Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 636

Chapter 636 With Just The Likes Of Me

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An Xuan, the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan’s young lord, is also one of the strongest person among the young generation.

Yu Xin naturally knew that even if she broke through, she could not possibly be An Xuan’s match too.

“Hahaha!Scared, right? Just with this bit of strength of yours, you also wish to occupy the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove too? Our Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan cultivates the power of thunder and lightning innately. Obtaining these Thunder Essence Fruits is like adding wings to a tiger. A bunch of little foxes also have wishful thinking of getting a share of the Thunder Essence Fruits too?” An Bing said cockily.

Yu Xun’s expression changed several times but did not know how she should refute.

The demon race world was even more particular about the prey being food and the strong feasting. Whoever’s strength was greater, they would be the boss!

The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was weak. Even if this Thunder Essence Fruit Grove were fully in their territory, the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan would not give them the slightest opportunity either.

Unless when the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan discovered this stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove and the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan did not discover it at all.

This sort of situation currently, it was too hard for them to want to take a share of the loot!

Seeing Yu Xin’s expression, An Bing got even haughtier. Crawling up with a grunt, he did not care about the injuries on his body either and ordered his companions, “The few of you, put up a warning line for me. I want to see if these little foxes really dare to provoke our Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan or not!”

“Yes, Lord An Bing!”

“Haha,truly, heaven is watching! A stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove actually appeared here! With this Thunder Essence Fruit Grove, Young Lord An Xuan’s strength will surely advance a step further! Before long, Young Lord An Xuan’s strength might be able to catch up to, even surpass Wolf Fang’s. At that time, it will be the opportunity for my Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan to truly rise up!”

An Bing seemed to have already seen the day the clan rose up, the flesh on his face somewhat started quivering excitedly.

“Heh heh,aren’t you, these little foxes, leaving yet? When Young Lord An Xuan arrives, it probably won’t be that easy even if you all wish to leave!” An Bing said with a snicker.

The expression on Yu Xin’s face was very ugly. This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove was within the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s domain. Could it be that they could only give up?

How could she be willing?

Yu Shu’s dainty fists were tightly clenched too as she said with an indignant look, “This bunch of fellows is so unreasonable! This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove is clearly in our territory. They actually want to occupy it as their own! It’s fine if they bully us normally. But such an immense lucky chance, they are actually not giving us even a little bit!”

Ye Yuan smiled secretly in his heart. This Yu Shu little lass was really innocent.

Thunder Essence Fruit, this lucky chance, forget that it was in the demon race, even if it appeared among human martial artists, it was also impossible to talk reason with you.

Whoever’s fist was big, whoever could get a share of the loot.

Without strength, sorry, please go to one side and play!

It was also that this Thunder Essence Fruit did not have much use to Tier 6 experts. Otherwise, how could the old fellows in the two clans sit still?

But the Thunder Essence Fruit to martial artists Tier 5 and below was absolutely a heaven-defying treasure!

This thing could directly increase combat strength!

Even Ye Yuan was also palpitating with excitement towards it.

“Do these guys frequently bully you guys?” Ye Yuan asked curiously?

Yu Shu said huffily,“Yeah!Our fox clan and their territory are the closest, and our strength is the weakest too. They don’t dare to challenge the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan, so they often come to bully us.”

“Like this huh? Is that An Xuan, or whatever, very strong?”

“En,An Xuan is a middle-stage Tier 5 expert. Even if Young Lord’s strength improved greatly, she’s not his match either,” Yu Shu said.

The two people were currently talking when a sharp and fierce aura arrived in a twinkle. A young and cold man appeared in front of everyone.

“Young Lord, you finally arrived!” An Bing could not help being overjoyed when he saw someone arrived.

An Xuan took a look at An Bing and said with a frown, “You actually sustained injuries?”

An Bing could not help choking up and explaining, “No idea what kind of lucky chance Yu Xin that little fox acquired. Not only are her injuries healed, her strength even advanced by leaps and bounds. Young Brother . . . Younger Brother isn’t a match.”

“Oh?”An Xuan only noticed Yu Xin at this time. Indeed, her strength increased greatly.

“Didn’t expect that a scholar who has been away for three days must be looked at with new eyes. You, this little fox, actually broke through to peak initial-stage Tier 5 already.” An Xuan was rather surprised.

But he did not really pay it any heed in his words. Ignoring that Yu Xin was only peak initial-stage Tier 5, even if she was at the middle-stage Tier 5, she was not his match either.

Yu Xin frowned and said, “An Xuan, enough crap. Let’s still talk about the main topic! This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove can be given to you guys, but my clan wants one-fifth of the Thunder Essence Fruits!”

Yu Xin’s words were already making incredible concession.

This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove only had a small piece in the snake clan’s territory, but they only wanted one-fifth of the Thunder Essence Fruits. It could be said to be swallowing humiliation to shoulder a heavy load.

But when Ye Yuan heard Yu Xin’s words, he shook his head secretly.

At this time, either let the person get lost or they themselves scram.

Saying such words was undoubtedly asking for humiliation.

Indeed, after An Xuan heard Yu Xin’s words, he immediately burst into laughter. That laughter was filled with disdain and mockery.

“One-fifth? Sure, as long as you have the capabilities to take it away from my hands, so what if it’s all given to you? Or . . .” When An Xuan spoke until here, he paused for a bit.

When Yu Xin heard, she still thought that An Xuan was planning on stating terms and could not resist asking, “Or what?”

An Xuan suddenly switched his expression and laughed lewdly and said, “Or you come and be my concubine. This one-fifth of the Thunder Essence Fruits will be the betrothal gift.”

When Yu Xin heard, her lovely body could not help trembling in anger, “You! Shameless!”

Only at this time, did she know that she was fooled by An Xuan. How could she still endure it? Raising her hand, she was going to deal with An Xuan.

“Heh,overestimating your own ability!” An Xuan forced Yu Xin back with a very casual palm.

He was unforgiving when getting the upper-hand, following up with another palm and pressing on towards Yu Xin.

Yu Xin met the attack calmly and could still resist for a few rounds. Her head was still heated up for a time earlier. How could she still be An Xuan’s match


In a panic, Yu Xin cried out and was already prepared to bear this palm of An Xuan’s.

But right at this time, there was a blur in front of her eyes. A big and tall figure suddenly appeared in front of her.


Ye Yuan and An Xuan each fell back several steps!

An Xuan’s face fell as he said, “Human?”

He looked at Yu Xin with ill-intent and said, “The rule in the God Prohibited Demon Region is to immediately execute humans when seen. Your fox clan actually dares to take in humans. Are you really not afraid of your clan being exterminated?”

Yu Xin’s expression changed, and she was just about to speak but was stopped by Ye Yuan’s hand gesture.

“A bunch of grown man bullying women. You guys really have the nerve too! This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove is in their territory, and you all actually seized it openly. Truly shameless!” Ye Yuan said with a half-smile.

“Humph!When is it your turn to meddle in our God Prohibited Demon Region’s affairs? The strong becomes the king. My fist is big, so what I say naturally goes!” An Xuan said with a cold smile.

“Is that so? Then if my fist is bigger than yours, does this piece of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove belong to me?” Ye Yuan said smilingly

An Xuan gave Ye Yuan a measuring glance and said with a cold smile, “With just the likes of you, a Tier 4 human?”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said,“En,with just the likes of me!”

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