Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Wolf Fang

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At present, rays of brilliance appeared on Ye Yuan’s body, his imposing momentum looking very appalling.

This was not a false impression that Ye Yuan constructed. Different from the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood’s internal effect, the effects of the Thunder Essence Fruit manifested outwards.

Ye Yuan swallowed over a thousand Thunder Essence Fruits in one go. It was also no wonder he would have such a powerful aura.

Yu Xin was long stunned by the side. There were actually people who refine Thunder Essence Fruits like this. If it were her, she would have long been directly stuffed to death by the powerful thunder and lightning force.

It was just that Ye Yuan had the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood as the base and his physical body was exceedingly formidable too. So these Thunder Essence Fruits were nothing much to him.

“Not good! Young Lord, we’re surrounded by the Crimsonwater Nether Scorpion Clan and the Flux Gold Rat Clan! They said to let us hand over the Thunder Essence Fruits!”

Ye Yuan was currently refining the Thunder Essence Fruits when a fox clan’s member came in front of Yu Xin in a fluster.

Yu Xin’s expression changed, and she said, “Came so quickly!”

“Go, head outside and sweep away these cannon fodders first, and the main guy will most likely have to come out.”

Yu Xin turned her head around and discovered that Ye Yuan already finished the refinement and walked behind her.

Ye Yuan brought Yu Xin along and exited the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove together, and discovered that a large group of people already arrived outside at present, encircling the fox clan tightly.

“Gu Xie, Goldsun, you guys actually came to my fox clan’s territory to act wildly. Do you really take us to be easy to bully?” Yu Xin said furiously to the two at the front.

Ye Yuan gave that Gu Xie and Goldsun a measuring gaze and discovered that their strength was actually not weaker than An Xuan.

But very clearly, these two people were only here to spearhead the attack. The true opponent had yet to appear.

Ye Yuan was rather curious how powerful that Wolf Fang’s strength was, to actually be able to order this Crimsonwater Nether Scorpion Clan and the Flux Gold Rat Clan.

That Gu Xie took a glance at Yu Xin and said with a cold smile, “Thunder Essence Fruit this sort of heaven-defying treasure, could it be that your fox clan wishes to pocket without sharing? Our Crimsonwater Nether Scorpion Clan doesn’t want much either. Just three thousand will do!”

Goldsun was shifty-eyed, but said with a sinister look, “Those who see has a share! Our Flux Gold Rat Clan only want three thousand Thunder Essence Fruits as well!”

Yu Xin was just about to fly off the handle when Ye Yuan stepped forward and said coolly, “Those who see has a share? Did you guys saw it?”

Goldsun could not help stopping. Taking a look at the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove behind Ye Yuan, how was there still any hint of the Thunder Essence Fruits?

Very clearly, those Thunder Essence Fruits were long harvested clean by the fox clan.

“Heh,you’re the human brat that the fox clan took in? Yu Xin, your fox clan truly has such incredible nerve, to actually dare to risk universal condemnation and take in a human!”

Regarding Ye Yuan’s identity, Yu Xin was not worried long ago. She said indifferently, “Mister Ye possesses extremely strong dragon race bloodline and is one family with our demon race. What’s the meaning of your words?”

“Enough nonsense! The essence energy that this brat cultivates is exceptionally pure. If he isn’t human, can he be of the demon race?” Gu Xie said disdainfully.

“Humph!It’s true that the essence energy Mister Ye cultivates is extremely pure. But the dragon blood in his body is even purer! Didn’t An Xuan tell you guys that he nearly kneeled down under Mister Ye’s dragon pressure?” Yu Xin said without yielding in the slightest.

Gu Xie and Goldsun were both taken aback inwardly when they heard. They only knew that the fox clan took in a human boy and truly did not know that Ye Yuan’s dragon race bloodline was actually so powerful.

An Xuan’s strength was not weaker when compared to any one of them, and he actually could not endure Ye Yuan’s dragon pressure. How pure did the bloodline on this brat’s body have to be?

“Humph!Boasting, you got to prepare a draft too! How can a puny little human possibly possess such pure dragon race bloodline? Yu Xin, you’re too naive! You don’t think that you can scare us away with just a few words, right?” Goldsun said with a cold sneer.

Evidently, Goldsun did not believe that Ye Yuan could possess such pure dragon race bloodline at all.

How was this possible?

Forget about Ye Yuan, even in the entire God Prohibited Demon Region, there was no one with such pure dragon race bloodline!

Ye Yuan looked at Goldsun and Gu Xie. Giving a light snort, he said disdainfully, “Two morons!”

Gu Xie and Goldsun’s faces both changed. Their eyes became sharp, and they said in chorus, “Boy, are you courting death?”

“The ones courting death are you guys!”

As he said this, Ye Yuan’s dragon might was released fully. The imposing momentum on his body rose to the peak!

Gu Xie’s and Goldsun’s expressions changed drastically. Only at this time did they know that Yu Xin’s words earlier was not exaggerated in any aspect at all.

This Ye Yuan’s dragon race bloodline was too daunting!

The current Ye Yuan in their eyes was like a lofty celestial deity, while they themselves were two ants.

Similar with An Xuan, the demonic essence in Gu Xie and Goldsun’s body became restless and unsettled. That sort of desire to submit sprouted out uncontrollably.

While the clansmen behind them all kneeled down one by one as if paying respects to a sovereign.

“Two morons. Being exploited as cannon fodders by people and are still gleeful like children! The Thunder Essence Fruits are right here. If you have the capabilities, come and take them yourselves!” Ye Yuan said coldly.

Each time Ye Yuan broke through a minor boundary, the dragon blood within his body would be stimulated even further. The dragon race’s pressure on his body would be even more as well!

The dragon pressure that he released now was even stronger than what An Xuan felt back then!

Gu Xie and Goldsun did their utmost best to resist Ye Yuan’s dragon pressure. Complicated expressions appeared on their faces.

They discovered that what Ye Yuan said was not wrong at all. They did not know anything and came running to the fox clan to raise a hue.

They originally thought that the fox clan was just a soft persimmon, and under their two clans’ partnering up, the fox clan would surely suffer a great deal.

In the end, only after they arrived here did they discover that this human brat was actually this powerful!

An Xuan that punk definitely suffered a huge loss at Ye Yuan’s hands. Otherwise, why would he be so nice to reveal the news about the Thunder Essence Fruits?

Gu Xie’s and Goldsun’s bowels turned green from regret!

“Still not scramming off for me?!” Ye Yuan glared and said fiercely.

“Heh,what an arrogant tone! Even if you possess dragon race bloodline, you’re merely just a Tier 4 trash, that’s all! A hero isn’t so easy to be!”

Right then, a voice suddenly was heard.

Right on the heels, a figure charged towards Ye Yuan with incredible speed!

“Ah!Mister Ye, be careful!”

Yu Xin had just finished shouting to warn him, but that figure arrived in front of Ye Yuan long ago.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In a blink of an eye, that figure already exchanged several dozen moves with Ye Yuan like lightning!

By the time everyone came to their senses, Ye Yuan and that figure already separated.

Such an exchange simply made people feel out of breath!

All the way until now did everyone finally see clearly who the arrival was. When the fox clan saw the arrival, their faces all changed drastically, especially Yu Xin.

This person was the Wolf Fang who nearly killed her!

This man was the strongest person in the entire Azure Mountain Region’s junior generation. Standing there, an overwhelming aura emitted out.

Under everyone’s astonished eyes, his aura could actually contend with Ye Yuan’s dragon pressure as equals!

Indeed, Wolf Fang was still powerful, same as before.

“Can’t even take me, this trash, down. Looks like you, this dumb wolf, are nothing more than just a trash as well,” Ye Yuan looked at the Wolf Fang opposite and said coolly.

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