Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Bloodline Suppression

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“Ye Yuan, you’re not his match! Quickly move aside!” Yu Xin hurriedly said when she saw Ye Yuan coming forward.

Ye Yuan waved his hand dismissively and said, “Fighting is a man’s affair. Women should go to the side to watch! These Thunder Essence Fruits, I’m determined to have them! At that time, I’ll split one-fifth with you all.”

These words were said . . . without any reservation!

It was just that in An Xuan’s and the other’s ears, it was simply a joke.

“Haha!You’re not afraid of twisting your tongue when bragging! A puny little Tier 4 human also dares to utter such words. Who gave you the courage?” An Xuan said with a loud laugh.

Although that clash Ye Yuan had with him earlier was very fierce, that was only his momentary carelessness. Furthermore, he had not used much strength yet.

If Ye Yuan thought that he had the qualifications to challenge him just like this, then Ye Yuan really did not know how the word ‘death’ was written.

“Hahaha!Where did this joker come from? To actually dare challenge Young Lord! He’s really complaining that he lived for too long.”

“Are humans all this stupid? This kind of brain, how did he cultivate to Tier 4?”

“Human, we’re so afraid! These Thunder Essence Fruits, you take them all. Make sure not to be courteous with us! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!”


Ye Yuan’s words incurred a wave of guffaws. In their view, Ye Yuan was simply here to be a joke.

How could Tier 4 martial artists possibly beat Young Lord?

Towards this sort of mocking, Ye Yuan naturally did not take it to heart. He just hooked his finger at An Xuan. That sort of disdain was laid bare thoroughly.

An Xuan’s expression darkened. “If you’re courting death yourself, then I can’t be blamed! Darkshadow Thunder Kill!”

An Xuan extended his hand and beckoned. A horrifying power of lightning and thunder instantly enveloped the entire place.

And Ye Yuan was situated in the heart of this lightning field!

“Darkshadow Thunder Kill as the opening move. Looks like Young Lord was really enraged by this fellow!”

“Heh heh,this fellow is really a joke. He doesn’t know what a terrifying thing it is to infuriate Young Lord.”

“Tsk tsk,nothing to see anymore. Once Darkshadow Thunder Kill is unleashed, this fellow is dead for sure.”

Facing this horrifying lightning field, Ye Yuan was seemingly oblivious. His aura suddenly erupted abruptly, soaring straight to peak Fourth Level Soul Sea!

Crossing a minor stage, Ye Yuan’s aura became totally different!

Those Darkshadow Lightning Snake clansmen who were still mocking Ye Yuan earlier all had their mouths gaping wide open at this time.

Ye Yuan’s current aura was actually not the slightest bit inferior to An Xuan!

“Oppression of the dragon race! This . . . This is the oppression of the dragon race! Could it be that . . . this brat is a dragon race progeny?” An Bing suddenly exclaimed, sensing that oppressive power belonging to the dragon race bloodline.

At this current moment, Ye Yuan fully exhibited the dragon race bloodline in his body.

The Darkshadow Lightning Snake clansmen whose strength were slightly weaker actually could not resist and bowed down!

The hierarchy of the demon race was stringent. This sort of bloodline oppression was simply unable to resist!

Without needing An Bing to say, An Xuan naturally perceived it long ago.

The dragon pressure that Ye Yuan released actually made the demonic essence in his body had a feeling of going out of control. If not for his strength was much higher than Ye Yuan’s, he would probably have followed the others at this time and bowed down.

This was absolutely the purest dragon race bloodline. Otherwise, how could it possibly make his demonic essence be on the verge of losing control?

Could this brat really be a dragon race progeny?

But . . . this brat did not have any traces of a demon from top to bottom!

Seeing this scene, Yu Shu’s small face was flushed red from agitation; it was like a fully-ripe red little apple.

“Turns out that Big Brother Ye Yuan is so incredible! Back then when he fought with us, he didn’t release all of the dragon pressure at all. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the chance to attack in front of him!” Yu Shu said agitatedly.

By the side, Yu Leng was taken aback from shock too. Only now did she know how great Ye Yuan’s strength was!

Just this dragon pressure, a demon with her strength could not give rise to the thought of resisting at all.

“This . . . Ye Yuan, is he a human or demon?” Yu Xin also unwittingly started to question her eyes.

The dragon pressure that Ye Yuan displayed was too pure. If this dragon pressure were released towards the fox clan, they would not be able to withstand it at all.

This point, one would know just by taking a look at those Darkshadow Lightning Snakes.

Ye Yuan looked at An Xuan indifferently and said, “You said just now that whoever’s fist is bigger makes the call. Then let’s measure whose fist is bigger!”

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

The moment Ye Yuan attacked, it was his strongest attack!

An Xuan’s expression was indescribably nasty. Seeing Ye Yuan make a move, he attacked without hesitation as well.

“Darkshadow Thunder Kill! Suppress for me!”

An Xuan roared. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled within this area, facing off with the fiery-red colossal dragon Ye Yuan fired out!

Except, the lightning which looked fierce and sharp could not shake Ye Yuan’s red dragon at all.


A huge rumbling sound was heard. An Xuan directly vomited blood from being beaten to severe injuries.

“Young Lord!”

“Young Lord, are you alright?”

The one move being exhausted, the dragon pressure on Ye Yuan’s body converged following that too, before those Darkshadow Lightning Snakes could recover.

With one attack, An Xuan was already severely wounded and unable to battle anymore. The eyes he looked at Ye Yuan with was filled with hatred and fear.

This human Tier 4 martial artist actually beat him to severe injuries!

“Now, can I take over this Thunder Essence Fruit Grove?” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Looking at Ye Yuan, An Xuan even had the heart to die.

This time, it was really trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice. Not only could he not gain one Thunder Essence Fruit, but he was also even beaten until severely injured.

An Xuan gritted his teeth and said, “Consider yourself ruthless! Let’s go!”

“No way! You guys can’t leave!” Yu Xin was just about to stop them but was stopped by Ye Yuan.

Under An Bing’s assistance, An Xuan and the rest ran away with their tails between their legs.

Yu Xin stomped her feet angrily and said begrudgingly, “You barely managed to beat An Xuan until he was severely injured. How can you let him go easily?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Although this Thunder Essence Fruit doesn’t have great use to Tier 6 experts, it’s absolutely a rare treasure. You think that with An Xuan here, their old ancestor won’t pay attention to this incident? Beating up An Xuan with just severe injuries is fine. But if you want to kill him, the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan will have to receive the wrath of the snake clan’s old ancestor. Can you guys . . . receive it?”

Ye Yuan had long seen through that the strength of this Azure Mountain Region’s Tier 6 old ancestors were roughly the same and were wary of each other. That was why they tacitly agreed to let the juniors go and clash.

Although Yu Huan’s strength was a little weaker, she definitely had her own trump card too.

An Xuan’s strength was not bad. The snake clan’s old ancestor definitely regarded him very highly.

If they really killed An Xuan, the snake clan’s old ancestor would definitely blow his top off.

At that time, the two clans fighting it out, Azure Mountain Region’s balance would be broken. It was likely very hard for the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan to win and they might be in danger of being annihilated.

“This . . . ”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Yu Xin could not help being taken aback.

The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was currently on its last legs. How could they endure the wrath of the snake clan’s old ancestor?

“If you want to kill An Xuan, you’ll have to let your own strength become strong. With these Thunder Essence Fruits, why fret that you won’t be An Xuan’s match in the future? That fellow is nothing to be feared,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Only after Yu Xin heard this did her worry turn to joy as she said happily, “Mister Ye, by right, this fruit grove belongs to you now. Could it be that you’re really going to five one-fifth to us?”

[0] Thunder is basically a synonym for lightning in CN novels, unless specified otherwise.

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