Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 109

Chapter 109: A Mishap

"We'll rest this afternoon."

They returned to the Guild of Magic in a row of four. After that announcement, Macklin went to look for Aldwin straight away.

Frankly, he was delighted with the performance of these three in the afternoon. Except for the slightly stupid Mason, the other two were definitely rarely found geniuses, especially that brat Felic. That mana retroaction could only be described as breathtaking. Macklin had never seen someone attain such proficiency at this age.

He had to consult Aldwin…

Once Macklin left, Orrin went into the meditation room alone, while Mason proposed to shop in Alanna.

Lin Li glanced at the sky, and thought of his appointment with the toothless adventurer. Hence, he had no choice but to reject Mason's invitation.

Initially, he wanted to ask Sean to come along as he decided to take this opportunity to buy some clothes for Sean. However, after searching for him in the guild, Sean could not be found. In the end, Lin Li had no choice but to leave the Guild of Magic, and walked along the prosperous streets towards the Adventurers Guild.

Compared to the remote Jarrosus, Alanna felt like another world.

Even the people visiting the Adventurers Guild were very different from those in Jarrosus.

In the Jarrosus Adventurers Guild, a level-6 warrior like McGrenn was considered to be pretty good.

After walking into Alanna's Adventurers Guild, Lin Li kept seeing multiple adventurers that were close to level-10. Even one of the thieves was already at level-12!

After all, it was in the afternoon, and it was the time when the Adventurers Guild is the emptiest.

At this time, the missions had just been updated, and most of the people were busy killing magical beasts. Except for those who were unlucky enough not to have a task, nobody would be so free to waste their time in the guild hall.

If he could see a level-12 thief at this time, would it not be possible to see a level-15 and above adventurer should he come at the time when the missions were updated?

After circumventing the guild hall once, he did not see the toothless warrior called Hank.

Lin Li felt uncertain. From what he had been saying, this guy wanted to pull him into Silver Hand. With such an excellent opportunity today, how could he not appear? Could he have been delayed by some issues?

As it was still early, Lin Li was not anxious.

He casually found a seat and waited patiently.

Who knew that this wait would last for almost two hours.

While waiting till the afternoon, Lin Li finally saw him hurriedly walk into the guild hall.

"Mr. Felic!" Hank saw Lin Li from a distance after just entering the hall.

Lin Li was about to reply, but he suddenly felt something was not right. This guy seemed to be injured—his right hand was covered in bandages, its surface slightly immersed in a circle of bright red.

"Are you injured?"

"Small wound, it will not get in the way…" Hank laughed, and did not bother about the injury on his hand. He only looked around anxiously, and then carefully asked, "Oh, yes, Mr. Felic, where is your warrior companion?"

"Warrior companion?" Lin Li was stupefied for a moment, and then he realized Hank should be referring to Sean. "Oh… he had something else to do, and did not come with me."

"Oh…" Hank nodded, and did not ask more about Sean.

After exchanging a few more greetings, Hank stood up and said his goodbyes. "I am really sorry Mr. Felic, I wanted to come over really early. However, I did not expect to run into some trouble along the way. Now, I have to report to the garrison immediately. I fear there is no time to bring you over…"

Lin Li laughed off the matter. "It's nothing much, official matters are more important."

"We'll meet again, Mr. Felic."

"See you again."

Lin Li was not too concerned about his return to the Silver Hand's garrison, since he had three months of time. After all, if he really wanted to go, it would be the same without Hank's introduction. He was a level-12 magic shooter, so he would be treated as a distinguished guest at any mercenary corp. There was no way anybody would dare to reject him.

After seeing off Hank from the guild hall, Lin Li stood up as well, and shook off the dust from the Robe of Wrath. He then decided to go back to the Guild of Magic in Alanna to ponder some things.

"Mr. Felic…" Just when he reached the main entrance of the guild hall, he saw that Hank had returned. He saw that Hank was sitting at the bottom of the stairs with a face full of hesitation. "Mr. Felic, do you… do you know Ina?"

"What happened to Ina?" Lin Li's heart tightened immediately.

"Squad Leader Ina… she met with an accident!"


Hank had lowered his voice, and saw that the mage's complexion changed. A sudden influx of pressure was being emitted. This energy was so intense that anybody would feel breathless at that moment. Next, he saw that the formerly kind mage had an abnormally fierce look on him.

"Tell me what exactly happened!"

One was a level-12 magic shooter, and the other a warrior apprentice. Under Lin Li's coercion, Hank had no room to struggle. He swallowed hard, and said everything exactly as it had happened.

The cause of the incident was a batch of magical crystals.

Today in the morning, when Hank walked past the Thousand Leaves Bar, he coincidentally met a few friends from Silver Hand. One of them was the newcomer, Squad Leader Ina. She had just led her men to the completion of a mission, and was celebrating at the Thousand Leaves Bar. After she recognized Hank, she warm-heartedly invited him for a drink.

Hank noticed that it was still early, so he did not reject the offer, joining them in their celebration.

However, halfway through drinking, a mishap took place.

A group of Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps suddenly barged in. The leader was a level-9 warrior by the name of Marko. They rushed into the Thousand Leaves Bar, and loudly demanded that Ina and gang hand over a batch of magical crystals. Otherwise, they would capture all of them, and let the captain of the Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps deal with them.

Apparently, Ina and the gang did not allow it to happen. Both sides had a dispute, which quickly ended in a fight.

The opposition had a large group, and even had a level-9 warrior helping them. Silver Hand only had seven or eight people, and their best fighter was Ina. Both forces were not on equal footing. Once the fight started, several people from Silver Hand were already injured—including Hank.

He'd realized the situation was not right, and escaped amidst the mess.

Hank originally wanted to return to the Silver Hand encampment to ask for help. However, he remembered that he had to meet a mage while going past the Adventurers Guild's entrance.

He was not sure of the mage's strength, but the monstrous warrior that was with the mage left a profound impact in his memory. The other night, at the Blackhills Town's Sylvan Inn, he'd clearly seen that the monstrous warrior killed tens of robbers without breaking a sweat, and one of them was even a level-8 warrior.

Moreover, Hank vaguely remembered that the mage called Felic seemed to have a connection with Squad Leader Ina. If they were to lend a helping hand, the chances of saving people might increase significantly.

Up till this moment, Lin Li finally understood why this guy hurriedly asked about Sean once he'd entered the guild hall. It appeared that he was harboring this idea…

For a moment, Lin Li rejoiced a little. Thankfully, this guy returned again. Otherwise, he would have been clueless about what had happened to Ina.

"Bring me there."

"Should we ask the warrior along…?" Hank still had some doubts; after all, he'd only seen the warrior's ability in Blackhills Town. He did not know that this mage was, in fact, a fiend far stronger than that monster.


Lin Li really wanted to kick this guy. The distance between both guilds was at least one hour of walk. A return journey would waste a lot of time, and Sean would still have to be found. By that time, it would already be too late. What bird crap would be there to rescue?


Upon seeing Lin Li's rage, Hank did not dare speak another word. He only nodded, and hurriedly brought Lin Li towards the Thousand Leaves Bar.

Thousand Leaves Bar was not far from the Adventurers Guild. Furthermore, Lin Li was in a rush to rescue people. He used two Hastening Spells simultaneously, one for Hank, and one for himself. Under the effects of the hastening spell, both were moving like the wind. It only took them two to three minutes to reach the outside of the Thousand Leaves Bar.

"Marko, what is it that you want?"

Immediately after reaching the vicinity of the bar, Lin Li heard a familiar voice from the inside. It really was Ina.

Being anxious, Lin Li kicked the door of the bar open, and saw that twenty or more adventurers were tying up the group of Silver Hand members.

Within that group of Silver Hand members, there was a familiar silhouette holding a sword in her hands.


"Fel… Mr. Felic?" At this instance, Ina felt that she was dreaming. She could not imagine that she would be able to meet this young mage in the faraway Alanna. Lin Li's appearance invoked countless memories within Ina. She remembered the sunset mountains, the wyverns, Cromwell, as well as her father that was facing off a group of magic shooters.

"Mr. Felic… Father… Father, he…" Previously, she was a strong-willed sword-wielding girl fighting off enemies. Now, she started sobbing.