehearsing some kind of array formation. The power is quite strong! Additionally, one person seems to only have Sea Transformation Realm strength. But I have a feeling that this Sea Transformation Realm is the strongest among them!”

Deng Sheng was stunned. Clearly, he did not expect that Shangguan Lingyun would actually give such an evaluation.

He sensed that Sea Transformation Realm existence too. But the commotion caused by that Sea Transformation Realm was clearly not as big as those Soul Sea Realm experts.

Shangguan Lingyun actually gave such a high appraisal of that Sea Transformation Realm. This made him rather disapproving.

No matter how powerful a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist was, how strong could they get?

However, regarding Shangguan Lingyun’s orders, Deng Sheng did not dare to defy. He would not dare to look at how this person in front of him was just Seventh Level Soul Sea, his true combat strength was even stronger than peak Soul Sea Realm!

Deng Sheng picked ten middle-stage Soul Sea Realm martial artists and directly flew to Ye Yuan there.

Liu Hong the four people charged all the way over. Most were Sea Transformation Realm and Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, dying upon touching.

Occasionally, there were a few initial-stage Soul Sea Realm experts that surrounded over. It was basically also the outcome of them getting instantly wiped.

Deng Sheng the few of them flew over to this side very quickly. Deng Sheng yelled out, “All back off for me!”

Those martial artists were not as undisciplined as the Endless World martial artists. Upon hearing these words, they vacated a large piece of open space very quickly.

Deng Sheng’s group of people landed in front of Ye Yuan’s five people, blocking their path.

“A few punks who don’t know life from death. To dare bully my Fierce Gale World for having no one?” Deng Sheng said ferociously.

In this short while, the Fierce Gale World could be said to have massive casualties.

Ye Yuan’s figure flashed, blocking in front of the four people, and said coolly, “You guys walk around the side. Leave these dregs to me.”

“Yes, Brother Ye!”

Facing Ye Yuan’s order, the four people did not hesitate at all, directly killing over towards the side.

How haughty a person was Deng Sheng? Hearing that Ye Yuan, a puny little Sea Transformation Realm, actually dared to look down upon him, he could not help blowing a fuse.

“Boy, you’re courting death! The few of you, attack for me! Hack this brat into pieces!”

Under Deng Sheng’s command, ten middle-stage Soul Sea Realm experts joined forces and attacked Ye Yuan!

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

Ye Yuan blasted a fist out nonchalantly. Deng Sheng’s expression suddenly changed!

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