Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Young Lord

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“Although you refined dragon’s blood and are considered half of the dragon race, in the end, you’re still a human. The God Prohibited Demon Region forbids humans from stepping foot inside. Your death sentence can be spared, but it’s hard to escape punishment. For the rest of your life, you’ll spend it in my clan’s dungeons!” Yu Huan did not care about Ye Yuan’s performance at all and was actually going to directly imprison Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was dejected in his heart. He already acted until like this. Why didn’t this old woman have any bit of compassionate heart at all?

This old woman asking this and that, wasn’t it because she wished to find the whereabouts of dragon blood?

But Ye Yuan really did not lie. The dragon blood really only had one drop!

“Hey, you, this old lady, are so unreasonable! I’ve already explained it! Why are you still like this?” Ye Yuan said gloomily.

“Humph!You should be rejoicing that you landed in the hands of our Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan. If you showed up in the territories of the Blackwind Demonic Wolves, they’ll definitely kill you straight away, then refine your bloodline!” Yu Huan said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan was covered in goosebumps by what she said. But he also knew that what Yu Huan said was true.

The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was still a little amiable in the end. But the Blackwind Demonic Wolves were different.

Although the hierarchy in the demon race was very strict, it was hard to break free from the natural instincts of demonic beasts in the end.

Even though Ye Yuan already refined the true dragon blood essence and there was no way for other people to use it anymore, as long as one refined Ye Yuan’s bloodline, they could likewise obtain a high-concentration level dragon race bloodline.

Even if such a bloodline could not compare to genuine true dragon blood essence, the Blackwind Demonic Wolves would not care so much!

One had to know that the dragon race’s bloodline was incomparably precious. It had tremendous usage to all of the demon races.

Yu Huan expended such great effort was in order to find the whereabouts of dragon blood.

But Ye Yuan’s reply made her very disappointed.

Through Yu Huan’s words, Ye Yuan even discerned a little of something.

Seems like this God Prohibited Demon Region was not some otherworldly paradise either. When Yu Huan mentioned the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan, in her words evidently carried thick fear and hatred.

These two clans were probably not that harmonious.

Right at this time, a little white fox hurriedly entered the main hall and said anxiously, “Old Ancestor! Old Ancestor! Things are bad! Young Lord she . . . Young Lord she’s on her last legs already!”

When these words came out, Yu Leng and Yu Shu they all turned pale with fear. Yu Huan’s expression changed drastically too, vanishing like a gust of wind. She actually did not even bother with Ye Yuan anymore.

Ye Yuan noticed that when they heard this news, Yu Leng’s entire person became unwell, slumping onto the ground dejectedly, her entire person battered out of her senses.

She gnashed her teeth at times but was downcast at times. The expression on her face became very fascinating.

Ye Yuan could not help becoming curious and asked Yu Shu softly, “Little Sister Yu Shu, that Young Lord of yours . . . what’s wrong?”

Yu Shu started crying all along since earlier. At this time, she already cried until she was covered in tears. The rims of her eyes were already red from crying.

Seeing Ye Yuan question, Yu Shu choked through sobs and said, “Young Lord she was wounded by Wolf Fang in order to protect us! It’s all us failing to live up to expectations. If our strength were slightly stronger, Young Lord also wouldn’t have . . .”

But Ye Yuan also figured out a general idea through Yu Shu’s words.

Turns out that this region the Jade Faced Fairy Foxes were at was called Azure Mountain Region. And the strongest clan in this Azure Mountain Region was this Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan.

In comparison, the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was weaker. The Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan frequently bullied weak races like them, making them offer resources in tribute.

Some time back, the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan’s young lord, Wolf Fang, brought a large group of people to the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan. They actually wanted them to offer up a Taking Form Stage Jade Faced Fairy Fox every year to become the other party’s concubine.

Furthermore, Wolf Fang wanted to bring one away on the spot!

The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s young lord was naturally unwilling to agree. Hence, a clash happened between both sides.

As a result, Wolf Fang beat the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s young lord to serious injuries.

Earlier when that little fox came over, it was clearly because their young lord’s wounds worsened. Looks like her days were numbered.

When Ye Yuan heard the incident’s whole story, he could not help sighing too.

The demon race was actually even crueler than the human race. It had always been the weak as prey and the strong feasting. Whoever’s fist was larger, they would be the boss.

The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was merely just a bunch of small foxes that the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan were rearing in pens.

“Oh,right, your family’s old ancestor is a Tier 6 powerhouse. How could she have let that whatever Wolf Fang come and mess around?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

Yu Shu wept and said, “At that time, Old Ancestor just happened to be in life-and-death seclusion. So she didn’t know about this incident. Wolf Fang definitely knew that Old Ancestor was in closed-seclusion. That’s why he chose that opportune moment to come. Otherwise, Old Ancestor won’t let anything happen to Young Lord!”

Only then, was Ye Yuan enlightened. Looks like they totally calculated this chance accurately and came.

But Ye Yuan was secretly surprised too. The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan had a Tier 6 old ancestor holding down the fort. Then how formidable did the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan have to be?

At the very least, they also had to have a Tier 6 old ancestor holding down the fort, right?

Ye Yuan patted Yu Shu’s lovely shoulder and said smilingly, “Alright, alright, don’t cry anymore. If you keep crying, you won’t be pretty anymore! How about this, you bring me over to your young lord’s place. I’ll have a look whether I can save her or not, alright?”

Yu Shu’s tears finally turned into a smile when she heard. Grabbing hold of Ye Yuan’s arm, she asked agitatedly, “Really? Big Brother Ye Yuan, you can really save Young Lord?”

Yu Shu’s little hand was very soft. Ye Yuan felt a fragrance hit his nose, enjoying it very much.

“About that . . . I don’t dare to guarantee either. But it should be doable!” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Who knew that at this time, Yu Leng stood up with a jump and pressed Ye Yuan, “You’re really able to save Young Lord?”

Ye Yuan was taken aback by Yu Leng’s actions. He did not expect that her reaction would be so big. But he still nodded and said, “As long as she hasn’t died, there’s always the chance to save her.Uh. . . But you still have to let me see her first before it can be done!”

Yu Leng’s eyes glared, and she said, “If you dare to deceive you, I’ll definitely kill you personally!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed when he heard that and was just about to fly off the handle, but he was stopped by Yu Shu.

“Big Brother Ye Yuan, you don’t get angry. Elder Sister Yu Leng is only like this because she’s agitated for a moment! The last time Wolf Fang came here, the person he chose was precisely Elder Sister Yu Leng. So she blames herself more than any one of us! Actually, Elder Sister Yu Leng wasn’t like this last time. Ever since Young Lord met with the mishap, her entire personality changed. She cultivates day and night because she wants to increase her strength.” Yu Shu explained.

Yu Leng shot a glare at Yu Shu and reprimanded, “What are you telling him that for?”

Yu Shu stuck out her tongue and lowered her head, not daring to rebut.

Ye Yuan originally disliked Yu Leng a lot. But hearing Yu Shu’s words, he forgave Yu Leng.

Anyone who encountered such a thing, their temperament would change greatly too.

Hearing them say so much, Ye Yuan unwittingly somewhat took pity on the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan.

Ye Yuan nodded his head at Yu Leng and said, “Fine then. I promise you all to definitely save your young lord!Heh,I don’t believe that in this world, there are still people that I, Ye Yuan, can’t bring back to life . . .Uh,no, it should be demon!”

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