Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Great Pursuit And Escape

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Towards Ding Liang’s arrival, Ye Yuan was not too flustered.

Not that he was not worried, but he was pretending to be unconcerned.

If he was not worried, why would he barge into this freaking Forbidden Death Zone?

“Huhu,truly, enemies meet on a narrow path. Didn’t expect that Shangguan Yunrong’s curse mark was actually passed to you!” Ye Yuan said very nonchalantly.

When Ding Liang saw Ye Yuan’s manner, he said coolly, “Are you pretending to be relaxed? You don’t think that you can still escape from my hands this time, right?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Even Zhao Tianyin couldn’t hold me back and even needed to kowtow and admit his fault in front of me. Just the likes of you wish to make me stay?””

Ding Liang’s expression changed, his face instantly becoming as black as the bottom of a pot.

The Central Capital battle, the ones who knew the outcome were only him, Ding Liang, and people of Star Abyss’s lineage.

That battle was not just the Wind Emperor, His Majesty’s disgrace, it was also all the Fierce Gale World martial artists’ shame!

The invincible Wind Emperor actually kowtowed towards a Crystal Formation Realm brat. That was simply unprecedented humiliation!

“You shut your mouth for me! If I don’t kill you today, I’m lesser than human!”

“Heh heh,then you’ll really not be able to be human today! You were present on that day. You should know that I have a powerful helper, right?” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Ding Liang’s expression changed as he recalled that terrifying woman on that day.

Even the Wind Emperor did not have the slightest strength to resist under her hands. That woman’s horror could be imagined.

But he remembered the Wind Emperor’s words again; the Wind Emperor had said that woman naturally had people to deal with her. This actually caused his nerves to ease up a little.

“Humph!Is she really around? Why don’t you call her out for me to take a look!” Ding Liang said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan was secretly startled. Could it be that this Ding Liang knew something?

How could he have known that in an accident arising from many causes, Ding Liang was also considered to have hit the mark by a fluke?

Yue Mengli’s present condition was just coming out to intimidate people a bit. He did not expect that this Ding Liang did not fall for it at all!

But Ye Yuan obviously would not give up hope so easily. He said coolly, “Li-er, somebody wants to meet you. Show yourself for an appearance then!”

Under Ding Liang’s horrified gaze, Yue Mengli really appeared!

“Last time, I spared your life. Didn’t think that you still don’t know how what’s good for you!” Yue Mengli glared angrily and said, and she was about to muster heaven and earth essence energy.

Seeing Yue Mengli, Ding Liang’s scalp really exploded. How could he still care about killing Ye Yuan? He turned around and fled desperately with all his might.

Ding Liang wished that his parents had given him a pair of wings to let him be able to fly a bit faster.

Ding Liang was an Eighth Level Divine Traversing Realm expert. In a twinkle, he already flew out several hundred miles away.

All of a sudden, Ding Liang was startled with a jerk and discovered that something was not quite right!

If that striking beauty really wanted to kill him, how could he possibly escape?

Also, if that woman was really that powerful, why would Ye Yuan go deep into a dangerous place as well?

Played by this fellow!

Although he did not know what happened, that woman definitely had no way of helping Ye Yuan!

Otherwise just now, a hundred of him would be dead too!

Sensing the curse mark again, Ye Yuan had indeed sped like the wind in the opposite direction.

Ding Liang, as an upper echelon of the Fierce Gale World, was not foreign to the Endless World. He knew that the place around two thousand miles ahead was the Forbidden Death Zone.

He understood that this was Ye Yuan wanting to force himself into a desperate situation so that he could risk it all. With this tussle, both parties instantly pulled apart close to a thousand miles!

“Damn brat!”

Ding Liang gritted his teeth and raise his speed to the limits, chasing after Ye Yuan.

“Big Brother, this fellow’s movement speed is too fast!” White Light said anxiously as he ran.

Although Flowing Light White Tigers’ forte was speed, Ding Liang’s cultivation realm was much higher than theirs. His movement speed was naturally a great deal faster compared to theirs as well.

Although Ye Yuan used a trick to scare Ding Liang away, this fellow’s reaction speed was still pretty fast. He actually chased after so quickly.

“You just care about running forward. Leave the rest to me!” Ye Yuan said.

“Big Brother, you have to be careful!”

The two people sped like the wind while communicating how to deal with it. In a blink, they sprinted for several hundred miles.

But how fast was Ding Liang’s speed? In just this short while, he already shrunk the distance between both parties to only a distance of two hundred miles!

Both parties’ strengths were too powerful. The places that they pass through, even Tier 4 demonic beasts had to give a wide berth!

“Ye Yuan! Wait until this old man catches up to you! I must flay your skin and pull out your tendons to be able to dispel the hatred in my heart!”

Ding Liang had long been enraged to the limits. Being fooled by Ye Yuan this brat, how could he, this old monster, not be furious?

“Old fogey, if you have the capabilities, then chase all the way into the Forbidden Death Zone!” Ye Yuan replied.

“Boy, you don’t be cocky! If you have the capabilities, run inside first before talking!”

“Old fogey, you don’t be cocky! If you have the capabilities, catch up first before talking!”

The two people’s feet did not ease up for a second, but their mouths started quarreling.

Seeing as both parties’ gap was getting smaller and smaller, Ding Liang’s aura already rose to the peak!

Even when separated by such a great distance, Ye Yuan could also feel the other party’s horrifying pressure.

Looks like this old punk was really infuriated by him!

Two hundred miles . . .

One hundred miles . . .

Fifty miles . . .

Both party’s gap was getting increasingly smaller, while Ye Yuan’s distance away from the Forbidden Death Zone was also getting lesser and lesser!

Finally, when there were still several miles away from the Forbidden Death Zone, Ding Liang caught up to Ye Yuan!

“White Light, go!”

Ye Yuan already had no time to keep White Light into the Vast Heaven Pagoda at this time. He could only let him enter the Forbidden Death Zone first.

As for what this Forbidden Death Zone had, Ye Yuan did not know either!

Perhaps this was his survival path, or maybe it was actually his death gate!

Actually, Ye Yuan had long thought it out clearly. Since he revived, he was indeed intertwined with a great destiny. Several incidences of hopeless situations, he turned the dangers all into safety.

Perhaps this so-called Forbidden Death Zone was his survival path too!

Therefore, that was why Ye Yuan was willing to take his chances!

Under Ye Yuan’s instructions, White Light leaped and vanished.

And Ye Yuan himself turned around abruptly and faced Ding Liang coldly.

“Stinking brat, prepare to die!”

Ding Liang did not have the slightest hesitation. Straight away, it was his strongest attack!

Ye Yuan did not hesitate at all as well. He directly fished out a Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman and threw it over at Ding Liang.

Ding Liang originally attacked in rage and already calculated that Ye Yuan was dead for sure. Who knew that Ye Yuan suddenly pulled out such a powerful weapon!

This Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman was equivalent to a peak Divine Traversing Realm’s attack. The might of its power could be imagined!

But Ye Yuan also knew that this Ding Liang was an Eighth Level Divine Traversing expert after all. For this Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman to want to kill him, it was still a little lacking.

So after he threw out the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman, Ye Yuan immediately turned around and ran madly.

There was not much essence energy left in his body at this time. But Ye Yuan’s present physical body was extremely formidable too. Even without the support of essence energy, running for a few days and nights was not an issue either.


A massive impact sounded out. Ding Liang muffled groan came from behind Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan did not even turn his head back, running over towards the Forbidden Death Zone!

Ahead was a mass of dense fog.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate the slightest bit, plunging headlong inside . . .

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