Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 607

Chapter 607 All The Way North

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Starting from the fifth day, a substantial decline in casualty rate suddenly appeared in the grand array.

When it reached the tenth day, the martial artists’ casualty count was merely just several hundred people.

Which was also to say that the vast majority of the people already adapted to this sort of battles.

But to most people, they could only clear the earlier hurdles. Three people facing five should not be too much of a problem.

For a small number of elites like Chu Shi trio, their improvement was very evident.

When it reached the tenth day, Chu Shi trio could already deal with nineteen illusionary martial artists and not be defeated.

This sort of improvement speed made Ye Yuan quite surprised too.

On the tenth day, Ye Yuan finally removed the grand array. Each and every one of those martial artists felt like being relieved of a heavy burden, all having a feeling of seeing the light of day once more.

This ten days’ time was simply even more arduous than ten years.

The majority of them were all itinerant cultivators. When had they experienced such perverse training before?

Ten day’s time, the martial artists lost neared ten thousand people.

But coming out of the Asura Tri-Pronged Formation, these martial artists’ aura underwent an earthshaking change.

Ye Yuan’s gaze looked at everyone glitteringly and said coldly, “I know that many among you people all feel that I’m very cruel. But when we break out of the encirclement, you’ll know how merciful I am. I don’t wish to say superfluous words. The break out operation officially begins today at 11am. At that time, you’ll feel just how worthwhile this training was. Now, you all have a rest on the spot and recover essence energy.”

. . . . . .


Earth-shaking war cries suddenly sounded. Tens of thousands of martial artists poured out from Crimsonlight City’s northern gate.

However, the Fierce Gale World great army was not as disorderly as imagined. They actually carried out defense in an orderly manner!

“Not good! We’ve fallen into the Fierce Gale World great army’s encirclement!”

“Ah!They’ve long been prepared! We’re screwed now!”

“F*ck me! Isn’t this delivering the sheep to the tiger’s maws? We were all tricked by that brat!”

Under Ye Yuan’s order, the martial artists in Crimsonlight City all thought that they could catch the Fierce Gale World great army unprepared.

Who could have thought that the Fierce Gale World great army seemed to have been long prepared and surrounded these tens of thousands of people very quickly.

This sort of situation exceeded these martial artists’ expectations too much. They all felt that they were duped by Ye Yuan this brat and started cursing one by one.

Very soon, both side’s great army fought in close quarters. The Fierce Gale World martial artists took the initiative very quickly.

Their combat strength was very strong. Adding in the advantage in numbers, it made the Endless World martial artists feel despair very quickly.

In the central army’s main tent, Deng Sheng said with a loud laugh, “Lord Shangguan is brilliant and knew that they will surely break out of the encirclement these two days! With this, Crimsonlight City’s these cowards finally can’t avoid our blades!”

Shangguan Lingyun said smilingly, “With Ye Yuan’s intelligence, he absolutely would not resign himself to death in the city. Lord Yunrong will reach here latest by these two days. If they didn’t break out, they wouldn’t have the chance anymore.”

“Heh heh,with our strength, as long as these people exit the city, it will be equivalent to being fish on the chopping board. All free for us to slice up. Ye Yuan that brat thinks himself to be smart. In the end, isn’t he still Lord Shangguan’s vanquished opponent?” Deng Sheng said with a wave of delight.

“Huhu,don’t be happy so early. Ye Yuan’s strength is very formidable. In our great army, probably only I can deal with him. The other martial artists will be left to you. Once Ye Yuan takes action, I’ll intercept him. As long as Lord Yunrong arrives, he’s dead for sure!” Shangguan Lingyun said.

Shangguan Lingyun did not have plans to clash head-on with Ye Yuan. What he wanted to do was to delay the time and wait for Shangguan Yunrong to reach.

. . . . . .

Although inside the array formation these Endless World martial artists had already gone through high-intensity training, when truly facing the Fierce Gale World martial artists, each of their hearts still pounded.

After all, people were different from illusionary martial artists. Humans had their own thoughts and feelings and were totally different from training.

Very soon, the Fierce Gale World great army occupied the absolute initiative, cutting up the Endless World martial artists into a disorderly mess.

“Haha!You fools! You actually walked into a trap!”

“Just your bit of strength is only fit to be cowards!”

“Go and die with your minds at ease. Want to blame, then blame that brat called Ye Yuan. It was him who pushed you guys into the fire pit!”

The Fierce Gale World martial artists occupied the absolute initiative. Their strength was very formidable.

Under the confusion, the Endless World martial artists were in complete disarray very soon.

However, the grand array’s training still had some effect after all.

Through ten days of high-intensity training, these people already produced a feeling called fetters towards each other.

No matter how ferocious the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ attacks were, three people small groups still maintained from start to end.

Even elites like the Chu Shi trio were also helter-skelter in the beginning.

But after experiencing the initial-most flurry, Chu Shi finally recovered to his senses.

“Old Zhu, Old Qian, are you all dreaming? Did you guys forget how we trained in the grand array?” Chu Shi roared.

“Old Chu, you shut your mouth for Your Father! What Your Father does, do I still need you to teach?” Zhu Changzhi said.

“So much crap! Kill!” Qian Si was concise and to the point.

Chu Shi, the three of them, their performances in the grand array training were the most outstanding. This trio’s strength was actually very terrifying already.

When the three of them became serious, they discovered very quickly that the surrounding Fierce Gale World martial artists became unable to withstand a single hit!

Through ten days of training, the three of them already did not need words to communicate at all.

Even in the night, they could also feel their partner’s intent through each other’s aura.


Chu Shi gave a roar and directly cleaved the two middle-stage Soul Sea experts by his side.

All of a sudden, Chu Shi trio discovered that those originally incomparably powerful Fierce Gale World martial artists became unbelievably fragile at this time.

Chu Shi trio took the lead, charging over like cutting melons and cabbages along the way.

And their actions also let the other teams produce a resonance.

Just like this, Chu Shi trio was like sparks of fire, instantly lighting up the entire battlefield!

Endless World’s side, every three people formed a small team. Their combat strength suddenly skyrocketed.

“Hahaha!Your Father still thought how powerful you trash were! Turns out that you collapse at the first blow like so!” Chu Shi laughed wildly.

Zhu Changzhi chopped a Soul Sea Realm expert and said liberatingly, “F*cking hell, Your Father has been oppressed for so long and can finally kill to my heart’s content! You bastards killed how many of our companions? Today, I’m going to take revenge for them!”

Qian Si was silent without words, but his hands were not slow in the slightest, directly cleaving two Soul Sea Realm martial artists.

“Brothers, kill! Mister Ye said, all the way north! Don’t turn back! We’ll kill all the way over!” Chu Shi mustered up essence energy, his voice resounding throughout the entire battlefield.

The originally densely packed encirclement forcefully had a massive opening hewed out.

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