Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Murder

Before Lin Li could offer a word of condolence, Ina had already brought along a fragrant scent and dived into his embrace. Her pretty face stuck firmly to Lin Li's chest, crying even louder than before. It was as if all of her sorrows and yearning were unleashed at this moment.

"Ina…" Lin Li raised his arm and hesitated for a moment before lowering it down again. He gently clasped Ina's shoulder, allowing her tears to soak the Robe of Wrath.

Within the Thousand Leaves Bar, it was silent except for Ina's sobbing.

"… The other day, some people came from the Merlin Family. They said that Cromwell sent them… I wanted to leave with Father, but Father… Father used the Destruction Combat Energy, allowing me to escape by myself… Mr. Felic… I am scared… I am terrified…"

Ina's low-pitched sobbing was definitely a form of emotional catharsis.

McGrenn's death had brought about a massive impact on her.

In the day, Ina was as strong as ever. She joined the Silver Hand Mercenary Corps, leading a team of adventurers to hunt and kill magical beasts, celebrating with the team at bars. It seemed like there was no difference from the past. However, in the dead of every night, Ina would frequently wake up in tears from her dreams. She would be in a daze until sunrise.

Only after she stuck her face into that warm chest had the pain and confusion from the past started to recede slowly…

Lin Li only listened in silence. "I know, I know everything…"

The emotional Ina only started to calm down slowly after sobbing for a long time.

Lin Li gently patted Ina's shoulder. "Alright Ina, stop crying…"

"Ok." When Ina raised her head from Lin Li's embrace, her tear-filled face was somewhat embarrassed and happy. She cutely nodded her head, and her voice was soft like a mosquito.

"Let us find a seat somewhere. Mr. McGrenn left something behind. He wanted you to have this." Lin Li held Ina's hands, and his eyes swept over the group of Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps. "Please let us through."

"Kid, who do you think you are?"

The one who spoke was a young warrior that looked like he was not even thirty years old. Under a tight-fitting suit of black leather armor, he was barely tall or strong. He held a shining machete that appeared to be made with refined iron. Unfortunately, he was born with a pair of triangular eyes, which caused others to feel malice once they saw him.

"This woman took ten magical crystals from the Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps. You want to take her along with one sentence? This is too cheap…"

"Nonsense!" Just when Ina was feeling happy and bashful when her hands were held gently by Lin Li, she was slandered by the young warrior. Instantaneously, she was red with anger. "Those magical crystals were hunted by us, Silver Hand, in the Nightmare Mountains; it has nothing to do with the Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps. You saw so many crystals that you became envious. You couldn't defeat us when you tried to snatch it away, and so, you captured us to threaten the head of the corp. Hmph! How shameless!"

Little did he expect that Ina was still so hot-tempered after all this while. Lin Li could not help but smile, and he gently patted her small hands. "Let me handle this."

Ina smiled sweetly. "Ok."

"What's your name?" Lin Li's had a warm smile on his face, respectfully asking the young warrior a question.

This warm smile was perceived to be a sign of weakness by the young warrior. He immediately revealed a proud look. "Marko."

Truth be told, even though Marko's strength was level-9, he was only an adventurer. Under normal circumstances, Marko would not dare to offend a mage. However, Alanna was not the same as Jarrosus. In this city, the Guild of Magic's strength was at the point that made people terrified. With a single word from President Aldwin, more than ten Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps could be easily pulverized.

There were just two reasons why Marko still dared to stand there.

Firstly, this mage was too young even at first glance.

Secondly, the mage robe he was wearing was too old.

With the combination of these two features, the image of a weak and abject-looking homeless mage naturally filled up Marko's mind.

Setting age aside, the appearance of the mage robe made Marko feel more at ease. What was the Guild of Magic doing? It was a place where chests were used to keep gems. Any mage that walked out from there would be full of equipment valued in tens of thousands. Look at this kid in front of him—he was wearing an old and creased mage robe. It was as if it had been worn for more than ten years. Who would wear this tattered robe if he was a rich a mage?

As long as he was not a member of the Guild of Magic, Marko would be fearless.

It did not matter that he was a mage; he had more than twenty people on his side. Rushing forward and slashing madly would also kill him.

Marko thought he had a clear understanding of the situation. Thus, his tone became more unreasonable.

"Kid, let me give you a piece of advice. This is a matter between Red Moon and Silver Hand. Don't be a busybody. Be careful that you may not help the damsel in distress, but instead get yourself involved in this."

"Mr. Marko, you're mistaken…" Lin Li smiled while shaking his head. "I am not interested in whatever disputes your two corps may have."

Marko was even more assured that this young mage's background was nothing much. Instantaneously, he raised his voice. "What are you doing here, then?"

"I'm purely here"—Lin Li held Ina's hand with a smile on his face—"to kill people."

During the time he showed off a warm smile, an icicle had already torn through the air. With a "pft," the adventurer closest to him collapsed with a blank look. Amidst the spewing blood, the icicle that struck his chest was still chilling.

"Hank, is this the man that slashed you?"

"Y… Y… Y… Yes, Mr. Felic…" Hank was standing in the doorway of the Thousand Leaves Bar, witnessing the frightening scene. He must have been so terrified that he started stammering and said "yes" multiple times before completing his sentence.

He had not expected that the young mage he'd brought along was so ruthless. He meant it when he said he was going to kill, and there was no room for negotiation.

Only up to this point did Hank start to remember.

Back then, at the Sylvan Inn, that monstrous warrior meant it as well when he said he was going to kill people. It seemed that he must have been influenced by this young mage.

Funny how he was still worrying back then that, without the monstrous warrior's help, they would be unable to rescue the members of the Silver Hand.

He felt foolish after thinking back to it. Looking at what mage Felic did, killing a level-7 and above by merely releasing an icicle from his hand, what sort of strength was this? Even the corp leader might not be as strong. This sort of people would not even be bothered by the Ruby Moon Mercenary Corps.

"Mr. Marko." Lin Li looked at Marko, the smile on his face filled with regret. "I am really sorry, your subordinate hurt my friend just now. So, he had to pay a little price."

"You…" Marko looked at Lin Li as though he'd just seen a devil. He was totally stupefied. What sort of person is he?

Marko was the clearest when it came to his subordinates.

The one killed by the icicle just now was called Maladonade. Although the name might sound a little corny, his strength was different. In this team, he was the strongest. If he were to be compared with Marko, he was lacking only marginally. Individually, he was at the very least at the peak of level-8. Marko could not comprehend how such a powerful subordinate was taken out in the blink of an eye…

The scene back then was too terrifying.

He only saw a blue flash, and no other signs. Once Marko snapped out of it, the icicle was already stuck in Maladonade's chest.

Marko could not help but wonder: if the icicle's target was him, would he have a chance?

The answer sent shivers down his spine. None… absolutely no chance at all.

"You… What do you want?" Once Marko opened his mouth, his voice was slightly shaky.

"What do I want? Have I not told you? I'm only here to kill." Lin Li's showed a friendly smile as though he was here to kill chickens, not humans. "Now that someone has been killed, I intend to take these few friends from Silver Hand along with me. Mr. Marko, do you have any objections?"


Marko hesitated for a moment before noticing that the young mage's eyes carried a murderous gleam.

"No, no, no… I mean, I have no objections." Marko finished his sentence before forcefully swallowing his saliva. This demonic mage was too terrifying. Marko swore that if he were to see this mage again, he would try to hide as soon and as far as possible. Of course, it would be best not to see him again at all.

"Very good." Lin Li finally revealed a satisfied smile, and walked out of the Thousand Leaves Bar holding Ina's hands.

Behind these two was a bunch of whispering adventurers. Seven or eight rescuees from Silver Hand were filled with curiosity about the young mage. He was emitting an aura that was strong yet mysterious. Furthermore, all signs showed that his relationship with Captain Ina was not simple…