Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan

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Yu Leng still had a lingering fear in her heart at the moment. She looked at Ye Yuan, her face filled with astonishment.

But Yu Shu had a muddled look. Her gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with gratitude.

She knew that Ye Yuan shifted the palm force just now. Otherwise, she would already be a corpse now.

“Elder Sister Yu Leng, what did you say just now? Dragon race?” Yu Shu inquired curiously.

Since just now, Yu Leng had been in a state of shock all along. All the way until Yu Shu inquired, did she come back to her senses.

There was no way for her sense to be wrong. Ye Yuan’s attack just now was absolutely the strength of a true dragon!

But how could a human brat possibly unleash the strength of a true dragon?

The demon race had a strict hierarchy. The Four Great Divine Beasts were the races belonging at the top of the food chain.

In front of the dragon race, low ranking demonic beasts would not even dare to raise their heads either, even if their cultivation realm was higher than the demonic race’s.

Just like White Light, no matter where he walked to in the Endless Forest, he virtually did not need to attack, and myriad beasts would submit. The reason was the divine beast bloodline in his body!

In the demon race, the compulsion of bloodline was at times even more effective than cultivation realm.

“C-Can’t be wrong! I’d entered the Holy Land once before with First Elder and felt the pressure of the dragon race before. It was exactly the same as his earlier! But . . . But he’s just a human race brat. How can he possibly be of the dragon race?” Yu Leng already lost her bearings at this time, muttering under her breath.

Yu Shu looked at Ye Yuan weirdly and asked, “Big Brother, you . . . you’re actually of the dragon race? If you’re of the dragon race, you naturally have the qualifications to enter God Prohibited Demon Region.”

Ye Yuan’s impressive of Yu Shu was pretty good, and she was not as cold and apathetic as Yu Leng. Or else, he would not have held back earlier.

Seeing Yu Shu asking about it, Ye Yuan said very candidly, “To say that I’m of the dragon race, that’s fine. To say that I’m not, that works too. As for what it’s like, up to you all to decide. But if you want to kill me, I won’t show mercy!”

Among these three people, Yu Leng was the out-and-out female leader. How the matter would be decided naturally needed her to give the order.

After being shocked for a long time, Yu Leng finally came back to her senses and said to Ye Yuan, “This . . . This Brother, your matter, Yu Leng is unable to make the decision. The incident just now, I’ve offended you greatly. I hope that you won’t take offense. According to the rules of my God Prohibited Demon Region, humans are absolutely forbidden from taking a single step in. And you entering here, the elders in the clan are already aware. As for what course to follow, it will still have to wait for them to decide. Why not . . . Little Brother, you follow us back to the clan?”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s show of strength earlier, she knew that she was far from being Ye Yuan’s match. Just now, if not for Ye Yuan showing leniency, how could she still be alive at this time?

But the matter of Ye Yuan entering the God Prohibited Demon Region, the elders in the clan naturally knew already. Hence, that was why Yu Leng gave such an invitation.

Ye Yuan was also very interested in this so-called God Prohibited Demon Region. He nodded his head at once and said, “Okay, I’ll follow you guys there!”

. . . . . .

The atmosphere along the way was very odd. Yu Leng was apprehensive and also on guard against Ye Yuan. Her entire person was wound up tightly, akin to facing a great enemy.

Ye Yuan obviously knew her thoughts but paid no attention to it either.

Rather, Yu Shu seemed to be filled with curiosity towards the outside world stuff, constantly asking this and that along the way.

Ye Yuan did not refuse anything either, giving an account of the world outside for Yu Shu.

Yu Leng wanted to interrupt the conversation between the two people several times but was stopped by Ye Yuan’s fierce look in his eyes.

Only after entering Yu Leng trio sisters’ clan, did Ye Yuan know what the three people’s primary form was.

Upon entering the clan, Ye Yuan was immediately surrounded by a large group of foxes.

Towards this sort of foxes, Ye Yuan was not foreign at all. Their name was Jade Faced Fairy Foxes!

“Elder Sister Yu Leng, who’s this man? He’s so good-looking!”

“Elder Sister Yu Leng, this man seems to be a human? According to the stipulations of our God Prohibited Demon Region, doesn’t it say that when seeing humans, immediately execute them? But such a handsome man, killing is too much of a pity!”

“Elder Sister Yu Leng, this man is so handsome. Why don’t you give him to me!”

These Jade Faced Fairy Foxes had yet to take human form. But they were basically all Tier 4 demonic beasts; not far from Taking Form either.

Seeing these Jade Faced Fairy Foxes, Ye Yuan was amazed in his heart too.

Wasn’t the strength of this Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan too powerful? A group of little foxes that came out willy-nilly were all late-stage Tier 4 cultivation, being just a step away from taking form.

Ye Yuan’s experience and knowledge were extraordinary. He knew that these Jade Faced Fairy Foxes’ age was not considered old in the demonic fox clan.

Looking at it like this, the strength of this Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was likely more powerful compared to the entire Endless World!

This way, Ye Yuan became somewhat curious about those so-called elders.

Just what kind of strength were those people?

“Heh heh,there’s no problem with you all liking Big Brother. But come and find Big Brother again after taking form! You guys are too tender and can’t bear it!” Ye Yuan used universal beast language and said with a broad smile.

Once these words came out, everybody, including Yu Leng and Yu Shu, was all stunned.

Turns out that these demon foxes only saw that Ye Yuan was good-looking and jested with Yu Leng. They completely did not count on Ye Yuan being able to understand.

Who knew that not only did Ye Yuan understand the words they said, he even used universal beast language to give a reply!

The chattering originally surrounding Ye Yuan were collectively petrified now.

A blush actually suffused on the faces of some foxes. Clearly, they were very embarrassed.

“You . . . You actually even know the universal beast language!” Yu Leng said in amazement.

“Just universal beast language.Huhu,I even know that you guys are the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan!” Ye Yuan said with a wide grin.

“. . . . . .” Yu Leng was utterly speechless.

Apart from this young man giving off the smell of a human all over his body, he seemed to be no different from demonic beasts!

The fox race had many branches. Their Jade Faced Fairy Fox was just one of the branch.

Ye Yuan could actually accurately call out the name of their clan. Clearly, he was very familiar with the demon race!

Just what kind of person was this young man?

Ye Yuan naturally would not be concerned with Yu Leng’s and their guesses. He was sizing up this village.

This was a very lively village. Foxes and ‘people’ mixed around and lived together.

What made Ye Yuan surprised was that in this village, there were actually quite a number of humans!

Which was also to say that the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan had many Tier 5 existences!

What the hell was going on here?

In a place like the Endless World, how could there possibly be such a terrifying force?

Once this village was placed in the Endless World, it could virtually sweep across the entire Endless World, even more neatly than the Fierce Gale World!

Even these peripheral villagers all had such considerable strength. Then what kind of strength did those so-called elders have?

Ye Yuan was becoming more and more curious about this God Prohibited Demon Region!

Under Yu Leng’s lead, Ye Yuan passed through over half of the village and came to an ancestral hall-like place.

“Here is where the elders are located at. I know that your strength is very decent. But entering this place, whether you live or die will be up to you!” before entering Yu Leng suddenly said this, warning him.

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