Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 638

Chapter 638 Maturing Overnight

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“That is, of course!” Ye Yuan agreed without any hesitation.

Getting an affirmative answer, even with Yu Xin’s composure, she almost jumped up too.

Although she held back a little in order to uphold the identity of a young lord, the feelings of excitement was written on the face.

“That’s great! Big Brother Ye Yuan is really a very nice person!”

Yu Shu could not care that much and directly grabbed Ye Yuan’s arm and started swinging.

This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove was not small. Even one-fifth was also not a small number.

With these Thunder Essence Fruits, the fox clan’s strength would surely have a substantial increase. Those like Yu Xin might even be able to surpass An Xuan within a short time.

Even the ice-cold Yu Leng had a grateful smile hanging on her face at this time too.

“Really great! These Thunder Essence Fruits at most still have a month to maturity. At that time, see who still dares to bully our fox clan!” Yu Xin said agitatedly.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “A month? Too long! Do you feel that the snake clan will let us wait a month here peacefully?”

Yu Xin’s heart thumped, “You’re saying . . .”

“If they can’t obtain the Thunder Essence Fruits, how can they possibly watch us wait here for the Thunder Essence Fruits to mature? Once they return to the clan, they will definitely spread this news out. At that time, the fox clan will become a target for all,” Ye Yuan said.

“Then . . . Then what to do? My fox clan is only the weakest existence among the Tier 6 demon races. We simply can’t beat the other demon races! If . . . if the Blackwind Demonic Wolves get this intel . . .”

Yu Xin did not dare to continue thinking.

According to Ye Yuan’s deductions, the fox clan was in an extremely perilous situation.

Initially thought that they picked up a treasure. Who knew that it turned into a hot potato in a blink of an eye.

Sometimes, obtaining a treasure was a huge lucky chance, and one could soar to the heavens in one bound because of it. However, if one did not have sufficient strength to protect these treasures, it would attract trouble, even a fatal calamity.

“Heh heh,simple. As long as you harvest these Thunder Essence Fruits before others come, that will do.”

Ye Yuan was totally unconcerned as if he was talking about something trivial and ordinary.

Except, Yu Xin was unable to understand, “Harvest now? But these Thunder Essence Fruits are not matured yet right now. The effects are not even 10% of the matured period!”

Such a weak effect, eating it and not eating it was also not much different.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not ripe, we can make it ripen! Go, follow me back to the clan.”

Yu Xin carried thick doubt and followed Ye Yuan back to the clan.

Although she was brimming with curiosity, Ye Yuan not talking, she also sensibly did not ask.

. . . . . .

At the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan territory, An Xuan’s complexion was deathly white but with unwillingness and rage written all over.

“An Bing, spread the news of the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove out for me! Now, immediately, right away! Remember, you must let Wolf Fang know!” An Xuan said furiously.

“This . . . let Wolf Fang know, and we won’t get a single Thunder Essence Fruit,” An Bing said hesitantly.

“Humph!Do you think that we can get them now? I really didn’t expect that that brat actually possesses such pure dragon race bloodline. If not for so, how could I have been defeated by him?” An Xuan gritted his teeth and said.

Indeed, Ye Yuan only defeated An Xuan flawlessly by relying on the suppression of bloodline power.

Although Ye Yuan could temporarily breakthrough to Fourth Level Soul Sea by relying on Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, to want to defeat the middle-stage Tier 4 An Xuan, it was still a little lacking.

Speaking of this, An Bing felt depressed.

Even though he was a bit better than the rest, he was also not much better.

Previously, under Ye Yuan’s dragon race oppression, he was practically in a half-kneeling state already.

Only his strength could barely withstand the dragon race oppression.

“Young Lord, if it really can’t be done, we better invite Old Ancestor to come out,” An Bing said.

An Xuan’s expression changed, and he rebuked, “Don’t mention this matter anymore! Do you want to make the Azure Mountain Region descend into a great war? Go now and spread the news about the Thunder Essence Fruits.”

After An Bing left, a figure slowly walked out from the darkness.

“Apologies, Old Ancestor. Xuan-er was incompetent.”

An Xuan was not surprised by the arrival. This person was the Darkshadow Lightning Snake Clan’s old ancestor, An Rong.

“That boy’s strength indeed somewhat exceeded expectations. He actually possesses extremely pure dragon race bloodline. I was not far away back then. This matter can’t be blamed on you,” An Rong said coolly.

An Xuan raised his head to take a look at An Rong wanting to speak but stopped.

“Anything you want to ask, just ask away,” An Rong said.

“The fox clan harboring humans, can’t we use this as an excuse to exterminate them? With Old Ancestor’s strength, that Yu Huan should not be a match.”

Actually, An Xuan was very puzzled too. Why was his own old ancestor present but did not take any action?

“Huhu,to be able to become a Tier 6 demon clan, which one would be a pushover? It’s true that my strength is stronger than Yu Huan’s. But the fox clan definitely has hidden cards that we don’t know about. Unless it’s a last resort, we won’t make a move,” An Rong said with a smile.

An Xuan’s gaze turned intent, and he revealed an apprehensive expression.

The snake clan naturally had their own hidden cards too. But to be able to make Old Ancestor wary as well, seems like every Tier 6 demon clan was not to be underestimated!

. . . . . .

After Ye Yuan returned to the tribe, he paid a visit to several high-level shamans in the clan.

After coming out of their places, he started closed-seclusion.

That evening, Ye Yuan exited seclusion. There was already a large group of people packed at the entrance.

Seeing Ye Yuan come out, Yu Xin went forward and asked fidgety, “How is it?”

Ye Yuan threw her a large bag and said smilingly, “Of course it succeeded! This thing is called Jingyan Powder. Dissolve it with water, then sprinkle it on the roots of the Thunder Essence Fruit Trees.

Yu Xin’s expression became strict, and she said to Yu Leng, “Heard Mister Ye’s words? Bring people to handle it right now!”

“Yes!” Yu Leng received the order and left.

“Come, let’s go to the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove. It should be roughly done tomorrow morning,” Ye Yuan said.

Yu Leng was still very capable and experienced when doing things. Very soon, she finished watering all of the Thunder Essence Fruit Trees.

“Alright, everyone has toiled for a day. All take a rest yourself. Tomorrow morning, we’ll see the outcome,” Ye Yuan said.

The next morning, that power of thunder and lightning which was terrifying until it made people feel asphyxiated, startling everyone awake.

“My God, how is this possible? Overnight, these Thunder Essence Fruits actually all matured!”

“Too inconceivable! Mister Ye is truly god-like. To actually be able to turn something rotten into something magical!”

Yu Shu leaped up happily. “Big Brother Ye Yuan, you’re really too incredible! That whatever Jingyan Powder, I couldn’t discern any mystical aspect. But it actually produced such an inconceivable effect!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “This is just the lowest grade Jingyan powder. If the materials were sufficient, making these Thunder Essence Fruits ripen instantaneously isn’t impossible either. But sadly, the conditions were limited. This Jingyan Powder’s grade was still a little low. The Thunder Essence Fruits matured through acceleration, they will still lose around 10% of the effect.”

As an alchemist, it was coming into contact with these spirit medicines year in year out.

Forget about the Thunder Essence Fruit, even those Tier 8, Tier 9 spirit medicines, Ye Yuan had ways to accelerate their maturing too.

But with the current conditions, to be able to achieve this step was already extremely not easy.

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