Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Leave Your Back To Us

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Very soon, wails sounded out everywhere in the grand array.

This was the Tier 4 grand array that Ye Yuan relied on the power of the Profound Water Flag and spent three day’s time to set up: the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation!

Hearing wailing sounds coming out from the array formation every now and then, the flesh on Su Hu’s face convulsed.

“Mister Ye, this . . . something bad won’t happen, right?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The biggest problem with our Endless World’s martial artists is that they are too undisciplined and carefree and are totally incapable of joining forces. The greatest use of this array formation is to train their teamwork ability. Wanting to let them comprehend all sorts of grand arrays within a short time, that is impossible. Furthermore, with their temperament, it’s also not possible to accomplish that. The function of this Asura Tri-Pronged Formation is to let them form into a unit for every three people, forming exceptionally powerful combat strength within a small radius. As long as they can complete the training, their combat power will have a qualitative increase!”

Su Hu’s gaze could not help looking over towards the grand array, only to see those martial artists in a disorderly mess. Where was there any consciousness of teamwork?

In the grand array, they were all fighting their own battles and were beaten by their opponents until they did not have the slightest bit of strength to retaliate.

Seeing this sort of situation, Su Hu could not help shaking his head.

“What Mister Ye said is correct. The reason why the Fierce Gale World martial artists are powerful is that they are of one heart and mind. While the martial artists on our side, each time they encounter a large-scale battle, they would basically throw away their helmets and armor instantly. It’s just that . . . I fear that time is too short. They simply can’t complete this training!” Su Hu said.

“Relax. Human potential is limitless. According to the intensity of the training, I designed for them, these people will comprehend out some things eventually. But just as you said, our time isn’t much. At most ten days, we must break out of the encirclement.” Ye Yuan said.

Ye Yuan also did not expect that the one leading the Fierce Gale World great army this time was actually Shangguan Lingyun this person.

His contact with Shangguan Lingyun was not much, but he specially found Xiao Ruyan to understand this person before.

Compared to Zhao Chenggan, this Shangguan Lingyun was more level-headed and intelligent; very hard to deal with.

Furthermore, looking at the situation of both parties’ probing that day, this person’s strength was likely not beneath his own.

If really matched up, the outcome was really hard to say.

“Alright, time is pressing. I have to make the best use of time to cultivate as well, to strive to break through to the Ninth Level Sea Transformation within ten days!” Ye Yuan said.

Su Hu could not help choking up when he heard that. Breaking through to Ninth Level Sea Transformation within ten days. Such words, only this one in front of him dared to say so, right?

Thinking back, when he broke through from the Eighth Level Sea Transformation to Ninth Level Sea Transformation, he used a full five years!

. . . . . .

“Ouch!Kicked my butt again! F*cking hell! Your Father will fight it out with you!”

“Old Zhu, don’t be a hindrance! Scram to one side for me! If you continue to give trouble, I’ll beat you together!”

“Also you, Old Qian, grow some eyes. That sword of yours earlier almost cut me. If there’s a next time, you’re dead for sure!”

In the grand array, Chu Shi was like a mad dog; whoever he caught, he would have a go crazily.

Trapped in the grand array together with him, one was called Zhu Changzhi, the other was called Qian Si. They happened to know each other beforehand.

Actually, Zhu Changzhi and Qian Si’s strength were evenly matched with Chu Shi. He was also just getting an upper-hand verbally. If they really had internal strife, the one getting beaten could only be him.

Most importantly, those martial artists materialized by the grand array already kicked his butt quite a few times. Each time, they kicked him until he face-planted, cutting a sorry figure.

Chu Shi’s temper was not good to begin with. At this time, he was even more pent-up with anger.

“Old Chu, don’t be foul-mouthed! Although these people are formed by the grand array, each of their strength is very formidable. We’re simply not their match! If this continues, we’ll be played to death!” Zhu Changzhi said.

“Bah!Just an array formation that brat set up wants to play Your Father to death? Your Father doesn’t believe this shit! Those few people are also roughly the same as our strength. It’s just that their numbers are a little more than us. I don’t believe that I can’t bring them down!” Chu Shi refused to give in.

Very clearly, he was very displeased with this grand array Ye Yuan set up.

Of course, what he was most displeased with was that these illusionary martial artists kept on chasing his butt and kicking.

Too humiliating!

On the first day, Chu Shi was the same as everyone trapped within the array formation, being kicked leg after leg by those illusionary martial artists; life was very miserable.

But this grand array could not keep operating all the way. Whenever their essence energy were roughly depleted, those martial artists would automatically disappear for some time.

After waiting for their essence energy to recover to a certain extent, those martial artists would automatically appear again.

The second day passed very quickly. The martial artists in the array formations were still exhausted from dealing with it and could not find a way to defeat those illusionary martial artists at all.

But they discovered one thing. The attacks of those martial artists on the second day were much more ferocious compared to the first day. Many martial artists all suffered differing degrees of injuries.

The third day, Liu Hong’s voice suddenly transmitted into the grand array, saying, “Brother Ye said that the power of the grand array will get stronger day by day. If you guys are still fighting by your own separate battles today . . . there will be deaths!”

Finished talking, the voice cut off abruptly.

Everybody all shuddered. ‘There will be deaths,’ these four words were like a heavy hammer smashing onto their chest, making them feel out of breath.

Chu Shi’s expression was very ugly. He gritted his teeth and said, “I feel like that boy isn’t scaring us. If we continue like this, there might really be people dying!”

Zhu Changzhi and Qian Si both felt that way strongly too and nodded their heads.

“Old Zhu, Old Qin, I, this person, hate to work together with others the most. But at this time, it’s not up to us either!” Chu Shi said.

“Heh,you think that Your Father is willing to cooperate with trash like you? But for the sake of living, we might have to cooperate for once,” Zhu Changzhi said.

“I have no objections.” Qian Si’s character was clearly very unsociable and was also unwilling to cooperate with others.

Indeed, when the grand array activated, everyone’s pressure increased suddenly. Those illusionary martial artists’ offensive power suddenly rose a level.

Even though there was Liu Hong’s warning, to really want to achieve good teamwork, how could it be that easy?

“Old Zhu, careful behind!”

“Old Qian, flank!”

“F*ck! You guys revealed my back to the outside!” Chu Shi suddenly flew out with a miserable cry.

“Be careful!”

Qian Si flew with his sword, resolving that illusionary martial artist’s lethal blow.

Chu Shi sweated profusely, struggling up with a grunt to continue fighting.

“Old Qian, I owe you a favor!” Chu Shi yelled.

“You die, we won’t survive either!” Qian Si was precise and to the point.

“These illusionary martial artists’ cooperation is too exquisite. This is not the way to go on. Our teamwork must be stronger than theirs to be able to beat them!” Chu Shi said.

“Heh heh,looks like you aren’t too dumb. Finally made out some trick to it. I, Zhu Changzhi, don’t believe that the three of us living people can’t even compare to a couple of illusionary martial artists! Old Chu, Old Qian, starting from now, my back will be left to you guys!’ Zhu Changzhi said.

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