Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood

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“I don’t even dare to imagine that these Thunder Essence Fruit could actually all ripen overnight! This is simply an ability that gods and devils can’t fathom! Some trifling flaws, Mister Ye don’t need to take it to heart.”

By the side, Yu Xin had already been dazed long ago. The scene that happened before her eyes was seriously too miraculous.

As for the 10% loss, she did not care at all.

These many Thunder Essence Fruits was enough to make up for that bit of loss.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Stop looking. Everybody go in and harvest the Thunder Essence Fruits. This stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove isn’t small. One-fifth of the Thunder Essence Fruits should be plenty for you all to use. Move a bit faster. I reckon that there are already people on the way.”

Yu Xin nodded and said, “Thank you very much, Mister Ye.”

The allure that these Thunder Essence Fruits had towards the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was seriously too great. Their combat strength leaned to the weak side originally. These Thunder Essence Fruits was an opportunity for them to become strong!

Ye Yuan also entered the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove but did not immediately harvest the Thunder Essence Fruits.

Previously, Ye Yuan already estimated the Thunder Essence Fruits visually before. One Thunder Essence Fruit Tree had around a hundred Thunder Essence Fruits. This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove had roughly a hundred over Thunder Essence Fruit Trees. Adding them up, there was roughly ten thousand and two to three hundred Thunder Essence Fruits.

Splitting one-fifth and giving to the fox clan, Ye Yuan himself had around close to ten thousand in quantity.

Actually, Ye Yuan did not need so many Thunder Essence Fruits. When just starting to refine the Thunder Essence Fruits, one could indeed receive excellent effects and could rapidly increase the power of thunder and lightning.

But consuming too much, the effects would be greatly discounted, all the way until at the back, there would be virtually no effects.

According to Ye Yuan’s estimation, him refining three thousand Thunder Essence Fruits alone was about there.

But Ye Yuan was not very concerned about these. He started strolling around the grove, looking in all directions constantly, seemingly searching for something.

The grove was not big. Ye Yuan looped once very quickly, but his brows started to furrow, “Could it be that my conjectures were wrong? This Thunder Essence Fruit Grove’s appearance was just a coincidence? Impossible. These Thunder Essence Fruits’ quality is pretty good. There must be a thunder-attribute treasure nearby!”

Ye Yuan did not give up, sauntering around the grove again.

But circling around several times, Ye Yuan still did not have any discovery.

Just as he was almost giving up, he suddenly glimpsed an inconspicuous Thunder Essence Fruit Tree out of the corner of his eyes.

That Thunder Essence Fruit Tree was exactly the same as the other trees and did not seem to have any difference. But Ye Yuan accidentally noticed just now that that Thunder Essence Fruit Tree grew a small flower on it.

The small flower was not big. If one did not look carefully, they would not notice at all.

It was just that this small flower on the tree branch appeared very disharmonious.

But it not being harmonious, Ye Yuan did not mind. Because with Ye Yuan’s understanding towards heaven and earth spiritual forms, this little flower by itself was sufficient.

A hint of a smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth as he muttered to himself,“Huhu,nearly got fooled by you! Didn’t expect that this stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove was actually catalyzed and formed from an Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood! No wonder it has such quality! Your disguise was indeed flawless. But no matter how you disguise, this Origin Magnetism Spirit Flower can’t be concealed. Because that’s where the quintessence of your lifeblood lies.”

Ye Yuan was astonished and pleasantly surprised at this time. He had long guessed that this stretch of Thunder Essence Fruit Grove definitely had a thunder-attribute treasure. But he never thought that this treasure was actually an Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood.

Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was a thunder-attribute supreme treasure. After a martial artist refined it, not only could they possess the power of thunder and lightning, they could even evolve along with the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood’s evolution.

This Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was the jinx of all corrupt and wicked things in the world!

Possessing the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, a hundred evils could not invade!

Such a treasure, even Ye Yuan could not resist being moved too!

This Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was a psychic thing. When Ye Yuan slowly approached, a chunk of wood separated from that Thunder Essence Fruit Tree and was going to escape far away.

Ye Yuan was prepared long ago. How could he give him the chance to escape?

Straight away, Ye Yuan’s finger moved lightly. A tuft of flames instantly surrounded the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood. That was precisely the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus’s original body!

Under Ye Yuan’s painstaking nurturing, the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame already infinitely approached Tier 5. Its power was even less comparable from in the past.

What the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood feared most was fire. Now that Ye Yuan’s essence fire came out, the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood immediately froze there, not daring to even move.

Thunder belonged toMetal1. What it feared the most was fire, let alone Ye Yuan’s essence fire.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate. Using the essence fire to confine the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, he started refining directly.

This Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood’s rank was not high. It was merely just a Tier 5 object.

It was also fortunate that it was like this that those Tier 6 old monsters were not moved. If this Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood matured a little more, the Thunder Essence Fruits catalyzed would probably not be that simple anymore.

If even those Tier 6 old monsters were moved too, then it naturally had no business to do with Ye Yuan anymore.

Around two hours later, Ye Yuan finally finished refining the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood.

During the process of refining, Ye Yuan obtained tremendous benefits too. The most straightforward reaction was breaking through a minor realm right away, reaching peak Third Level Soul Sea!

Just one more step and Ye Yuan could break through to middle-stage Soul Sea.

Ye Yuan breaking through, the commotion caused would naturally not be small.

Yu Xin did not think that Ye Yuan would actually break through here. Afraid of her clansmen disturbing Ye Yuan, she commanded that people were absolutely not permitted to go over and disturb Ye Yuan.

All the way until Ye Yuan finished refining the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, then only did Yu Xin go over to say hi.

“Congratulations to Mister Ye for breaking through! Mister Ye is truly a cultivation genius. Just how long has it been and you actually broke through to the Third Level Soul Sea already!”

At the same time she was congratulating, Yu Xin was overwhelmed with a vicissitude of emotion too.

Don’t look at how Yu Xin’s age did not seem old. Actually, she was already over a hundred years old.

It was just that her age was not considered old in the demon race.

But Ye Yuan was a true-blue teenager. Such improvement speed truly made people perspire from shame.

Ye Yuan said smilingly,“Huhu,just a minor boundary. Doesn’t count as much. Are the Thunder Essence Fruits all harvested finish?”

Yu Xin nodded and said, “Earlier, I saw that Mister Ye was breaking through over here, so I didn’t let them come here to collect. The other places’ Thunder Essence Fruits are already harvested finish.”

As she was talking, Yu Xin passed Ye Yuan a storage ring. “Mister Ye, these are your Thunder Essence Fruits. There are a total of ten thousand. Please check.”

Ye Yuan was not courteous either, directly receiving the storage ring and saying, “Alright. I’m going to refine the Thunder Essence Fruits on the spot. You help to guard me.”

Yu Xin gave Ye Yuan a somewhat surprised glance, but nodded her head and did not say anything.

A thunder-attribute treasure like this, whoever saw it would not be able to resist refining directly as well. Ye Yuan’s conduct was within reason too.

Actually, after Ye Yuan refined the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, the enhancement that these Thunder Essence Fruits had to the power of thunder and lightning within his body was already very limited.

The reason why he chose to refine in front of Yu Xin was only just in order to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

If he did not refine the Thunder Essence Fruits, using the power of thunder and lightning at that time would appear too unexpected.

One could not be without vigilance against others. The Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood this kind of treasure, even Tier 6 experts would be moved when they saw too.

One had to know that this thing could evolve. As long as one slowly nurtured with their essence energy, evolving to Tier 6 was also just a matter of time.

God knows if Yu Huan would have any malicious intent aroused if she saw this Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood.

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