Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Detonate

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Ye Yuan was tickled when he heard that and said smilingly, “Keep cool and work things out? Your tone when speaking to me earlier wasn’t like this.”

Lan Shun had an awkward look as he said, “I . . . That was me having eyes, but not recognizing Mount Tai. Brat,erno, Little Brother Ye, I . . . I apologize.”

His back was already drenched in sweat, standing there and not daring to even move.

Throughout his life until now, this was his first time feeling that he was so close to death.

“Huhu,apologize? Do you feel that I’ll accept your apology?” Ye Yuan smiled as he responded with a question.

“Then . . . Then what do you want?”

“What do I want? How you guys came, scram back for me! Otherwise, you all have to die today!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

As he said, Ye Yuan raised the talisman in his hand up. Lan Shun’s heart lifted along as well and almost leaped out.

At this instant, his scalp nearly exploded.

However, Ye Yuan spun around lightly. The Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman returned to its original place again.


Lan Shun heaved a sigh in relief. Sweat ran down his cheeks and dripped down.

By the side, Shangguan Yunrong did not speak all along. At this time, he suddenly voiced out, “Ye Yuan, you don’t need to pretend to be relax! Your Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman can only be used once, right?”

Ye Yuan was secretly startled, but his face was composed as he said,“Huhu,you can come and give it a try. Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman, I have a total of three; plenty to kill the two of you!”

But Shangguan Yunrong shook his head and said, “The used once that I said wasn’t this meaning. Unleashing the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman with your current strength, you’ll most likely be sapped completely of essence energy instantaneously. So you won’t have the opportunity to unleash a second one at all! Even though it’s my first time meeting you, I still more or less know a little about your way of handling things. With your character, if you can unleash the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman many times, you would probably already have killed off Lan Shun without the slightest hesitation earlier. Tell me, is what I said right or wrong?”

The more Shangguan Yunrong spoke, he more collected he became. He had clearly walked out of that panic-stricken emotion earlier already.

Furthermore, one could discern from his tone that he was rather confident in his analysis.

Ye Yuan did not think that this Shangguan Yunrong was actually so troublesome. He saw through that he was just making an empty show of strength so quickly.

What Shangguan Yunrong said was totally right!

When Long Teng handed these Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talismans to him, he also told Ye Yuan the method of application.

Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was still somewhat lacking right now. He was simply unable to unleash the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman many times.

Which was also to say that the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman in his hands could only kill Lan Shun alone!

And once he unleashed the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman, he only had waiting helplessly for the end, this one path, to walk.

Ye Yuan was originally thinking of using the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman to threaten the other party, then retreat leisurely. He did not expect that this Shangguan Yunrong was someone with a sharp mind. Wanting to smoke this through was not that easy!

“Huhu,is that so? Since you say so, then I’ll come and give it a try.” Ye Yuan turned towards Lan Shun and said, “Hey, that Lan Shun or whatever, sorry about it. In order to verify whether his words are correct or not, I’ll use you as an experiment first.”

As he said, Ye Yuan’s body radiated with a brilliant splendor and was about to pour essence energy into the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman.

Lan Shun had a myriad of profanities galloping across his mind right now, but he hastily yelled out, “Don’t, don’t don’t! Little Brother Ye, don’t be rash! I believe you! I believe you!”

Everyone says that the older the person, the more cowardly they get. This was not false at all.

For Lan Shun to be able to have today’s accomplishments, he could be said to have gone through countless violent storms and waves. So he valued life the most as well. But how could he expect that he would fall at the hands of a junior today?

The most hateful thing was that Shangguan Yunrong’s words openly and implied meaning were baiting Ye Yuan to finish him off. This fellow simply had malicious intents!

Even if what Shangguan Yunrong said was true, what right did he have to make him be the scapegoat?

“Shangguan Yunrong! What the meaning of this?” Lan Shun simmered with anger.

Shangguan Yunrong said coolly, “His Majesty had warned us about this Ye Yuan! As long as we come across him, we are to capture and execute him right away! You saw it too, how great Ye Yuan’s potential is! Wait until he advances to the Soul Sea Realm, even you and I might not be his match too! For the sake of His Majesty’s grand plan, you sacrifice a bit.”

“Pooh!Talk is cheap! Why aren’t you the one sacrificing? If you have the capabilities, we swap positions. You go and sacrifice. I’ll complete His Majesty’s grand plan!” Lan Shun snarled.

Shangguan Yunrong did not bother with Lan Shun. He said to Ye Yuan, “You don’t need to sow discord here. Today, I won’t let you leave no matter what! Your growth is too rapid. It’s already threatening His Majesty’s plan. Hence, you must die today!”

Ye Yuan did not think that Shangguan Yunrong was so resolute; wanting to kill him by not stinting to sacrifice Lan Shun as well!

Like this, the matter was somewhat troublesome.

Even though he was very fretful in his heart, Ye Yuan’s face was still showing a smile, as if he thought nothing of it in the slightest.

He smiled and said to Lan Shun,“Huhu,looks like your companion doesn’t care about life or death at all! Alright then, since that’s the case, then I’ll send you to the western paradise. But when you’re dead, don’t blame me. Want to blame, blame your companion for being heartless and cold-blooded.

The talisman in Ye Yuan’s hand radiated even more brilliantly. Lan Shun was sweating profusely as he cursed, “Shangguan Yunrong, I f*ck your grandma! You’ll die a horrible death! May you be the last in your family line . . . Little Brother Ye, you mustn’t, mustn’t be rash!”

Toward Lan Shun’s cursing, Shangguan Yunrong was unmoved. With awhizz,Shangguan Yunrong gathered a titanic quantity of heaven and earth essence energy.

He was actually going to unleash an attack against Ye Yuan to force Ye Yuan to submit!

Divine Traversing Realm experts’ control over heaven and earth essence energy already reached a very exaggerated level.

Shangguan Yunrong deliberately pulled apart the distance from Ye Yuan. At this distance, although Ye Yuan’s Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman could hit him, it definitely would not be fatal.

Conversely, it was likewise the same!

But the attack of a Divine Traversing Realm expert, how could Ye Yuan dare to really withstand head-on?

Therefore, Ye Yuan’s only option was to use the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman to kill Lan Shun!

This Shangguan Yunrong, what ruthless means!

In order to kill him, he did not scruple to use the life of another Divine Traversing Realm expert as the price!

“Proud Snow Silver Frost Finger!”

Shangguan Yunrong gave a light cry. An extremely tyrannical finger light tore through the air and arrived!

“Shangguan Yunrong, I f*ck your eighteen generations of ancestors!Argh!Your Father will risk it! Dark Wind Divine Palm!”

This Lan Shun was also someone decisive in killing and knew that at this time, it was no longer up to him!

Even though he cursed Shangguan Yunrong verbally, this palm was not targeted at him but was unleashed towards Ye Yuan.

At this time, he could only bet that the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion in Ye Yuan’s hand was a gray-market product and was totally useless.

Two mighty Divine Traversing Realm experts unleashed moves at Ye Yuan at the same time. The commotion caused was truly earth-shaking.

A colossal pressure engulfed the entire battlefield, crushing the other martial artists until they could not breathe.

At this sort of stage, Ye Yuan no longer had any hopes of leaving things to chance. He poured all the essence energy in his body into the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman.

The purple talisman instantly bloomed with a dazzling light. Several streaks of purple thunderbolts appeared from the void, wantonly bombarding at Lan Shun!

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