Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Preserving Strength

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A puny little Sea Transformation Realm with strength daunting to such a degree. This was something that Deng Sheng could not understand.

In his view, a person like Shangguan Lingyun was already monstrous to the peak.

An existence even more monstrous than him already surpassed the boundaries of his understanding.

The higher the realm, the greater the difficulty of crossing boundaries to battle.

Reaching the Soul Sea Realm, the difference between each minor boundary was huge.

Shangguan Lingyun was only Seventh Level Soul Sea and already hailed as the number one person beneath Divine Traversing. This was already very heaven-defying.

A Sea Transformation Realm brat was also so daunting. What kind of situation did this count as?

“Lord Shangguan, then what should we do now?” Deng Sheng could not refrain from asking.

The Endless World sent a boy with strength on par with Shangguan Lingyun. It was really quite troublesome.

Shangguan Lingyun only said coolly, “Wait!”

Deng Sheng was stunned as he said, “Wait?”

Shangguan Lingyun’s gaze penetrated the central army’s main tent and looked in the direction of Crimsonlight City and said, “Looks like, the war is going to escalate!”

. . . . . .

“Mister Ye, I wonder what means you have to preserve City Lord Manor?” Su Hu asked. In City Lord Manor, right after taking their seats, Su Hu started inquiring.

These few days, Su Hu had been like an ant on a hot pan all along. The suffering in his heart, probably only he himself could understand.

He had always been extremely cautious, sitting on pins and needles, anticipating that the alliance could resolve Crimsonlight City’s crisis every day.

But he never would have thought that the alliance actually just sent five people over.

Ye Yuan seemed to have guessed what Su Hu was thinking in his heart and said smilingly, “City Lord’s capital sunk these days, this Ye feels indebted as if I received it in person. It’s just that . . . even though this Crimsonlight City is important, it’s also a bottomless pit. The people inside the city are people. Aren’t the people outside the city people too?”

Su Hu was stunned and asked perplexedly, “What do Mister Ye’s words mean?”

“The Fierce Gale World’s great army besieging Crimsonlight City, why do they surround and not attack all along?”

“Of course it’s because we have a Tier 5 grand array protecting!” Su Hu said without thinking.

He felt more and more that Ye Yuan was unreliable. Such an obvious thing, was there still a need to ask?

But Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Although a Tier 5 grand array is powerful, it isn’t invincible. This Mystic Crystal Iron Chain Array is an array formation that prioritizes defense. Furthermore, you guys only have a Tier 4 array master presiding over the grand array. There is simply no way to unleash the power of this grand array. Even if Divine Traversing Realm experts don’t take part in the battle, with the numbers of this five-way great army concentrating attacks on the grand array every day, how long can your essence crystals withstand for?”

No matter how powerful the grand array, it needed to expend essence energy too.

Even though Crimsonlight City was large, under the circumstances without assistance, how many essence crystals could there be to expend?

One had to know that to maintain a colossal array formation like this, especially under the circumstances where there were powerful attacks outside, the essence crystals expended every day was a very terrifying sum.

But why did the Fierce Gale World great army not do this?

Su Hu’s heart thumped and had a feeling of falling into a pit.

“Although it’s said that the strong reigns supreme in the martial artist world, and that as long as one’s strength is strong enough, they could disregard everything. In a war like this, everyone’s strength hasn’t pulled apart to such a ridiculous degree. Sometimes, schemes are very effective! Using a fighting style of besieging a city to strike at their reinforcements at this time most likely proves effective every time!”

Ye Yuan’s words crumbled Su Hu’s mental line of defense bit by bit.

Sects stood in great numbers in the Endless World. This sort of large scale martial artist war, they had never experienced before.

But the Fierce Gale World was different. Their martial artists had absolute loyalty and were not much different from mortal world armies.

Plus, the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ strengths were a notch stronger to begin with. The Endless World being utterly routed was also something within expectations.

And Crimsonlight City was merely just a small blade of grass along the advancement path of the Fierce Gale World; it was able to be uprooted at any time!

What the Fierce Gale World great army wanted was even greater results of battle!

Once the alliance sent a big army over to support Crimsonlight City, what awaited them would be a deadly blow!

This was also one of the reasons why Ye Yuan did not bring people over.

It was true that Crimsonlight City was important, but if countless martial artists that came to aid died because of Crimsonlight City, then the loss outweighed the gain.

“There’s even a possibility that those cities’ martial artists from before were deliberately released by the Fierce Gale World. The goal was in order to let them rush to Crimsonlight City and form this present sort of stranded situation!” Ye Yuan’s gaze looked deeply towards the distance, seemingly wanting to see through just who was guiding this war.

Su Hu drew a cold breath. He discovered that his back was already drenched.

If it was really as Ye Yuan said, then the entire Endless World was being toyed with in the palm right now!

This person behind was too terrifying!

Furthermore, Su Hu increasingly felt that Ye Yuan’s theory was very likely. Except, if it was him who was thinking, he could not figure it out no matter what.

At this time, how could Su Hu still have any doubt towards Ye Yuan? He even had a feeling of admiration.

This young man’s strength was not only formidable, but the set-up was also not an ordinary kind of big!

Those old ancestors at the alliance probably could not think of this level either, right?

Using a very long time, Su Hu finally subsided the astonishment in his heart. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan again became not quite the same.

“Then . . . what should we do now, Mister Ye? Could it be to let the martial artists in the entire city all die here?” Su Hu sought advice.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “If the alliance planned to give up on Crimsonlight City, then I wouldn’t have come! Since I came, I naturally have to bring you all out safely!”

Su Hu was also a clever person. It was just that those too involved could not see clearly. Many things were unable to be seen clearly.

Hearing Ye Yuan say so at this time, he immediately understood Ye Yuan’s meaning and could not help saying in surprise, “Mister Ye’s meaning is that . . . we break out of the encirclement? No way, no way! You don’t know how strong the Fierce Gale World martial artists are! We’re simply not their match! Once we break out, even if we can escape, probably not many will survive as well.”

“Hur hur,you fool! Brother Ye has been to the Fierce Gale World’s Central Capital before. Do you think that he’s familiar with Fierce Gale World martial artists or not?”

Qin Yan was enraged badly prior to this and could not find a place to vent all along. At this time, finally catching a topic, he retaliated without any hesitation.

Even though the few of them were followers, the pride in their bones were still there.

Them submitting to Ye Yuan did not represent that they were also willing to submit to a puny little Soul Sea Realm city lord.

Indeed, once Su Hu heard that Ye Yuan had been to the Fierce Gale World’s Central Capital before, the expression on his face immediately changed.

“M-Mister Ye has truly been to the Central Capital before?” Su Hu said in amazement.

The war progressing until now, the Endless World martial artists more or less also knew some things about the Fierce Gale World.

And this Central Capital was precisely one of it. Because it was too famous!

At the thought that Ye Yuan could still return safely after going to the Central Capital, how could Su Hu not be shocked?

Ye Yuan smiled as he nodded and said, “The Fierce Gale World martial artists are not insurmountable. When we came in, didn’t we litter the ground with the bodies of their men and horses too? As long as our forces are strong enough, why should we fear them?”

Su Hu’s expression changed several times and finally heaved a long sigh and said, “Mister Ye, is there no other way?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “The Fierce Gale World’s goal is in order to kill people. So our best response right now is to not let them kill! We will preserve our strength for now. There will come a day to counterattack!”

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