Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Head Held High

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“Young Lord!”

When Yu Leng and the rest of the fox clan saw Yu Xin, they were all thrilled.

Yu Xin turned around and gave Yu Leng a light smile and said, “It’s been hard on you, Yu Leng. Leave the rest to me.”

Yu Leng was covered in wounds currently, looking very miserable.

But she forgot about her injuries at this time and said in astonishment, “Y-Young Lord, you actually broke through!”

Yu Xin said smilingly, “It was all thanks to Mister Ye’s medicinal pill!”

Finished talking, Yu Xin turned around, and she switched to an icy-cold countenance and said, “An Bing, didn’t you say earlier that even if I came, I’m your vanquished opponent too? Now that I’m here, why don’t you try defeating me!”

An Bing was the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan’s second strongest person and originally around the same as Yu Xin. If they really exchanged blows, Yu Xin was most likely not his match.

It was just that he never could have thought that Yu Xin actually obtained a breakthrough and reached Peak initial-stage Tier 5!

But he already uttered his words earlier. At this time, it was not nice to retract them no matter what. He could only toughen his scalp and said,“Humph!A tiny little fox clan dares to be arrogant in front of our Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan too?! Those words were said by me. What can you do to me?”

“Since you said them, then I’ll make you swallow them back!”

Yu Xin was the young lord of a clan after all and carried a very domineering side to her.

Flaring up at this time, she was a woman not inferior to any men.

As she spoke, Yu Xin slapped a palm towards An Bin. An Bing obviously would not allow himself to be captured without putting up a fight, clashing together with Yu Xin.

The disparity between the demon race cultivation realms was not that obvious. Even though Yu Xin obtained a breakthrough, to want to take down An Bin within a short time, that was not possible.

Yu Leng was sweating profusely. Just now, she was forcefully hanging in there. When Yu Xin arrived, she could not persevere anymore.

Right at this time, a medicinal pill was delivered in front of her.

Yu Leng lifted her head and looked. Who could it be but Ye Yuan?

“Eat it. Your injuries will heal very soon.” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Yu Leng was still hesitating when Ye Yuan said again, “Quite a number of your injuries are in hidden places. Actually, you couldn’t battle long ago. You were forcefully hanging in there all along just now, and your injuries have already deteriorated very severely. If you don’t carry out treatment, there’s a high likelihood of harming your foundation and affecting your cultivation in the future.”

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, Yu Leng’s expression changed, and she snatched the medicinal pill over from Ye Yuan’s hand and swallowed straight away.

When the medicinal pill reached her abdomen, Yu Leng’s injuries saw an immediate effect and took a turn for the better.

Yu Leng’s expression changed, and she could not help looking towards Ye Yuan.

“Huhu,don’t need doubt. This medicinal pill is the same as the one your family’s young lord ate. I managed to find time these few days and refined a few more,” Ye Yuan said with a chuckle.

Ye Yuan was currently living in the God Prohibited Demon Region. Those human martial artists’ medicinal pills he had on him were naturally of not much use.

Hence, he found time these two days and refined a few more Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pills and other medicinal pills in case of an emergency. It was just that he did not expect it would be put to use so quickly.

Yu Huan naturally satisfied all demands that Ye Yuan had currently.

Yu Leng was cold as ice on the surface, but in her heart, she was shocked to her core.

This was a transcendent-grade medicinal pill. Giving it to people so casually?

No wait, even if it was given to her, he did not even blink his eyes?

Just what kind of realm did this fellow’s alchemy skills reach?

Yu Leng was aware that those Tier 5 shamans in the clan if they refined any high-grade medicinal pills, each one of them treated it like a treasure to keep.

Transcendent-grade Tier 5 medicinal pills, Yu Leng had not even seen before too. This fellow actually took it out and gave it to her just like this!

Since when was her relationship with him good to this sort of extent?

One had to know that ten over days ago, she even wanted to kill him!

Ye Yuan looked at Yu Leng and said with a cold smile, “Don’t need to look at me with that kind of eyes. Actually, I only treated your injuries on account of Little Sister Yu Shu’s face. I think that if you died, she’d definitely cry very broken-heartedly.”

Yu Leng’s expression darkened, and she was just about to fly off the handle at the scene but was held back by Yu Shu.

Yu Shu’s small face was flushed red. The words earlier, she heard all of it. She said to Yu Leng blushingly, “Big Brother Ye Yuan is kidding with you, can’t you tell yet? Such a valuable medicinal pill, how can he possibly give it to you on account of my face?”

But Ye Yuan said with a laugh,“Heh,Little Sister Yu Shu don’t be unduly humble. If not for the sake of your face, I’d rather have killed the three of you back then, and then roamed the world! Forget about Yu Leng, even helping your family’s young lord refine medicinal pills, I was also taking into account your face. Although giving Yu Leng a medicinal pill wasn’t entirely on account of your face, it occupied half the reason too. Whoever I, Ye Yuan, treat as a friend, I’ll naturally help all the way. But if anyone provokes me, I’ll be sure to kill and be merry too!”

Yu Shu’s small face got even redder. She really did not expect that she was so important in Ye Yuan’s heart.

Even when Yu Leng heard it, she was taken aback too.

What Ye Yuan said was not wrong. He did indeed have the strength to kill the three of them back then but did not do so. Turns out that it was actually on account of Yu Shu’s face!

But what Yu Leng was even more curious about was Ye Yuan’s other half of the reason.

“Then the other half of the reason?” Yu Leng could not resist asking.

“The other half of the reason . . . you can fight to the bitter end for your clansman, this courage is worthy of my respect. Seems like you’re not as unreasonable as I imagined as well,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

When Yu Leng heard these words, her face involuntarily reddened. She did not think that Ye Yuan giving her such a precious medicinal pill was actually just for this sort of reason.

And right then, Yu Xin and An Bing’s battle already reached a white-hot stage. Yu Leng and Yu Shu’s attention was also attracted by the battle cries over there.

“Relax. Your family’s young lord has already occupied the absolute initiative. They will be able to determine the victor very soon,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Actually, Ye Yuan already discerned the victor not long after the two engaged in fighting. Hence, that was why he chatted with the two girls calmly.

Yu Leng and Yu Shu were very excited when they heard Ye Yuan’s words too.

Indeed, within Ye Yuan’s expectations, after ten moves, Yu Xin’s advantage was getting increasingly obvious, pressuring Ab Bing until he felt smothered.

Another ten moves passed. Yu Xin caught one of An Bing’s carelessness and went straight for the target, smacking An Bing flying with one palm!

“An Bin, see if you still dare to act wildly in my clan’s territory! Quickly bring your people and scram back for me! The vast majority of this Thunder Essence Fruit Grove are all on our Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s territory. Even if you guys want, you’re only permitted to take your share!” Yu Xin said majestically.

Yu Xin felt a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment at this time. She had always been just a bit weaker than An Bing in the past. This made the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan unable to hold their heads up high.

The strongest person in a clan could not even beat other people’s second strongest person. This was too humiliating.

Of course, losing face was a small matter. Being constantly bullied by people was a major issue!

This time, she borrowed Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill and took advantage of the opportunity to breakthrough, finally surpassing An Bing!

Who knew that An Bing was totally unmoved and said with a loud laugh, “Yu Xin, you don’t think that by defeating me, everything will be fine, right? Let me tell you, we’ve notified Young Lord An Xuan long ago. He’s going to reach in a minute! At that time, I’ll see if you still dare to say this sort of big talk or not! This stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove, our Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan is hell-bent on it!”

When these words came out, the expressions of the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s side here all changed drastically!

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