Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 624

Chapter 624 A Gamble

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Ding Liang suddenly struck a palm out, shattering a large tree by the side into smithereens. It could be seen just how immense the fury in his heart was.

Calculated everything and he still could not predict that Ye Yuan actually had a Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman!

This time, not only did he not catch Ye Yuan, he even let himself suffer considerable injuries instead.

To think that he was still swearing solemnly before, saying that Ye Yuan could not escape this time. In the end, he still ran away.

Facing the layers upon layers of dense fog ahead, Ding Liang was somewhat shrinking back.

He knew that behind this dense fog was human martial artists’ forbidden land. Even peak Divine Traversing Realm experts would also not come out again when entering this Forbidden Death Zone.

En. . . Accurately speaking, they did come back. It was just that what came back was just a corpse.

According to the information that the Fierce Gale World collected, this Forbidden Death Zone was the Endless World’s most terrifying place. Even His Majesty did not dare to step foot inside too.

Before departing, Zhao Tianyin repeated exhorted the few of them just two matters.

One of it was to not provoke the Endless Forest’s demonic beasts. Most importantly, to absolutely not enter the Forbidden Death Zone!

The other matter was to be sure to kill Ye Yuan!

Now, these two matters actually miraculously overlapped together.

Then . . . could this Forbidden Death Zone kill Ye Yuan or not?

Ding Liang pondered, a place where even His Majesty did not dare to step foot into, Ye Yuan could not possibly survive, right?

Ding Liang suddenly recalled something. Reaching his hand out and taking a look at the curse mark in his hand, his expression could not help changing. He actually lost connection to Ye Yuan’s curse mark!

This Forbidden Death Zone was truly abnormal. To actually be able to cut off the response between the curse marks!

This divine soul curse was extremely malicious. It was like a bone infesting maggot. As long as the person inflicted by the curse did not die, this curse would never ever be removed.

Even Ding Liang, this Eighth Level Divine Traversing expert, was unable to accomplish cutting off this response. But this Forbidden Death Zone could!

“Screw it. I’ll just wait here and do nothing! This boy is bloody freaky. If he can really come out from there, then it won’t be easy to handle! Either way, as long as he leaves the Forbidden Death Zone, no matter where he walks to, I’ll be able to sense it!”

Ding Liang made a decision very quickly.

. . . . . .

“White Light, where are you?”

In the dense fog, Ye Yuan called out White Light’s name repeatedly. But did not get any response.

In front of his eyes was completely a stretch of haziness. Nothing could be seen at all.

All the way until Ye Yuan walked for an entire day’s time in this dense fog did he finally confirmed two things.

One of it was that he got separated from White Light!

The other thing was that . . . he was lost!

This dense fog was seemingly expansive. No matter how he walked, he could not reach the end too.

With Ye Yuan’s knowledge and experience, he did not know what the hell this dense fog was either.

But Ye Yuan could confirm one thing; this dense fog was currently devouring the essence energy within his body!

This one day and one night, Ye Yuan did not do anything at all, but the essence energy in his body was actually only left with two-thirds of the original!

At this rate, there was still three days’ time, and then the essence energy in his body would be completely fully exhausted.

This bit, Ye Yuan was not very worried. Coming out this time, he brought sufficient medicinal pills on him and was totally able to sustain for a very long time.

What Ye Yuan was worried about was that he would be lost in this dense fog all the way.

That was the most terrifying thing!

This dense fog did not seem to have anything at all; it was deathly still, as if there was only Ye Yuan alone left in the entire world . . . and this dense fog.

This sort of feeling virtually made people feel despair!

No wonder the Endless World’s people all called this place as the Forbidden Death Zone. Even if peak Divine Traversing Realm experts entered, facing this boundless gray fog, they would probably go crazy in the end too.

Even if you had unparalleled magical abilities, you could not find a passageway to give vent either.

Furthermore, it was very clear that the more you expend essence energy, the faster you die!

In the gray fog, regardless where you walk to, all of the scenery was the exact same; all a stretch of haziness. There was completely no way of differentiating what place you walked through just now.

Under such an environment, wanting to walk out of the dense fog was simply an impossible matter!

Two whole days, Ye Yuan just walked like this, seemingly aimlessly. As he walked, before his eyes were forever a stretch of gray haziness.

During this period, Ye Yuan consumed a medicinal pill, restoring his essence energy to the optimum state.

But at this time, his essence energy was only left with two-thirds again.

Two days later, Ye Yuan finally could not walk anymore.

He suddenly stopped, crossed his legs and sat down, and actually started visualizing the ‘Lin’ word formula!

“This dense fog isn’t an array formation. But I feel that I’m walking around in circles continuously! It looks like I’ve walked for two days and nights and seemed to have walked very far, but actually, I didn’t walk out very far at all! Even with my heart realm maintaining Heart Like Still Water state, it also can’t see through this dense fog. Since that’s the case, then I can only break through Heart Realm to be rescued from the hopeless situation!”

Although this place did not have fighting, this dense fog was Ye Yuan’s greatest adversary!

Forbidden Death Zone was truly not an undeserved reputation!

With Ye Yuan’s knowledge and experience, he actually could not find the slightest clue after walking for two days and nights.

But Ye Yuan had a faint supernatural feeling, and that was that he had been walking in circles all along!

This was only faintly detected by him while under the Heart Like Still Water Realm.

It could be seen that if there wasn’t extremely high Heart Realm boundary, even if your cultivation was any higher, there was only waiting for death here!

Even if Ye Yuan’s Heart Realm already reached an extremely high level, it also took two whole days to have that tiny hint of fuzzy awareness!

It could be seen that the fame of this perilous land was truly not a joke.

The terror of this Forbidden Death Zone absolutely surpassed all of the predicaments that Ye Yuan had encountered since he revived!

Because the predicament that he met with this time was something he had no way of resolving even with the knowledge that he carried over from reviving!

What people were most terrified of was the unknown. It was no exception to Ye Yuan as well!

When all of his knowledge could not be put to use, this was naturally his most difficult time.

Even if Ye Yuan faintly had a feeling, he did not know whether his feeling was right or not either.

Even if his feeling was correct, Ye Yuan also did not know if he could break through Heart Realm before his recovery medicinal pills were consumed entirely!

Everything was not definite!

Ye Yuan did not have the choice right now. He could only go and gamble!

Gamble that his hint of inspiration was not wrong!

Of course, this was also just Ye Yuan. If it were other martial artists, even if Zhao Tianyin came personally, he might not have this chance to gamble.

No matter how high their cultivation realms were, who could reach the height of Ye Yuan’s Heart Realm boundary?

According to Ye Yuan’s deduction, if he wanted to see through this dense fog, Heart Like Still Water was already inadequate.

Which was also to say that he had to break through to Heart Like Monolith Realm!

This Heart Realm boundary, even in the Divine Realm, it was a realm of the legends too!

However, Ye Yuan really did not know if his current Heart Like Still Water had really reached the pinnacle or not.

If he really succeeded in breaking through but did not reach Heart Like Monolith Realm, then that would really be fun.

All in all, everything was a gamble!

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