Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 596

Chapter 596 You're Different

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A single punch, and ten middle-stage Soul Sea experts flew out like heavenly maidens scattering blossoms!

Ye Yuan’s application regarding true dragon strength was even more skillful now. The power of this move already could not be mentioned in the same breath as well.

With Ye Yuan’s current combat power, middle-stage Soul Seas were basically opponents that could not last a single exchange with him!

“T-This is a joke, right? This Sea Transformation Realm martial artist’s strength is actually so formidable!”

“Those few are all Lord Officers. They actually couldn’t even block a punch of his?”

“Where did this boy pop out from? Too terrifying!”

The shock that this scene brought to those Fierce Gale World martial artists was too intense. They were staring with their mouths gaping for a time.

A Sea Transformation Realm sending ten middle-stage Soul Sea experts flying directly with one punch. This violated common sense too much!

Finished striking out that one punch, Ye Yuan did not stop in the slightest. He still walked forward unhurriedly, gradually nearing to Deng Sheng.

This sort of attitude was as if this was not among thousands of soldiers and horses but Ye Yuan’s own residence’s backyard.

Being unsettled by Ye Yuan’s imposing manner, Deng Sheng actually took a step back unconsciously.

Very soon, Ye Yuan arrived in front of Deng Sheng and stopped to say calmly, “Get lost. I only want to enter the city.”

Everyone drew a cold breath. A Sea Transformation Realm martial artist actually said “get lost” to the commander of an army. Furthermore, that commander actually retreated a step!

Deng Sheng’s face flushed scarlet red and felt that he lost face in front of so many subordinates.

“Boy, you’re too rampant! Just the likes of you alone wish to enter the city too? Do you really treat us like we don’t exist?” Deng Sheng was threatening in manner but inwardly shaky.

Honestly speaking, he was shocked by that scene earlier too!

One punch sending ten middle-stage Soul Seas flying. He touched his heart and felt that he could accomplish it too. But it absolutely could not be accomplished like lifting something heavy as if it was light like Ye Yuan.

Furthermore, he did not need to look and also knew that those ten officials at this time were already left with less than half.

Ye Yuan directly smashed half of the people to death with one punch!

Ye Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “You said it like you exist. If you still don’t scram, I’m going to attack!”

Deng Sheng’s expression changed. The pressure that this Sea Transformation Realm gave him was seriously too great. Even he felt it was rather preposterous.

All along, they all felt that the Endless World martial artists were all soft persimmons. But today, he finally ran into a formidable character!

Except that this formidable character seemed to be extremely tough!

This was in the midst of thousands of soldiers and horses! This boy was actually thinking of slaughtering his way into the city directly!

Ye Yuan was not long-winded either. Raising his hand, it was a Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage punch.

Deng Sheng also did not think that Ye Yuan actually really made a move against him directly.

Caught off guard, he could only hastily withstand it.


Deng Sheng’s body was directly smashed flying out!

But Deng Sheng’s strength was clearly much stronger compared to those middle-stage Soul Seas. This punch from Ye Yuan did not cause much substantial damage to him.

Except . . . in front of so many subordinates, it was a tremendous loss of face.

However, it was not over yet. Ye Yuan’s figure flashed. With arumble,it was another punch!

Deng Sheng was smashed flying out once again.

When the two punches smashed, Ye Yuan pounced ahead and already advanced a thousand feet away. He actually caught up to the Liu Hong four people who were killing enemies vigorously.


An imposing momentum that toppled mountains and overturned the seas engulfed everything and swept over, sending the surrounding bunch of Fierce Gale World martial artists directly flying out.

Deng Sheng’s aura instantly rose to the peak, his two eyes fully red. Clearly, he was already enraged to the max!

A main commander of an army like him was actually pressed against the wall and had his face smacked today. How could this not infuriate him?

“Stinking brat! You’re dead for sure!”

A horrifying aura spread out. Deng Sheng was going to be serious!

However, facing this scene, Ye Yuan was still very calm, as if the target that Deng Sheng was attacking was not him.

Right at this time, a silhouette suddenly appeared in the air in front of Deng Sheng.

“Put it away. You’re not his match!”

The arrival was precisely Shangguan Lingyun!

Seeing Shangguan Lingyun, Ye Yuan was slightly surprised too.

He knew that this Shangguan Lingyun was the number one genius on par with Zhao Chenggan, but had never fought before. To think that not seeing for a period of time, the other party was actually late-stage Soul Sea already!

“Ye Yuan, long time no see! Didn’t expect that when we meet once again, it would actually be at such an occasion!” Shangguan Lingyun greeted with a smile as if he ran into an old friend of many years.

Even though Shangguan Lingyun’s strength advanced considerably, Ye Yuan’s current strength was also incomparable with the past. He naturally would not mind.

“You didn’t expect it? But I expected it long ago,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Shangguan Lingyun was dazed, but he understood Ye Yuan’s meaning very quickly and said smilingly, “The martial artist world is where the weak are prey and the strong feasts in the first place. The Endless World is on a declining trend but enjoys such excellent resources. My Fierce Gale World is powerful but suffers the anguish of gale winds all year round. Therefore, this excellent territory should naturally be enjoyed by us!”

“Is that so? Then what’s with the massacring of cities?” Ye Yuan did not argue but countered with a question.

Towards such an excuse, Ye Yuan was too clear, and he also could not be bothered to dispute anything.

Shangguan Lingyun said, “Weaklings should have the manner of weaklings! Your Endless World sealed the realm passageway for thousands of years. How much of our time have you wasted? This is the punishment that Wind Emperor, His Majesty, gave the Endless World!”

“I underestimated Zhao Tianyin that old dog. Looks like he still has some capabilities! At least, this method of obscurantism, he used it to the acme of perfection. However . . . do you believe this sort of reason?” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Hearing Ye Yuan scold Zhao Tianyin old dog, Shangguan Lingyun did not display a look of anger. Instead, he smiled and said, “Wind Emperor, His Majesty, is our paramount ruler. Whatever he says is naturally all correct! As his citizens, we only need to do things according to what he says.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed as he sized Shangguan Lingyun up curiously.

Shangguan Lingyun had a smile on his face; the words he said seemed to be as a matter of course.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That’s not right. Logically speaking, your Shangguan Family and Zhao Tianyin should be implacable enemies. It’s fine if he’s deceiving some fools, but you all, these first-rate families, shouldn’t be to the extent of being deluded by his words, right?”

Shangguan Lingyun said smilingly, “You don’t need to rack your brains either. Wind Emperor, His Majesty, is Wind Emperor, His Majesty. His word is the imperial edict. Ye Yuan, you’re different from these Endless World’s lowly martial artists. Why not join our Fierce Gale World? With your strength, becoming the wind emperor in the future is a certainty!”

This Shangguan Lingyun was a clever man. He saw through that Ye Yuan was trying to worm facts out of him.

Seeing that there was no success, Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Don’t give me that! Zhao Tianyin that old dog must die! The next time you see him, help me tell him to wash his dog head clean and wait for me to chop it!”

Shangguan Lingyun’s face was still smiling as he said coolly, “Honestly speaking, I don’t wish to be enemies with you. But it looks like we still can’t avoid crossing swords! How about this, let’s only use one move. If you win, I’ll let you enter the city. How’s that?”

Ye Yuan was rather surprised as he said, “I thought that you’d use your subordinates’ lives to hold down the fort. Didn’t think that you still quite cherish these subordinates!”

Shangguan Lingyun smiled and said, “If it was somebody else, they are naturally undeserving of me making a move. But you . . . are different!”

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