Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Aldwin

"No, I don't…"

"He's Aldwin, the President of Alanna Guild of Magic. Also… he's probably the most powerful mage in the whole Felan Kingdom…" Mason answered weakly. He thought that he might go crazy; sometimes, he really suspected whether this kid was pretending. How could a mage be this ignorant?

"So formidable?"

"It's more than that… It is said that President Aldwin had broken through to level twenty-one ten years ago. Perhaps only God knows what realm he's in now…"

"…" Lin Li was probably more aware than most people how horrifying a power beyond that of a legendary level was, for he had exchanged strikes with Old Grimm. Although Old Grimm had used only strength below level-ten, it was enough to suppress a level-twelve Magic Shooter like him. If he did not deliberately suppress his power, not to mention Lin Li, even Gerian would be reduced to ashes in a flash.

"If only I had half the strength of President Aldwin…" For a young mage like Mason, Aldwin was a true legend. Even though he liked to brag, he had not the audacity to say "as good as President Aldwin", but cautiously chose only half.

"The idiot's daydreaming again," Orrin said dryly.

"Damn it…" Mason's anger shot up at once. If they weren't at the guild hall, he'd have jumped on Orrin and fought him.

The two guys were now at battle pitch, but Lin Li ignored them. He had gotten used to it.

Anyway, this was the guild hall; even if they were given a hundred times more guts, they wouldn't dare to make trouble here.

Lin Li's eyes were fixed on Aldwin. He was full of curiosity about the legendary level twenty-one mage.

Like most old people, Aldwin looked thin and slightly hunched. He wore a long gray robe, which looked too big on him. Judging from appearance only, who could imagine that the most powerful magic strength of the Felan Kingdom was contained in this old body?

Compared with the arrogant Gerian, the president of the Alanna Guild of Magic was on the other extreme. When he listened to Darian's report, he was always smiling and his expression was serene. He expressed his opinions occasionally, but it was only in the intervals between Darian's words.

Lin Li was accustomed to Gerian's autocratic rule. He was curious for a moment—how did such a kind old man get his subordinate mages to be so docile and compliant?

This was Alanna—the heart of Felan Kingdom. In its Guild of Magic, there were over 30 Archmages and over 100 Magic Shooters. As for mages below level-ten, there were simply too many to count every one of them. The difficulty in Aldwin's management was not to be compared with what a Jarrosus rich man like Gerian faced.

At this time, Aldwin seemed to notice Lin Li's gaze on him. He gave a few more instructions to Darian, then turned to face Lin Li, who was shocked to have been caught while staring covertly. Aldwin did not seem to mind, though; he merely smiled kindly before turning away and leaving the hall.

As the thin figure faded away, Lin Li remained in doubt. He felt that there seemed to be some other meaning in Aldwin's smile besides the kindness and friendliness…

Lin Li was in a bewilderment when he heard Mason's muffled cry. "Why is Gryffindor here as well?!"

This time, it was not just Mason who was surprised; even Orrin's deadened face revealed an indistinct astonishment.

Seeing the looks on both their faces, Lin Li couldn't help but ask out of curiosity, "Who is Gryffindor?"

"You can't be…" Mason rolled his eyes.

"This person is famous?"

"Not just famous, but extremely, extremely, extremely famous!" Mason used 'extremely' thrice to describe him. "He was praised as Felan's first-ever magic genius at the age of ten. Don't you think he is extremely, extremely, extremely famous? He had become a mage officially at the age of ten and was a super magic genius who had advanced to level-nine at the age of 16…"

At the mention of this, a trace of doubt suddenly appeared on Mason's face. Disregarding the baffled Lin Li, he began to mumble to himself. "Gryffindor is one year older than me, so he should be 24 this year… It has been eight years, why is he still at level-nine… No, no. I must have remembered it wrongly…"

"Big Brother Mason, who exactly is Gryffindor?" Lin Li understood as soon as he heard what Mason said—it was another cheater. For a while, he was interested to know more about this super magic genius, Gryffindor.

"Look to the left; it's the one wearing the black mage robe."

Lin Li followed Mason's gaze and saw a young mage talking cheerfully there.

The young man was good-looking—he was tall and handsome. It was only a shame that his eyes looked a little too small. In particular, they would narrow when he laughed, making them look thin and long, giving off an effeminate feel.

His black mage robe was exquisitely crafted—it was probably made by a famous tailor. It also emitted a strong magical wave. From what Lin Li saw, the magical wave was even stronger than the Robe of Wrath's. But what really surprised Lin Li was the powerful aura emanating from the young mage.

The young mage's strength was far beyond Lin Li's imagination. Among the young people he had seen, perhaps only Cromwell, who had gone through the transformation, could compare with him.

He was at least level-fourteen, or even level-fifteen!

"Which Guild of Magic is he from?"

"The Alanna Guild of Magic, of course."

"No wonder…" Lin Li nodded and did not question further. Perhaps only the heart of the Felan Kingdom, the Alanna Guild of Magic, could foster such an impressive character.

Amidst their exchanges, Lin Li suddenly noticed the unusual expression on Orrin's face.

Orrin's pale face showed a hint of agitation as he saw Gryffindor. Although his hands were huddled in his sleeves, anyone could guess that his hidden hands had to be firmly clenched into fists from the quiver of the mage robe.

Lin Li was a little confused; Orrin had always been arrogant and indifferent. How could he have lost his sense of proportion at the sight of Gryffindor?

And then he saw Gryffindor coming in their direction.

"Heh heh… Orrin, I can't believe you're here!" Gryffindor's face was full of smiles, but as he approached the three guys, his eyes were fixed on the agitated Orrin. As for Lin Li and Mason who were just beside him, Gryffindor did not even spare a look at them.

Orrin did not speak, but only stared at the other party in the eyes; the hands that were hidden in his sleeves were trembling even harder.

"To be honest, Orrin, I was quite surprised. I've always thought you wouldn't dare to participate in the trial…" When Gryffindor laughed, his long, slender eyes were squinted once more; the effeminate feel he gave off annoyed Lin Li.

"Please go away." Orrin's words were still plain and concise, but judging from his husky voice, he was definitely not as calm as he sounded.

"Heh heh… Orrin, you're still the same. Alright, I'll leave right away. I hope I can still see you at the final qualifying competition." Gryffindor took a step backward with the smile still on his face, and his contemptuous eyes swept over Mason's face. There was some mockery in his tone. "But, to be honest, Orrin, your luck is really bad. Look at your teammates, he's actually a real level-nine mage…

"Wait…" As he spoke, he suddenly saw Lin Li, who was just next to Mason. Gryffindor seemed to have discovered a new continent. "Oh my God… If I'm not mistaken, this one should be a level-seven mage, right?"

"F*ck…" How could Mason swallow the insult? He clenched his fist and wanted to dash forward to punch him, but as soon as he took a step out, he was held back tightly by Lin Li. This was the guild hall. If Mason dared to make trouble here, he would surely be driven back to Chevan City. In the end, Lin Li could not just stand and watch him do something silly. They were roommates sharing the same dorm, after all.

As for the something-findor… Anyway, the coming days would be long; Lin Li was in no hurry at all.

"Orrin, you're really unlucky…" Gryffindor's laughter was pompous amid Mason's bawl. "You're actually met with such two teammates. Looks like I may not necessarily see you in the qualifying competition. Hahahaha…"

"Scram!" Orrin's hoarse roar alarmed everyone. The 20-odd young mages turned their heads and looked at him in confusion.

And then there were whispers all around.

"Look, that seems to be Orrin from the Rotterdam Guild!"

"Yes, yes, yes… I remember him. He's the magic genius who was beaten by Gryffindor three years ago."

"So it's him…"

"I heard that this fellow is really impressive. It's a pity he has met Gryffindor. How unlucky…"

Gryffindor seemed to revel in their discussions. It was not until the murmurs died down that he went away with a satisfied expression on his face.

"Orrin, if you're unable to complete the trial missions, come and beg me!"