Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Andoine

It was as though that hoarse voice carried something magical, as though an invisible hand came and grabbed onto the throat of Aeron. His recitation came to an abrupt stop, while the raging magical elements he'd created also vanished immediately.

The leaves that flew up into the air also fell back gently to the ground. The forest regained its serenity and peacefulness.

Everyone looked towards the source of the sound.

They saw a frail-looking elder walking out from the bushes ahead. He was a senior aged around 60 or 70, and had a face full of wrinkles. The grayish-white robe he wore was crumpled and dirty like it was not washed for decades. The moment he emerged from the thicket, everyone could realize a heavy smell of medication coming from him…

As the old man got closer, Lin Li's eyes lit up.

"How are you, did you get injured?" the elder asked with great concern.

Lin Li was touched by the warmth and care the old man showered him with. He smiled, and replied, "I was just shocked…"

"Master Andoine, what are you trying to do?" Aeron asked while his lips turned purple as though he was recovering from a dire sickness. That was the effect of the bite of mana. The repercussion from having a level-15 spell interrupted would not be that easy to deal with as compared to the lower spells. Even if he was a high-level Archmage, he would need to exert all of his strength to stabilize the mana that went out of control.

After knowing who the old man was when Aeron addressed him, everyone sighed in admiration.

Other than Lin Li, everybody was shocked.

Never would they have expected that the unkempt elderly man standing before them was one of the six legendary Mages—Andoine from the Jarrosus Guild of Magic!

Mason was completely stunned. He had always heard about this legendary Mage from a young age, yet did not expect to meet an almighty man like Andoine in person. And, it seemed that the relation between the man and his teammate was rather close…

In that moment, even Orrin's face showed a rare hint of excitement. How would anyone from Felan Kingdom not have heard about the reputable Andoine?

Matthias' two teammates were totally dumbfounded as well…

They were extremely surprised with Felic's unusually close relationship with the legendary Mage.

Right before this, they foolishly stood up for Matthias since they had Mr. Aeron's backing. Now, they were in hot soup… The backer of their opponent was not just any other person, but a legendary Mage!

Damn… it would be a gone case for them now…

Actually, they were just overthinking it.

Why would Andoine invest his time on them? His eyes were just fixed on Aeron in a deadly glare.

"You have the cheek to ask me?" Andoine shot back furiously. If he did not pass by the area coincidentally, Felic could have died from Aeron's level-15 spell.

How could a mere Archmage deal with the rage of a legendary Mage?

Right after Andoine finished his speech, a surge of energy covered the entire part of the jungle they were in. Under that pressurizing force, Aeron's face turned as pale as a white sheet of paper.

"Ma-Master Andoine…" Aeron stammered.

How could he have expected that that old man was so easily provoked, and totally would not treat him like the son of Aldwin? Aeron was totally astounded by looking at the limitless magical elements before him. He absolutely could not comprehend what was so special about Felic that made Andoine feel so triggered.

Andoine's facial expression was so familiar to Aeron's. When Bathrilor came back wounded from Jarrosus, that was the exact shade of wrath shown by himself. He understood that that degree of rage would only be shown by kin.

Felic and Andoine might be…

"Let me tell you what I meant!"

A surge of an unspeakable force of mana was released instantly.


How could Aeron hide from such a legendary force? The force flung him off, and he crashed into a tree.


The impact was so hard that the tree shook when Aeron crashed onto it. Lying on the ground, Aeron felt as though he was smashed into pieces. A buzzing sound echoed in his mind, and as he struggled to stand up from the ground, he felt nauseous. What followed was a hot gush of fresh blood coming out from his mouth…

"Do you understand it now?" Andoine said coldly as he walked towards Aeron. Even after striking Aeron with the Power of Repulse, Andoine did not intend to stop.

Aeron felt utterly terrified as he watched how Andoine got closer and closer to him.

He knew that the old man was not joking with him…

"A-Andoine, you cannot kill me!"

"Why can't I? Because of your father, Aldwin? Hmph. That old man is going to get it from me after this. His dear son almost killed the man I asked him to take good care of!"

Seeing how serious Andoine was, Lin Li could not help but tremble in fear. He did not expect Andoine to have such a hot temper.

Lin Li walked towards the man reluctantly, hoping to stop him.

Aeron was Aldwin's son, after all. If Andoine were to kill him, he might get himself into unwanted trouble. Since Lin Li was not hurt by Aeron, there was no reason to blow up the matter…

Just when Lin Li wanted to speak, he heard a strong gust of wind coming from above.

He looked up into the air with curiosity. There, he saw Macklin rushing over at top speed while supporting himself with his Levitation Spell. Maintaining his flying speed, he shouted, "Master Andoine, please step back!"

"Why are you here, idiot?"

Macklin felt very offended by the word 'idiot'. He had always been the one hurling the insults in Alanna Guild of Magic, not the other way round. Yet in front of Andoine, he did not dare to rebut him. After touching down, he laughed sheepishly at Andoine.

"Hehehe… It was my utmost honor to be the mentor of your student in this trial…"

Hearing this, Andoine shot him a suspicious glance, and asked, "You—an idiot—are Felic's mentor?"

"Of course, you could also verify this with him," Macklin admitted. Andoine's insults came like mosquito bites on his face. Being a thick-skinned man, Macklin could only put up with him. Smilingly, Macklin carefully persuaded, "Why not give Aldwin some face by forgiving this chap…"

"Yeah, if it's Aldwin, it is not impossible to do so…" Andoine agreed as he nodded his head. To be frank, he would also not want to offend Aldwin. After all, Aldwin was the great level-21 legendary Mage, and also the President of Alanna Guild of Magic. Although he was not afraid of that man, it would not be worth it to create such a tense relationship with him…

After considering the matter for a moment, Andoine's gaze fell on Macklin again. He asked in a concerned tone, "What if I let him go, but he continues to create trouble for Felic?"

"He wouldn't! I could vouch for him!" Macklin cried as he shot Aeron a deadly glare. He could not understand how a great man like Aldwin had such a foolish son.

Apart from being the student of Andoine, Felic was also the hope of Alanna Guild of Magic. The magical weapons this young man could forge had a direct impact on the mausoleum of Highlord Osric.

Even an old man like me doesn't even bear to speak a harsh word to him, and you tried to attack him? If you ever dare to kill Felic, your father, Aldwin would beat you to death…"How are you going to vouch for him?"

"Calm down and listen to me…" said Macklin as he led Andoine away to a secluded corner. Then, he told him about Lin Li's talent in forging, as well as the bet between the Guild of Magic and the Adventurers Guild.

Their conversation continued for at least 10 minutes…

"In short, you don't need to worry—today's only an accident. I, Macklin, would absolutely not allow anyone to hurt Felic. Aldwin, too, would never allow Aeron to be so reckless!" Macklin concluded his speech by assuring Andoine again.

"Mid-Middle-grade Blacksmith?" Andoine shot Lin Li a glance from afar. He was amazed. How would there be a second person as freakish as his student?

He only knew that Felic was a one-of-a-kind prodigy specializing in the field of Magic, as well as a master in pharmaceutical knowledge… No, even a middle-grade Blacksmith as well?

What else could be a challenge to that fella?!

Nothing?! Oh, of course, let's not mention giving birth…