Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Fire Salamandrids

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Under the pressure of Lin Li, Sean changed into the brand-new Salamandrid Armor quickly. He felt faint fire magical element as well as the unique warmth of Fire Salamandrids. The double-edged sword in his hands was heavy, and the red marks of the Abyss Mithril appeared even more crimson in the dark.

Sean was so excited that his face glowed as he gripped the double-edged sword so tightly that his hands trembled. To this young man with a poor family background, everything was like a dream. How many Fire Crow’s feathers and low-grade magical crystals did he have to acquire, and how many missions did he have to complete in order to earn 200,000 gold coins? It was beyond Sean’s ability to calculate the figures. He only knew that he would need 100 years to own such a huge sum of money.

After leaving the stall, Sean felt as though he was sleepwalking. When he walked, it was like stepping on cotton—every step was so light. Yet, such a hefty amount of money was extremely terrifying. Never had he dreamed to own two items that were worth 200,000 gold coins…

Throughout the journey back, Sean hugged the double-edged sword very tightly in his arms with a very serious expression. It was as though what he carried was his new-born baby, and not his weapon. Every few steps, he would stop to check if there were any dirt that stuck onto it.

Realizing that, Lin Li stopped walking, and asked, “Sean, can’t you walk properly?”

“Okie…” he replied Lin Li. Although he tried to tone down a little, the lightness of his steps as he tried to move extremely carefully in his outfit made him looked as though he was a thief.

Lin Li just shook his head. He did not know what to do with Sean…

The streets of Alanna in the evening were much quieter as compared to daytime. While strolling back to the Guild of Magic, Sean continued to walk very, very carefully, while Lin Li’s mind was focused on thinking about who the previous owner of the outfit was…

Although there were two pieces of clothing in that outfit, Lin Li was only concerned with the Salamandrid Armor.

Ever since Sean told him about that mysterious cave, Lin Li had always wanted to explore the Fire Plume Ridge. However, Lin Li had never thought of any way to deal with the extreme temperature there. The Fire Plume Ridge was the place where the black lotuses grew, and the fire magical element within it was even more threatening than the Archmage-level magic. It was luck that allowed Sean to escape to safety. As for what type of luck it was, Lin Li would only know it if he were to go there…

Today’s Salamandrid Armor, however, gave him an idea.

If the Fire Salamandrid Armor were to be modified properly, it could really defend its user from Archmage-level fire-element magic spells.

Hence, the armor Sean was wearing would require some alteration…

It was perhaps due to a different intention that the creator of the armor had had in mind, but when he was creating it, he emphasized too much its offensive power, and neglected its defensive properties. On top of this, the armor was also not given any inscription treatment. Since it was just an armor, and not a living level-14 Fire Salamandrid, if the creator wanted it to be immune to fire, he needed to coat it with a master-level mageweath—the Flames Extinguisher.

Unfortunately, the Fire Salamandrids were usually rare. As the descendants of the Solomondos, they would most likely be near each other. Yet, the Solomondos were level-18 magical beasts. If one was not a Legendary-level mage, he would only be killed in a battle with them.

Which adventurer would dare to skin a Fire Salamandrid? If they were to provoke the Solomondos, it would be too late to even cry…

Furthermore… the Solomondos had a very long lifespan, and the stronger ones could surpass level-20 to become Legendary-level magical beasts, and their strength would multiply by many folds. Until then, they would be called the ‘Salamanders’.

Throughout his journey from Jarrosus to Alanna, Lin Li did not see any Fire Salamandrid skin at all. Little did he expect to find one when he brought Sean out to shop for his outfit.

It would not be an issue if the armor was not functional.

What was important was that through that armor, Lin Li had the opportunity to find its seller.

Once he found him, Lin Li would have his ways to get him to reveal the origins of that skin.

Until then, how would it not be a piece of cake for him to venture into the Fire Plume Ridge?

The two men walked along the street slowly. When they were about to reach the Guild of Magic, Sean stopped in his tracks abruptly.

This time, however, he did not use the time to clean his armor. Instead, he looked at Lin Li hesitantly. “Mr. Felic, could I…”

“Could you what?” Lin Li asked as he looked at him suspiciously. The more he stared at him, the more he realized that once they left the Guild of Magic, Sean had been stuttering—not like his usual self.

Did he encounter anything unusual in those two days? Seeing how Lin Li looked at him skeptically, Sean swallowed his words, and shook his head frantically. “N-no, nothing much…”

“Sean!” yelled Lin Li.

Hearing Sean’s meek reply, he noticed something that was amiss at once. There must be something hidden in the heart of this fella! Lin Li stopped walking as well. With a serious expression, he questioned, “Tell me honestly, or I shall send you back to Jarrosus.”

“Mr. Felic, there’s really nothing…”

“I repeat, DON’T YOU LIE!” The frustrated Lin Li insisted harshly, letting out almost a howl.

Sean had a fright. That was the first time he witnessed Lin Li in such a great fury ever since he left Jarrosus. Stunned, he swallowed his saliva nervously. After hesitating for quite a while, he mustered his courage, and said, “Mr. Felic… C-Could I… Could I move out of the hostel?”

“Why do you wish to move out of it?” Lin Li asked doubtfully. That was an unusual request from Sean. Was it uncomfortable for him to live there?

“That’s because, because…”

After saying two ‘because’, his voice got softer and softer, and his head lower and lower.

“Because of what?” Lin Li questioned, and then suddenly observed some remnants of magical waves on Sean’s body. Instantly, Lin Li’s face ashened—how could a great Magic Shooter not understand what that magical wave meant?

Without asking, Lin Li ripped off Sean’s armor.

What came into his view was a chest full of black, charred marks. The magical wave that lingered carried a scent of burnt smell.

“F*ck!” Lin Li burst out in rage. He nearly lighted the houses that were along streets with fire.

No wonder he did not see Sean in those two days…

No wonder Sean wanted to move out…

Lin Li did not need to ask anything. Those burnt marks screamed everything to him.

From Sean’s wounds, he was absolutely certain that he was attacked by the Flaming Hands!

“Who did that?”

“Mr. Felic…”

“SPEAK!” Lin Li hollered in a very threatening and fierce manner. He could not believe that Sean would receive such a severe injury when it had only been two days since he arrived at Alanna.

Lin Li felt that it was his negligence that resulted in Sean’s suffering. It was like a tight slap to himself.

“I-it was a mage…”

Lin Li breathed heavily as he tried to force himself to calm down.

“What’s his name?”

“I-I think… I think his name is Madrick.”

“Great, Madrick…” Lin Li nodded, and continued to ask impatiently, “Why did he attack you?”

“He said… He said he needed a partner to practice magic with…”

“Practice magic…” Lin Li repeated Sean’s words as he cracked his knuckles, his fists tightly clenched.

“Bring me to find him,” he requested hostilely after quite a while.


Lin Li’s facial expression was terrifying. Sean did not dare to say anything more. He walked into the guild hall and along the corridors. After making a few turns and out of the guild hall, Lin Li saw a short building.

From its exterior, it seemed as though the building had been there for many years. The paint had long been washed away by age. Although they were at a distance away from it, he could smell a tinge of mustiness. Looking at its structure, it seemed like an abandoned warehouse.

“You were living here??”

“Yes, Mr. Felic.”

“F*ck you, Darian!” Lin Li was so triggered that his desire to kill was overwhelming. He would never have thought that the place Darian had referred to was an abandoned warehouse like this.

How was that a place for humans to live in?

“Where’s Madrick?”

“He lives here too. I heard that he was sent by the Guild of Magic…”

“I see…” Lin Li nodded. Now he knew why.

There were a lot of mages who were participating in that round of trial. Hence, it was natural for them to bring along their attendants, which caused a shortage of housing. Since the attendants were mostly of no status, this place was thus an attempt to make room for them temporarily.

How would the mages be concerned about the lives of their lowly attendants?

It was not difficult to guess the motive of the Alanna Guild of Magic in sending Madrick over—it was to ensure the attendants did not cause trouble in the Guild of Magic.

No one from Alanna Guild of Magic would care about the methods Madrick adopted to maintain the order there.

The only one who would poke his nose into it would be Lin Li.

Sean was more than his attendant.

At most times, Lin Li treated Sean like his own little brother. Now that the little brother was hurt by Flaming Hands, how could the older brother forgive the culprit?