Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Divine Traversing Realm Appears

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Those martial artists were already crazed with killing. How could they care about Ye Yuan’s warning?

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

Ye Yuan punched out without hesitation, directly decimating a large throng!

With this, those martial artists finally knew his power. They came to a standstill one by one, looking at Ye Yuan fearfully.

“Heh.Do you think that by using this sort of method, you can let them escape alive? I’ll hold him down. You all carry on chasing them! Kill off all of them for me! Leave no one!” Shangguan Lingyun issued the order.

When those Fierce Gale World martial artists heard Shangguan Lingyun’s words, they were all stirring to take action.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Those who aren’t afraid to die, feel free to chase.”

His voice was not loud, but it transmitted into everyone’s ears clearly. Everyone unwittingly shuddered, and they involuntarily stopped their footsteps.

Shangguan Lingyun’s expression darkened. He directly grabbed a martial artist and pinched him to death and said in a solemn voice, “All didn’t hear me? Chase after them for me! Could it be that you guys forgot the Wind Emperor, His Majesty’s, teachings?”

Upon mentioning the wind emperor, those martial artists were like injected with stimulants one after another, and became abnormally excited.

They actually forgot fear and really charged over.


Ye Yuan punched again, decimating a large swarm once more.

Yet, this time, his deterrence actually did not have any effect. Those martial artists still chased after crazily.

But when those martial artists were chasing, they intentionally circled around Ye Yuan, as if he, this person, did not exist.

Shangguan Lingyun looked at Ye Yuan in delight and said, “Saw that? This is the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ might! Even if I let you kill, how many can you kill?”

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed. Killing intent was revealed towards Shangguan Lingyun!

Shangguan Lingyun naturally perceived Ye Yuan’s killing intent, but he was not bothered.

Although he examined himself and felt that he was not Ye Yuan’s match, for Ye Yuan to want to kill him, it was not something that easy.

“Huhu,want to kill me? Bring it on!” Seeing Ye Yuan in an awkward position, Shangguan Lingyun was very satisfied in his heart too.

Ye Yuan looked at Shangguan Lingyun and said coldly, “Do you really think that I can’t kill you?”

“Ye Yuan, I know that you’re very formidable. But as long as I don’t clash head-on with you, what basis do you have to kill me?”

“Is that so? Then watch closely!”

Ye Yuan’s starting stance was still the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage. Shangguan Lingyun was already very familiar with this move.

The Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage was indeed unbelievably powerful. But Shangguan Lingyun naturally would not be foolish enough to clash with Ye Yuan.

When Ye Yuan made his move, Shangguan Lingyun’s movement technique was already swiftly displayed.

All of a sudden, Shangguan Lingyun’s expression changed drastically!

Because his movement technique had just activated and that colossal red dragon was already right before his eyes! Shangguan Lingyun did not even see clearly how in the world Ye Yuan made his move!

Instant-cast martial technique!

This thought just flashed past Shangguan Lingyun’s mind, but he only had time to muster up all the essence energy in the body to guard his heart channels.


The massive red dragon collided viciously onto Shangguan Lingyun’s body. He took a Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage from Ye Yuan in all its glory!

The power of the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage did not need to be said. Even with Shangguan Lingyun’s Eighth Level Soul Sea protective essence energy, it totally could not guard against this move as well.


Fresh blood sprayed wildly from Shangguan Lingyun’s mouth! His entire person was hit flying out high up in the air!

After those Fierce Gale World martial artists who were currently chasing saw this scene, they all involuntarily came to a halt and was at a loss on what to do for a time.

Their main commander was actually beaten to this state by Ye Yuan in one exchange!

“Lord Shangguan!”

At this time, Deng Sheng was the very first to react, directly flying up to catch Shangguan Lingyun.

“Lord Shangguan, are you alright?”

Deng Sheng hurriedly stuffed a medicinal pill into Shangguan Lingyun’s mouth and revolved essence energy to help him refine the medicinal strength.

Ye Yuan caught up at this time as well and did not prevent this scene with Deng Sheng.

With the Fierce Gale World’s alchemy standards, how good a medicinal pill could be brought out?

Ye Yuan slowly walked in front of Shangguan Lingyun. Everybody all held their breaths.

Deng Sheng hurriedly stood in front of Ye Yuan, blocking his path and said in a grave voice, “If you dare to kill Lord Shangguan, I’ll fight it out with you!”

“Fighting it out with me, you don’t have this qualification!” Ye Yuan continued walking forward as he spoke.

Deng Sheng was taken in by Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum and fell back repeatedly.

Even Shangguan Lingyun was not Ye Yuan’s match. How could he possibly be Ye Yuan’s match?

He did not see clearly how Ye Yuan made his move earlier at all. He only saw a red light flash and Shangguan Lingyun was already struck by Ye Yuan.

Instant-cast martial technique!

It was definitely an instant-cast martial technique!

This youth could actually get hold of an instant-cast martial technique. It was simply impossible to guard against!

Except, Deng Sheng could not figure out even if he scratched his scalp raw. How could such a powerful martial technique possibly achieve instant-cast?

The incomparably powerful Shangguan Lingyun in his eyes was actually finished off by Ye Yuan instantly!

This move earlier, Ye Yuan finally employed the nameless essence energy in his body. Forget about Shangguan Lingyun not being prepared, even if he had made ample preparations, it was also not possible to be Ye Yuan’s match.

After experiencing the addition of nameless essence energy, the power of the Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage was even greater. Adding in instant-cast martial technique, Shangguan Lingyun’s defeat was already an inevitable situation.

Deng Sheng suddenly paused and halted his footsteps.

Behind him was Shangguan Lingyun already. He could not retreat anymore already.

“Y-Ye Yuan, you kill me then. I beg you, let Lord Shangguan off!” Deng Sheng suddenly begged.

Ye Yuan did not speak. His essence energy was already in the midst of being mustered frenziedly.

Shangguan Lingyun had to die. He was this great army’s spirit.

As long as he died, this great army was nothing to be feared. Only this way could give those Crimsonlight City martial artists sufficient time to escape.

Hence, it was impossible for Ye Yuan to let Shangguan Lingyun off.

“D-Don’t beg him! I-If you have the capabilities, t-then kill me!Puhwark!”As Shangguan Lingyun spoke, another mouthful of blood spewed out again.

Even though that blow earlier did not claim his life, his wounds were extremely heavily currently, and he was already not far from death as well.

If not for Deng Sheng feeding him a medicinal pill earlier, he would not even be able to speak right now.

Ye Yuan did not have the intention of stalling for time. He knew that at present, time was pressing and already could not allow him to be indecisive.

Looking at Shangguan Lingyun’s actions, a Divine Traversing Realm expert was definitely on the way already. There was simply no time for him to delay!

And towards a person like Shangguan Lingyun, he would not be soft-hearted as well.

Very soon, Ye Yuan’s aura rose to the peak once more. A massive red dragon rumbled over towards Deng Sheng once more, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

Deng Sheng clenched his jaws tightly and already planned on giving a last-ditch struggle.

But right at this time, a horrifying pressure descended from the sky!

Sensing this pressure, Ye Yuan’s expression changed drastically, and his figure moved back explosively!

A light halo appeared. Ye Yuan’s red colossal dragon was directly eradicated!

Two figures appeared at Shangguan Lingyun’s sides. One of them was dignified and elegant; of noble birth at one glance.

But the other was rather boorish, quite like the Lan Family Clan’s style.

These two people were shockingly both Divine Traversing Realm experts!

When Deng Sheng saw the arrivals, his face revealed wild elation!

“Lord Yunrong! Lord Lan Shun! You . . . You finally came!”

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